It's really this simple: if you've got a better than what @AOC is offering to combat climate change, please show it. If you're a Member of Congress who can effectively address climate change better than the #GreenNewDeal, show your receipts. Make an effort.

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Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Until then, we’re in charge - and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.
This seems like the best place to go with this conversation. Everyone should outline their plans to reduce US CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. Let a thousand flowers bloom!
My better idea is she can take her #GreenNewDeal to China or something. We are doing just fine. The best record in the world.
Your precious AOC is an ignorant ass.
Also, if you think that there are no solutions, get out of congress. Get out of the way. There are minds that can see the possibilities.
I could give my four-year-old a crayon and a piece of paper and in five minutes he would have a better plan even if it was just a shitty drawing of our cat.
I read the Green New Deal, and I want us to address climate change as aggressively as possible. But there is no policy in this bill. It presents a world I’d love to live in but literally no steps to get there. How does that help? Am I missing something? Honest question!
If you watch the video, Feinstein literally shows the kids her plan and explains it to them.
Fienstein did show it but you jumped all over a propaganda video. Shame.
This is a crisis. But making the GND, a resolution without legislation, a purity cudgel to use against people who agree with your end goals is ridiculous. Either this is supposed to be a real collaboration to get there or the ”cheap seats”are supposed to just obey. Which is it?
I’m so disappointed that you fell for this.
If you don't like the Green New Deal, what's your better idea?
I think @cmclymer's challenge is fair. So here's my alternative:
Renovate America.
Energy efficiency upgrades plus solar panels. Everywhere.
Reduce emissions, create good paying jobs, save everyone money.
A+ Charlotte. 👏☺️
Ummm..... can’t believe I’m defending Feinstein but that’s LITERALLY what she tried to do. Soooooo...... 🤔
Gag. Did anyone watch the whole video, not just the bits the group edited? I am not defending DiFi's entire reaction. It was bad in parts. But she also offered one of the kids an internship, etc.
I used to be an idealist. Now I wish the ghost of Rachel Carson could have a few words with those who’ve come of age with an awareness of Climate Change & think this is a new fight, & that it’ll be easy just because it’s the right thing to do.…
Psst! The New Green Deal is currently no more than non-binding resolutions (H.Res, S.Res) and do not contain any legislation, budget, or actionable path forward. They are no more than statements-of-principles. Even changing the name of a post office has more weight of law.
And if not shut up and let the woman work! 💪 👑
We can start by supplying clean and efficient stoves and home heating for the people of India and China. USA is already lowering emissions and until we slow the emissions output of China and India anything we do will not chang much.
“But they don’t have a plan, they just hate mine!”-Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton
She literally handed her plan to them.
You, too? First if all, AOC doesn't have a climate change bill, she has a resolution that throws in everything from healthcare to jobs bill to infrastructure to guaranteed government jobs, to climate change. Show me her climate change bill. Diane Feinstein had one.
I would say look at the 20 year history of MOC who have worked on this that long. Then look at states CA for one - that have engaged w MAJOR changes since 2002. TONS of work has preceded GND, and GND doesn't even come close to identifying core issues already done.
You’re such a thoughtful, smart human.
Exactly, she's at least trying.
I prefer legislation that can pass, please. Yes, I want goals, but if the purpose is to attack someone with an outstanding record on the environment because Bernie's ally is still butthurt about losing so badly in CA, fuck that.
I'm excited about AOC's victory and what it represents but she didn't invent climate justice legislation.
Government can't control the temperature by taxing Americans more money Climate has been changing for million of years🙄 See Sun☀️ 🌍Rotation Axis #LiberalIndoctrinationIsPowerful Man-made Global Warming is a hoax. Recap: Government officials cannot control the temperature😉
And Sen Feinstein tells the kids that, repeatedly despite them yelling over her the first 2 times. She gives them a copy of her plan and asks for their critique of it
That's literally what Feinstein tried to do.
A favorite quote from Game of Thrones: Jon Snow : You're right. It's a bad plan... What's your plan?
Any change in the climate will be dealt with the same way we have dealt with it since the beginning of time. Sorry. We are not selling our souls to the Government. Deal with it.
Me: *shows a blank piece of paper*

