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drums fingers. and again. and again.
There's a Manafort sentencing memo we're expecting from the SCO in the DC case. It's due today, so they have until midnight. We are approaching the 6p hour with no filing, and thus the Friday plans (if any) of everyone following this case have once again entered the thunderdome.

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You know it is going to drop just be before your show starts!
Can鈥檛 wait for 鈥淭he Making of Muller Report鈥 book to come out... 鈥淏ob always waited until 8:59 PM to file....he loved Rachel鈥檚 dramatic reading out of the filings, and always looked forward to it鈥
8:57 Rachel, 8:57. You know it, I know it- we all know it. pic.twitter.com/Ebitp8m014
Make sure you鈥檙e stocked up on toner for all the inevitable redactions.
Amazing report last night. Thank you.
Hey Rachel - Now you know how we feel when you do that...like the show last night....lol
Do you even plan a show at this point?
and @maddow is the only person with whom I would want to enter the Thunderdome.
Rachel at 9:01 when the filing posts... pic.twitter.com/Hyc5K0ZZNn
Maybe it will drop during your show? My husband and I will be watching. Friday nights are always insane in terms of the news cycle.
and there goes the A block
Refreshes twitter again....... Refreshes twitter again....... Refreshes twitter again.......
Why does Mueller & company have to torture us on Fridays? pic.twitter.com/733mvTN8pv
You know they're waiting until 8:45 because they LOVE to see you work the docs live in real time!
Ready to be spontaneous?
Watch, it will be filed at 8:59 Eastern.
Ahhh, will it break at 9pm so maddow can explain? Is that the plan, lol?
It's sort of cute that national reporters are still making social plans for Friday evenings. I do dig the optimism, though.
I miss the days when I looked forward to your Friday shows for your cocktail segment. :D
Friday nights have never been the same. pic.twitter.com/a4v9cAB9hx
Do you remember when you had any semblance of a normal life... before tRump????
So you will be doing a special Saturday edition of the Rachel Maddow Show?
At this point, I've been drumming my head on my desk in anticipation.
You know it will hit at 8:30. Mueller doesn鈥檛 want you to be bored.
There鈥檚 time for one before you go on air... pic.twitter.com/FIqBvZAh89
@maddow, Murphy called. It will hit at 8:56 your time.
"Red Bull and espresso to the Maddow offices...STAT!"
is there an hands on hips emoji, cuz that's all i gotta say.....(p.s. drumming fingers good practice for piano playing)馃槏
You know it鈥檒l come seconds before your show starts 馃榿
You know that amazing script you're working on for tonight? It's going to go to shit 2 mins before you go on air and your beautiful script will once again be thrown up in the air by you while you go live and just wing it. Thank you for your work! We know it was a great script!
As long as it comes down by the time your show airs it鈥檚 all good! I鈥檇 rather have you explain it rather than others! Your glee in reading these is so much fun to witness
Maddow: plans for Friday episode knowing it will get tossed once indictments hit.
Ran out of black sharpy for the redactions...ran to OfficeMax to resupply.
Just print it off at 8:58 and read it to us.
Time to throw out the rundown, is it not?
#Maddow 鈥榖out to be LIT tonight!馃敟
I am guessing...8:56 pm just in time to completely derail @maddow s planned show
You just know it will break during your show....馃ゴ馃檶馃徏
You know it will drop right before your show, right?
Wouldn't it be great if it dropped 5 minutes b4 end of the show?馃檮馃槈
Will happen when you are live on air
In the words of that Fictional TV News Icon Will McAvoy "THROW OUT THE RUNDOWN!!"
Toss block A .... it鈥檚 your lot in life
Makes it kind of hard to plan your show, doesn鈥檛 it? Say, while I have your attention, could you please do something about your network鈥檚 ridiculous post today about Amy Klobuchar, the salad and the comb? If that isn鈥檛 a targeted attack on a woman, I don鈥檛 know what is.
That鈥檚 is nothing better on a Friday night that watching Rachael Maddow 馃憦馃徏 read us a new report or memo! She sure can school us well with intrigue and compelling explanations.
Well everyone and I mean everyone got way ahead of themselves not knowing what if anything was being released by DOJ. Now we see it鈥檚 more confined to Manafort. Not the entire Mueller Report. Surely some thought Barr was forcing Mueller to wrap it up. Oh well.
You called bullshit on the release of the Muller report last night. Right, as usual.
Maybe Trump will share some of his Adderall with the Mueller team, so they can speed up his impeachment hearings.
Call the Wifey Maddow, it looks like you'll be working today. 馃榿
Get your reading voice on, Rachel!
Hope you are ready for an 8:40 pm release! I sware they do it just to see your candid and analysis on the fly - you are amazing! Eat your tacos now because this one is gonna be YUGE! #Maddow #BreakingNewsAtItsBest
You will get it at 8:59 pm est.
If I were you Rachel I鈥檇 be hoping for a drop at like 8:55馃榿
Wow. Hard to believe there's still more to drop today pic.twitter.com/e5EBD5yovG
It'll happen in the middle of TRMS. 馃槉
I predict this filing will come in at 8:59pm EST
I think he's waiting closer to the 9 o'clock hour. Mueller knows what time you come on the air ~馃槈
I think Mueller likes to watch you scramble 馃槀馃毃馃挴馃挋 You always come through.
My equivalent is refreshing twitter.
Rachel, you know he's waiting until 9:00:01pm EST.
Don't worry, I'm sure they will file by 8:30. It is Friday after all.
You might want to get takeout on the way home from work and hide the TV remote from Randy. No hockey tonite 馃槀
Friday night and Maddow's in the house! pic.twitter.com/RYQfft2g1n
Ha! I remember the days when Rachel went to the Berkshires to mix cocktails on Friday! #Neverendingnewscycle
News at noon. Oh sorry midnight.
Honestly, God Bless for staying on top of this. I remember Susan Warnick going to jail for refusing to give up her source. I gained a whole new level of respect for reporting. Then again I鈥檇 go to jail if I was married to...
You didn't want to, like, go home and eat dinner or something, did you? ;) #HardAtWork
hmm...you could read War and Peace meanwhile, its a light read I heard.
Drumming right along with you.
Yet not yet, when now not now wait wanting still waiting....
Lol. Looking forward to you interrupting breaking news with more breaking news. Happy Friday, folks!
it will drop two minutes into your show, probably.
You know it'll be somewhere around 9pm est lol
Speed reading again--maybe tonight huh..lol @hwmnylx69
Don鈥檛 worry - it will drop while you are on air! 馃槂
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