Everyone needs to watch this video of @SenFeinstein disparaging literal children from @SunriseMvmt calling on her to support @AOC and @SenMarkey鈥檚 Green New Deal.

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For years, the top of the Democratic Party has been wealthier, whiter, and more conservative than the base of the party. The Democratic Party looks a lot more like AOC than Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, and their big corporate donors. We need change.

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Dianne Feinstein has found new friends by opposing @AOC and @SenMarkey's Green New Deal resolution: far-right Republicans. pic.twitter.com/95HQmWIpZ5
Note the attack on @SenFeinstein from the pro-Russia @JusticeDems.

It won't work.

cc @FBISanFrancisco
And y'all really think you can find common ground with an asshole who erases Black women like this.
Bernie Sanders is a 70 year-old, white millionaire from a 3% minority state who has been in congress for 30 years. Why isn鈥檛 he on your list? You鈥檙e a pathetic fraud, Waleed.
Also the democratic base looks like me. I am brown, I am immigrant, I am Muslim, I am a mother, I am wife of an African American man, my students are from poor parts of New York and guess what your popularity contest helps NONE of us.
Feinstein, Schumer, and Durbin won elections, just like AOC did.
Dude, you are so picking the wrong enemies
The base of the Democratic Party looks more like me, sir.
Durbin, *an old white guy*, as you've termed him is probably one of the most progressive in the Dem caucus. I'm an AA woman and even I feel uncomfortable with the divisive race and ageism tactics that are being pushed by the head of Bernie's campaign. twitter.com/_waleedshahid/鈥
Except every part of Leadership stood for an election somewhere and at sometime.

The far left always assumes the entire electorate looks like them and by accident establishment snuck into power.