There ya go.
She's literally not offeriing ANYTHING. It's a hashtag. The non-binding resolution is things we all already agree with, as Democrats. From Al Gore to Pres. Obama to Nancy Pelosi to, yes, Diane Feinstein, we HAVE been working on it. MFers grandstanding at the wrong fucking party.
Climate Change is natural (ie ice ages) but ya'll claim only humans are changing the climate.
Solar&wind have never decarbonized a single modern nation, still fail at it and we can't say it wil change in the future. We need to choose what actually works in the real world, nuclear and hydro. wasting any more time&resources on failed fantasies is extremely irresponsible
Have you watched the entire video? Please do so and let us know how you feel. You can disagree on policy, but this was a hit job and sets back the Green New Purity Test Deal.
What would the GND resolution do to change the climate change problem if passed
Sad that I keep seeing people saying "well children shouldnt talk to Senators like that!" as if we have time to debate decorum. We are already locked in for irreversible damage & mass casualties due to climate change. This should've been addressed 20 years ago but, yeah, decorum.
It's really this simple: #1: Stopping cows from farting isn't the solution. (Gimme a burger.) #2: We are a country, not a planet. (Other countries matter.) #3: Climate change is a natural phenomena. (Ice age.)
Nuclear power. Needs no introduction. It does need people to stop lying about it being bad. It would be nice if @AOC was not an idiot about it. It would be nice if her mentor Bernie "I killed Vt Yankee and replaced clean nuclear with gas" Sanders wasn't an idiot about it.
I'd like it better if it was just a plan to tackle climate change and didn't include things like a jobs guarantee and Berniecare. Instead, it's being used as a litmus test for every DemSoc wishlist item, many of which have nothing to do with carbon emissions.
I literally have a degree in environmental policy. You don't. Trust me when I say that the Green New Deal is warm dogshit.

Here's my alternative to the GND:…
Where is the deal?
Really simple. Ocasio-Cortez plan has little to do with climate change - much to do with social control at federal level. If Ocasio-Cortez were serious about combating her perception of climate change, she would leave out the social justice garbage and focus on climate only.
You’ve just asked a Republican member of Congress to come up with an actual plan or new idea for anything. Good luck with that.
This seems less than fair. The fact is that there is no actual “Green New Deal” bill toconsider (the kids asking Feinstein to sign the GND bill were being used as props). I’m not making excuses for DF’s poor judgement in responding but let’s judge actual legislation—not an idea.
You allow capitalism to continue to make innovations like electric cars and don’t cripple the economy in anyway. The government doesn’t have to force car companies into electric cars they’re going to make them because most people don’t go out looking to destroy the earth.......
It’s hilarious and kinda sad how the left thinks they can control the earth and all that is in it. God complex, anyone?
Agreed. And then we need a plan to stop unicorn poaching. No plan is NOT a plan!!
Did you miss this? Aunt Nancy doesn’t need lessons from someone who was in college when she got climate change passed in the House. She doesn’t get credit cuz the men in the Senate couldn’t finish the job? Thx for reinforcing the story of our lives.…
How does your green new deal plan to deal with volcanos?? Considering a volcano will give off more pollution the all of man can in a decade
It's more convenient to deny it. America loves convenience, just look at some of our household items.
Democrats do have a better plan. Here it is in Clintons platform. In this day and age of dirty tricks by the far left, I find myself astonished that you bought into the highly doctored suspect hit job video. You need to apologize.
The ~20% who believe this, #ClimateClingers, provide little benefit to society; they're too irrational, illogical & miseducated to be productive citizens. So....let's off them, that'd at least reduce our carbon footprint. #Desist
We need the climate change discussion to become global if we have any chance of preserving our planet. Effort needs to be international, because us going green can easily be undone by a coal-based highly populated China or India. Why is no one talking about this?
The green new deal isn’t legislation. Diane Feinstein actually has brought forth legislation.
Addendum: waiting a couple decades for poor people to start dying in droves is not an acceptable answer
The issue is neither @aoc or any member of Congress is effective and Congress and @aoc need to remember they are not in charge they are employees subject to the citizens of this country and can be replaced
This is an important tactic. Dems need to be brave in the face of opposition. If someone derides the Deal, ask them what *their* plan is for tackling climate change and providing real jobs.
I'd like to know what Sen Feinstein said at the edit point. She says they have their own Green New Deal and then there's a cut. I have a feeling there's something important there. And maybe we should get the whole video.
It should also be simple to explain how to pay the $47 trillion. Also what are the plans to address the largest global polluting countries on the planet. Surprise! The US isn’t one of those countries
Good to acknowledge responding to climate change requires building a large coalition.
Our disagreement: You think the way to build support is implore people to back the GNR by insisting it’s the only option. I say it’s by making a better plan, one focused exclusively on climate.
And Feinstein does have a GND which she had copies to give to those people. @AOC should stop pitching crap that won't pass and eventually ends with the whole issue being scuttled. it's a stupid strategy and WILL FAIL.
Let’s not mince words:

The #GreenNewDeal resolution is incredibly stupid and @AOC botched the roll out with her “fake FAQ.”

