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The cheese on your pizza means a LIFETIME of suffering for mothers like her 馃挃

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I might open a restaurant in the future where for only an extra $30 dollars, you get to club the cow on the head yourself 馃槀馃槀
Listen just go go any pizza place in NY and you're opinion will change
Cows need to milked just as sheep need to be sheered your just a bunch of hippies that care more about people thinking you care then actually caring eat steak and drink a glass of milk your tiny fragile bodys will thank you
That鈥檚 why vegetarians should take the last step and become vegans. Milk belong to cows 馃惍not to humans
Umm exactly why is it so swollen? Because I've been to dairy farms many times before and none of them looked anywhere near like that.
That's a tumor... I may be a milk drinker but a veterinarian should really have that checked out..
Peta would make people respect animals a lot more if they didn't exist.
Estoy segura de que esa vaca tiene mamitis (infecci贸n de la ubre generalmente por bacterias) y que la estar谩n tratando de ello. Las vacas normales no est谩n as铆, de hecho se las seleccion贸 para que no tengan la ubre tan ca铆da, pero claro, contrastar datos e informarse ya tal
THICC 馃槏馃槏
You鈥檙e supposed to milk them! This happens when you don鈥檛 and there鈥檚 no calves around. You of all companies should know this
You realize that how they would live if it was not for humans
Bruh, milking cows helps relieve them
I'm lost.... Should I hate cheese?, pizza?, Or cows?
People please wake up. How fucked up can we humans be?
Good. I like a lot of cheese
Oh well. A small price to pay for a glads of milk in the morning.
Nice cherry-picked video.
I call #fakenews x 4 on this one PETA!
Humans drink her milk SO she does NOT have to live like this dumbass.
I have never seen a cow like that in my life.
perks of being top of the food chain
This is backwards if she didn鈥檛 get milked then that鈥檚 more of a Miserable and terrible life for them
Let's think about it logically, why do humans want to drink the "breast milk" of another animal, the milk is only produced so as to feed a baby calf, what would role reversal look like??? .it's so appalling the treatment of cows馃槩
I love cheese on my pizza. I had a #LahmeBiAjine today with #Cheese in top. That鈥檚 a Lebanese Pizza with MEAT AND CHEESE. Bit of chilli powder and a squeeze of Lemon. Omg YUM.
Way to pick the .5% of dairy cows that look like that.
Well it don't matter cause she bout to be dead pic.twitter.com/UN8PhP1Cbc
Still not as much balls as that 1 guy that fought WW2 with a bow and sword
After I enjoy her milk and cheese, I'll enjoy her chopped up grilled body... In my belly! 馃
Well I worked at a farm for a while, and let me tell you that this cow is full of milk, that either it's calf will drink or the cow will be milked. She ain't suffering she's doing nature's work
Yes but have you ever had pizza before? It鈥檚 delicious
Who the fuck are you people. Piss off you fucks. I will eat any cow, lamb, sheep, drink any milk i want and none of you fucktards will do anything about it. 馃槢馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崝馃崠馃崠馃崠馃ォ馃ォ馃ォ
Not all cows are like that u dumb fuckers. She will make some good hamburgers
I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going on with this cow or video. My grandparents own a dairy farm and their cows never look like this! Their cows are their babies and are treated like their own children.
Likely mastitis, you meatball. Of course that cow needs medical attention.
That doesn't mean that farming milk is bad, it just means the current systems are bad.
"s眉t眉 neden i莽miyorsun yeaa. sonu莽ta do臒alar谋 gere臒i s眉t veriyorlar." diyenler izler misiniz rica ediyorum...
This is obviously a tumour.. The only thing that is 鈥渃heese鈥 about this video is your lack on knowledge
This is so heart breaking #govegan
Maybe you guys should go out there and put her down. Y'all are good at that shit.
Watch it just be a disease that isnt even brought by humans
And it's so delicious I'll never stop eating it! DAIRY AND MEAT PRODUCTS FOR LIFE!!! 馃崝馃崟馃崳馃崵馃馃崠馃崡馃ォ馃馃尛馃オ馃尞馃尟馃馃馃嵆馃嵄
I wou枚d say this ppl cant take care of the cows thats all
Correct me if I鈥檓 wrong but isn鈥檛 this what happens when you don鈥檛 milk a cow?
Everybody always talking bout they want a titty in their mouth....here you go 馃寶馃寶
馃挃Heartbreaking馃挃馃槨Sickening and For What? "Money" Pieces of馃挬馃挬
This is no less than crucification 馃槚馃槩.Americans what have you done to this planet.
We're the only species that drinks milk past infancy... and we steal their young that the milk is intended for!!
She should go to peta instead so they can euthanize her like all the rest.
Fucking morons . I鈥檓 tweeting this from my delish steak 馃ォ
This is why I get four cheese pizza
The Dairy 馃 Industry is an absolute torture mill for milk cows 馃悇 their violated too get pregnant then their Calf鈥檚 are taken away so they don鈥檛 drink their mothers milk 馃!! How lousy & cruel is that for an industry the public relies on !Glad I鈥檓 not part of it being Vegan 馃悤馃惥
That's really horrible...guess that goes for half + half in my coffee even if it is organic + grass fed - time to make a change
i bet $10,000 that your employees drink milk
Oppa Gangnam style
But, cheese is delicious. Sorry, not sorry.
Nah That鈥檚 What Happens When PETA Forces People Not To Take Any Dairy Products
This is a healthy cow, this is literally a different species of cow you buffoons. She is not suffering, if she was she would be on the ground laying in pain and mooing
My mother grew up on a farm and, my father worked on a farm for years. You鈥檙e meant to milk the cows more often and, the babies aren鈥檛 killed either both said the babies are taken to the side and bottle feed some of the milk
Pizza kinda tasty innit?
As long as it tastes good
God I will kill for some NY pizza rn, too bad I'm in Texas
if you think that showing me a video of a cow with breast inflamation that isnt standard for dairy cows is going to make me stop eating a pound of cheese a day you are sorely mistaken. and i'm not kidding, ive been eating only cheese for the past few weeks.
R/quityourbullshit It has an infection, and needs the milk, to be removed. Something is blocking the cows utters
This is how a bladder feels after walking out of a movie theatre
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