Who is winning elections - work that out!
The @sunrisemvmt at least had the decency to share the full video as well, which reveals this cherry picked clip to be a pretty cynical mischaracterization. Send some kids into ask Bernie why he voted against the Brady Bill 5 times and see if he does any better.
Meet the Project Veritas of the Bernie Bros movement
Right. Erase our twice-elected black president. You don鈥檛 speak for us.
Yes, California being well ahead of the GND in terms of renewables and GHG reductions is a total fluke and the real problem is that we aren鈥檛 progressive enough to recognize that electing effective people to office is bad...馃檮
Your presidential candidate is whiter and wealthier than the base of your movement. He鈥檚 also a man. But you鈥檙e telling us the Democrats are the ones who don鈥檛 represent their base racially and wealth-wise. Got it.
Justice Dems spend all of your time trying to take over a party that does not want to be taken over. You care more about that than any plans to make things better. It鈥檚 obvious what your meetings look like. 鈥淲HO CAN WE ATTACK NEXT?鈥 That鈥檚 your agenda.
This f*cker was just on MSNBC cheering for an 80 year old establishment white dude from Vermont
1) Since AOC鈥檚 former staff are attacking the Dem leadership for being too white, male & rich, let鈥檚 have a look鈥
If you fell for a heavily edited video on a progressive hero and are more outraged by Feinstein not playing sweet little granny dumplin then you are part of the problem. #FocusOnVettingWhiteDudes #2016MisogynyAllOverAgain
Why don鈥檛 you just pledge your vote for Trump now?
Guy shilling for the 80 yr old establishment white guy wants to lecture us about change?
I laughed when I saw you call yourself a "Very Senior" Democratic Strategist. Very senior? Really?
How does Bernie fit in this critique?
Everyone wants to dismiss us center-left or moderate Democrats- but we aren鈥檛 going away and we vote.
For a fellow #Dem to shame #DianneFeinstein w/edited video is right out of #GOP playbook; it鈥檚 the exact opposite of what we need to be doing to keep our party united. The bottom line is #GreenNewDeal in its current form won鈥檛 pass R majority Senate, no matter if all Ds vote YES.
Honestly bro, just start your own fucking party. Be the intersectional socialist party or whatever and have a 20% block and let the Democrats be the swing party in the middle. Ok? Go see how easy it is. But please, go.
Sounds familiar. "It would use deception, disinformation and the expansive reach of the electronically connected world to spread 鈥渄istrust towards the candidates and the political system in general."" apnews.com/2b8513d4a4224a鈥
Never forget AOC and Bernie spent months on a "Let's try to get more white men elected" tour.
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963): "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Democrats (2019): "Yeah, screw that noise, you white supremacist enabler."
Translation: let's divide the party with Kremlin stooges, that will work!
I agree! You wanna get nuts, let's get nuts.
Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.
We can get change by working with these leaders. They may be behind the timeline on taking action. But she also knows that A) the green new deal is not a bill and B) it will not get passed in that senate. And the kids could have listened for 1min to Feinstein's Green Deal.
Progressives look more like AOC than the establishment Dems. A lot of us don鈥檛 even want to identify with the Democratic Party because they鈥檙e basically 1980s Republicans at this point.
Feinstein was the author of the 1994聽Fed Assault Weapons Ban聽which expired in 2004. In 2013, she introduced a new assault weapons bill. Feinstein is the first and only woman to have chaired the聽Senate Rules Committee聽(2007鈥2009) and the聽Select Comm on Intelligence聽(2009鈥2015).
I dont know what this man is talking about.
Then stay the fuck out of our party.
If only someone who authored and passed the 100% clean energy bill in CA would have run for US Senate against her last year... oh wait, he did. @kdeleon
For 6 of the past 10 years, Diane Feinstein has had a 100% rating by the LCV with a 90% lifetime rating. scorecard.lcv.org/members-of-con鈥
It's not age or skin color that's the problem: it's ideology, Feinstein is a conservative Dem See the absolute standout crowd you've drawn to your tweets pic.twitter.com/PkARfA0ATJ
Just saw the unedited version of the video where the Senator speaks with the group for a few minutes tells the truth about what legislation can be passed offers one of the teenagers an internship
This is a good argument against Bernie.
Yes. Dems are moving towards change. That's a good thing. But let's not diminish Feinsteins contribution towards that goal nor begin a smearing of the very people that brought us to this point.
Please do not conflate Feinstein's wealth, skin tone, or race with her out-of-touch attitudes. Please do not assume that someone who looks like AOC is necessarily someone who is in touch with the needs of the people.
Looks like you're erasing the presence of Black people and all marginlized groups to me. Shame on you.
No. This is bull. Those kids were rude and entitled, interrupting her and not letting her speak. I've met her and she was lovely. But she deserves just a bit of deference for her age and position. And they need to be taught to listen as well as speak.
One thing Democrats don鈥檛 need is people in or out of the party trying to divide us. We mostly all want the same things. Like Feinstein said, we all need to listen to each other. That wasn鈥檛 happening here. Video was also edited. I wonder why?
Bernard Sanders isn't change.
Publish the unedited video or go away.
A James O'Keefe style edited video and lying on @MalcolmNance. Your account should be flagged as spam. pic.twitter.com/uu1YdMNRgp
