Young people: we need a #GreenNewDeal


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This is a very serious movement we should all listen to.
You are doing a disservice to the climate change action and to the young kids. You are hacks and liars. Shame on you
This is the group that is using children and misrepresented what happened today and so many people fell for their shenanigans
Children: We鈥檙e scared of climate change, help us. Feinstein: You come to me and you say, 鈥淕ive me [climate] justice鈥 But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godmother.
Did James O鈥橩eefe edit your little hit video?
Which is why y鈥檃ll edited out the part she said she鈥檇 likely vote yes?
I love you all and the #GreenNewDeal. I'm attaching @SenFeinstein's legislation on #ClimateAction. If you'd read it, you'd recognize y'all are on the same side of this urgent issue.鈥 #JustSaying 馃檹
Project Veritas: Far Left style.
This does not help your effort. The full video tells a different story.
I hope y鈥檃ll are ready for 8 years of Trump. This is how the 鈥渓eft鈥 treats an LGBTQ ally of 50+ years. JFC.
As an environmentalist I鈥檓 now thrilled to never support your organization. Creepy af.
It is beyond terrible to send a group of mal-informed kids to play the emotional card and pressure a senator to give them what they demand. Do they know the cost? Do they know the size of the USA budget? The one boy says take it from Defense. Problem is., GND>whole budget.
You should be sued for slander.
Regarding Climate Change. California, Democrats & Feinstein gets it. Gov. Brown signed bill Sept. 2018. 100%! Democrats are progressive. Climate change has been a Democratic issue since Al Gore in the 1980s.鈥
Owes those kids an apology for rexploiting those kids in the name of their agenda. Seriously? Editing the video to suit ...whatever you鈥檙e trying to accomplish.
I hate to tell you this, but when a 16 y/o looks you in the face and says "I VOTED FOR YOU," it's perfectly fine to inform them that they did not, in fact, vote for you. Keep lying, though. This look is well suited for your group.
Young people: I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 in the green new deal, but it sounds cool.
Pretty sure this is doctored too.
Your org is a joke, I saw the whole video, not your edited hit job. You are a disgrace.
She is part of the entrenched problem!
Look at what the aholes are doing to follow-up exploiting children in a hackjob video edit.鈥
Look at what the aholes are doing to follow-up exploiting children in a hackjob video edit.鈥
Young people: We only have 12 years to save our plant. Can you co-sponsor #GreenNewDeal? @SenFeinstein: You didn't vote for me. Me:馃槕............
This is Project Veritas just re-wrapped... right?
This is a drastically edited video 鈥 full convo @sunrisemvmt should be slightly ashamed of the edit they shared. We need to be teaching children how to create lasting change.. not how to edit videos that create progressive cannibalism.
Your tactics are not going to succeed. You are bullying lawmakers who are on your side. It will backfire.
And posting memes on twitter and using kids as political props will surely get the job done.
There is something very wrong with you. You aren't fighting for climate policy. Your acting like as$holes.
Trump's pick to lead climate security panel calls climate science 'a cult'鈥 via @thinkprogress
You're attacking the wrong person.鈥
Hey, Sunrise. You got any protests planned? I'm all in now. This dismissive shit's gotta stop.
FU, Sunshine BOT! Stop trying to divide the LEFT again!
Here鈥檚 her spin of the situation... We prefer action over words!
Why did you even pull this shit. You undermine your green deal argument when you put out edited videos like thism difi is on your side
No. She called out the erroneous statement where a child claimed that she, and other children, voted for her. It鈥檚 called the truth.
You're brainwashing children and using them as props. You should be ashamed.
This kind of response wastes time. You know Feinstein won't run again, and trolling her is just dumb.
Yeah, don't do this. It doesn't help.
You鈥檝e definitely shown your true colors now. Shame on all you 鈥榓dults鈥 pushing this propaganda.
Your whole deal is a SCAM. Educate your kids on policy and Climate Change. Maybe in 20 years you can make a real difference instead of just creating meaningless propaganda! Next time show the accomplished Senator some deference and respect.
"How do you do, fellow kids?"
Are you guys 12 years old or what.
Idk, @SenFeinstein seemed remarkably honest with these kids and explained to the the constraints in working in a government that represents over 325mil very different humans. Seems like you guys are going after a lady who has continually done right by her constituents
This is incredibly immature.

Feinstein has fought for the environment & against climate change for decades.

I guess all the climate deniers & the Repubs dismantling enviro protection get a pass?

What happened today had an agenda that had NOTHING to do with climate change.
it's time to find out who runs this "movement"
This angers me so much. BIG mistake.
馃Hitler built an "army" of young people馃
You're attacking the wrong person - White House climate change panel to include man who touted emissions鈥
You're attacking the wrong person - Trump administration quits fuel efficiency talks with California鈥
Yeah, not cool. Sad and disgusting actually. She's going to deny the children a future?
Lmao. There are people stupid enough to support the Green New Deal? 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
First you tell a partial truth about that exchange, and now you take it totally out of context to make a meme about it? Your organization is a perfect example twisting the truth and telling a lie. Pathetic.
Children of the Corn Vs. Senator Feinstein
If she did vote and wasn't old enough...
We need to sweep corporate neo-liberals like Feinstein right out of congress and replace them with real progressives who care more about our planet and future than they do about their own personal power and wealth.
Until our democracy is safeguarded and Trump is removed, you and your young people won't be doing jack shit. Especially with your fake video edits. Youth without wisdom is little more than horny kids getting pregnant, and staying high all day on their fantasies. It's not a game
You are disgusting instilling false statements and scaring these children into pushing your radical liberal ideas. Pure indoctrination. You are despicable and lower than scum
You people are brainwashing and indoctrinating young children for political gain. Using them as a ploy in your game. Pathetic. Shame on you all.
She has being doing it for 30 years and the results hasn't come good so far, she should recognized she's doing something wrong and it's time for #CHANGE
The young Spies in 1984 were awesome. Young Fascists of America in training right here.
STOP. You are maliciously misleading. The 16 year old said she voted for the senator to which the senator replied 鈥測ou didn鈥檛 vote for me鈥.
This teacher using children as a means to push her own political agenda. As a mother I wouldn鈥檛 want any of my young minded children being dragged around town by their trusted teachers. To be used as tokens to guilt trip our political leaders. WRONG! #Patriot
So, you're doubling down on this? 馃槼
The green new deal is not supported by environmentalists. It is a ridiculous, impossible, unexplained, fact-free piece of garbage legislation. Mitch only wants us to vote on it to divide us and make us look like idiots. Thanks for helping him and Trump. What a dumb world.
Well, this says it all. The youth of today are completely incapable of understanding REALITY and have to have it explained to them in the the language of "mean girls"..... #stupidisasstupiddoes #gobacktoclass #LearnThings
Come back when you've gone after any REPUBLICAN like this. Cowards.
Another socialist movement that want to make America into a 3rd world country
so proud to contribute to this movement in such a valuable way by making this meme lol! photoshop skills finally coming to use!
ya know, i鈥檝e been down with the green new deal since the beginning even though it鈥檚 a bit of a liability for certain dems.. but if you need to play childish, deceptive games like this - just straight up LYING to anyone who鈥檚 ignorant enough to believe you.. i鈥檓 not buying it.
A lot of these replies are rather disheartening 馃槙
You all are EXACTLY as savage you need to be. We're counting on you to get these politicians on board so we can have a future.
Keep the kids out of your fake ass mob groups and quit using them as political pawns. Fight your own battles, don't bring kids in to it. Those kids don't deserve respect. They are going in there like a bunch of mobsters confronting people. I hate Dianne Feinstein but good for her
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