It would be hard to have done a worse job on this issue.
Charlotte - this is disappointing, coming from you. A resolution does not legislation make, and pretending that the GND is anything other than posturing helps no one except, perhaps, the GOP. And you know this.
You can’t fight fake science. Give us real science & cooperative countries then we could talk.
This is an attempt to paint those that don’t agree with everything in this “plan” are evil and ignorant of climate change. It’s a crappy take (which is not typical). There are millions of Dems that car for the stewardship of this earth. I wish we wouldn’t pigeonhole everyone.
says she has a better Green Deal multiple X in the edited video Justice Dems & Sunrise Movement are using to discredit her with. BTW. Sunrise movement is the same group that AOC staged a phony protest with outside of Nancy Pelosi's office. Coincidence much.
I have a suggestion. Have a vote in provisioning funding for vocational programs in high schools and community colleges to reinstate vocational programmers to give people skills vocational skills to work on preparing buildings and properties for clean energy renovations...
Climate change is of zero importance. It is a fairytale. For every scientist you can find that supports it we can find one who rejects it ; they are just marginalized because of the outnumbering of the media against the right.
She speaks as if its settled that climate change is fact. The left does this with every issue they fight for. Prove climate change 1st and that the U.S. isn't already doing the most.
There need to be education standards to pair with the #GreenNewDeal so we train the next generation for the new regenerative economy:…
Could you explain what policy has been proposed by AOC or other GND advocates? Your comment assumes they've done something other than talk about cow farts. Make demands of AOC etc to roll up their sleeves. Picking on @SenFeinstein, who has been a leader on this, is unproductive.
This is exactly why I do not follow this motherfucker anymore. I do not like her.
Yes as someone with a collegiate degree in history I can inform you that absolutely anything would be better.

Doing nothing would be a million times better than the AOC New Green Deal.
A) she said the world will end in 12 years, regardless; 2) she said facts don’t really matter; C) you can’t stop cows from farting; 4) Hawaii is mad at her bc they have to fly to get anywhere. 5) she doesn’t really have a feasible plan at all so go talk to China
Facts, science and simple arithmetic clearly do not matter to Democrats. Democrats are also completely against lifting poor people in developing nations out of poverty. Pathetic!
The #GreenNewDeal is just useless writing, its not a bill, its not even realistic, its fantasy writing that is just there to get people riled up with no hope of actually becoming regulatory law.
Senators Schatz and Whitehouse have worked on climate change for years, have passed specific legislation and resolutions, and have advocated for other specific proposals. Schatz also has said he will be submitting more of his own proposed climate legislation soon.
Dianne Feinstein's record on environment.… This was a hit job. Don't defend it.
My seven year old granddaughter could have written your #GreenNewDeal. It’s a fairytale 🙄
Check out HRC’s climate change policies from 2016, much better. There is actually very little climate change policy in the GND, and it omits nuclear energy and the carbon tax completely.
I guess @AOC is in charge and I will sit here quietlt in my cheap seats while her ego gets bigger…
"The ones that went with nuclear and hydro decarbonized. The ones that went with wind and solar failed and keep failing." "While nuclear and hydro are strongly correlated with decarbonization of energy at aggregated national levels, solar and wind are not." #GreenNewDeal #cop25
That's the oObamacare mentality that led to all the people paying thousands for "free" healthcare and being penalized - no thanks - I'll stick with capitalism and personal responsibility
The idea that humans can change climate change is absurd. Cleaning up environments is the only thing we can do other than prepare for climate changes. Money and time spent on trying to reverse climate change is futile. The Sun is in full control of that.
Gee whiz I'm pretty sure there are dozens of congresspeople with a more extensive record than a Twitter celebrity and former bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I'm also pretty certain that Sen. Feinstein's resume is also more extensive. Hilarious.

Make an effort.
Feinstein has staffers print out her plan and gave it to all the kids. One of the chapperones ask for an “elevator pitch” of it on the spot -presumably so she could rebut. Then DiFi went super cray cray and gave a girl an internship when she asked one 😱.…
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