Our savior is poor, black and and fresh to the DC scene pic.twitter.com/PJ5Gqj0bLa
when leftists, who mocked us for years for talking identity, now act like they have to teach us what we already knew and they are late to the party., over. they will now claim they always considered identity important - and dems ignored it - because leftists have no integrity
So why should Dems nominate Bernie? We agree! No old white men
You have lost your mind! I look nothing like AOC and most of our base looks like ME! STOP talking about things you have no knowledge of.
We need a class-based, rather than identity-based, movement. A plurality of Americans living under the poverty line are white. Their being wealthy, conservative and lacking empathy are all problems. Their being white isn鈥檛 the problem. Obama wasn鈥檛 white, after all...
Bernie Sanders is now a 29 year-old Latina?
Bernie Sanders' THIRD house cost over $600k, when the median home price in the country is about $185k or so. He's a champagne socialist. He *talks* a good game, sure, but he's a millionaire getting rich off of selling socialism to the poor.
I would really like to see the whole video of the entire exchange instead of an edited version. The GND is a non-binding resolution, not a bill. When @SenFeinstein tried to explain what she was proposing, the woman wouldn't listen. Not a good example to set.
The base of the party looks a lot more like Kamala Harris then Bernie Sanders, which one of those two are you backing?
Repeating the same old lie I see. POC are far more conservative than white leftists can dream of. Difi, Schumer and Durbin have served their states well and advanced into leadership and the ppl of CA, NY and IL don鈥檛 care who鈥檚 paying them to serve them well
.@POTUS already lies so much, we don't need selectively edited videos like this. The @GOP is the true enemy and for our children's sake, we need @TheDemocrats to stop them. Be the change you want to see! @POTUS44 had it right, and so did @MichelleObama: When they go low, go high!
Did the teacher tell the kids that Sen Feinstein supports gun control while Sen Sanders, also older,wealthy, white senator, voted against the Brady Bill &funding for CDC to study gun violence &for the Charleston loophole &to protect gun makers from being sued to make guns safer?+
This might be a perfect time to remind people that trump is president
Did you see UNEDITED version of this? There are highly edited versions being shared. She offered internship. Said she may vote for it. Point being, edited versions are miss leading.
you edited the video, and everyone knows you alienate more than you win over.
There is no better look than a scold wagging their finger at a group of kids who will be doomed by their inaction. @SenFeinstein, I hope your corporate dollars can float.
Someone needs to tell these little kids that when I was a little kid I was also told that we have 10 years to save the planet.
We can't use this argument when we also support @BernieSanders tbh
You don't say. So why are you stanning for old white guy bernie sanders?
I noticed you didn't say older since your grifting, unaccomplished candidate of choice will soon be an octogenarian.
Confused about this being the correct approach. Bernie is also wealthier and whiter than the Dem base.
No, we don't. We need experience.
You go more left, and Trump will be President for many more years. She was fighting for us for years. Quit disrespecting older politicians. She has been on the right side of a lot of issues.
Neither you nor AOC represent this black woman.
"Wealthier, whiter, and more conservative than the base of the party." You've described Bernie Sanders accurately.
All these people reacting reflexively to a highly edited clip meant to shade Feinstein. We will NEVER make it through primary season.
The party doesn't look much like Bernie Sanders either, sooooo........
Guess what? The REASON the party leadership has been that way is because THAT was the change Dem members screamed for due to multi-decade losses from too-liberal nominees and policies for the wider electorate. The result of said change? 16yrs of Dem POTUS and policy. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
You鈥檙e with Justice Dems ok I get it. AOC and your group want to divide Dems. No thanks.
Is going to be a long primary season with 馃挬 starters like this guy. I wonder if he is going to block everyone like Nina Turner did in 2016.
I smell Putin useful tools just like like Bernie bros and bots of 2016 @DNC @TomPerez
Hi, Waleed. I鈥檝e been a Democrat longer than you鈥檝e been alive. You can say important things, but your loaded language and shading of the truth often undermines the message. The best intentions still shouldn鈥檛 allow us to trade in unfettered douchiness. Plz keep that in mind.TIA
Start your own party cause this ain't true
AOC would do well to gain more knowledge.
She鈥檚 rude! She鈥檚 been in the same position for 30 years? It鈥檚 time for her to go.
I DGAFF about the "whiter" and "wealthier" part as long as the ideology and policy part is representative of the actual electorate. Non-white, younger, non-male, not-straight, not-wealthy neoliberals domestically and imperialists externally can GF themselves, be they D or R.
should have won. It's really frustrating when people keep voting in incumbents based solely on name recognition. It is way past time to vote @SenFeinstein out.
WE NEED TRUMP GONE That takes Unity
Identity politics (aka divide an conquer) isn鈥檛 a viable campaign platform. Addressing voter economic angst/life and death issues is. Look for specific policies that actually help people.
Pelosi broke that glass ceiling so AOC could rise. Don't ever discount the contributions this woman has made to pave the way for the voices now being heard.
Really ? Staged much ?
You will NOT divide us like last time.
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