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Live look at the media/Dems taking one more crack at the Hoax this morning.

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Your dad on the golf course?
difference between that kid and your dad.. the kid has a better game AND doesn’t need to cheat🖕🏻
If it’s what you say, I love it...
You go girl! Better than the media any day!🏌🏻‍♀️ 🇺🇸
Hey guys I got a weird DM from Wikileaks
Your giving them tooooo much credit, They didn’t even hit the ball - not Eve close!!! I do not know how many strikes they get but I believe GOP has pitched a perfect game with 27 strike outs 😀😀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
the emperor has no clothes.
Close, but she made contact at least!
I always knew the President was telling the truth.
This kids shoots just like ur pops. Next he will run and grab the ball and place it where he wants.
We reading the same report boss?
Mueller report, p.290: "I'm fucked." Be proud.
Hey Donald Junior, do you have any comment about the part of the Mueller report that stated that you were too stupid to understand whether you were committing a criminal act or not? Any thoughts?
Since when do hoaxes produce so many guilty pleas and convictions?
Hahaha it can only get more entertaining right!?
Looking forward to two years of investigative colonoscopies for your crime family. Elections have consequences. 🤗 #JuniorIsADumbass
A hoax TRAITOR TOT? That report has more skid marks then your underwear sissy boy. Your daddy is a clown and your entire bloodline is SHIT...
Remember Trump golf club lawsuit with Greenberg ? #TrumpColluded !
You should be ashamed traitor tot! You got off with the #FredoDefense
Trumps base, steady %40 uneducated white - ie: unable to research information given to them as truthful or disinformation
owning your own daughter to own the libs
I am pretty sure there is an indictment with your name on it. Failing to report your meeting in which hostile foreign agents attempted to provide you with information against that would undermine the election is treason.
I see impeachment in the near future
"Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency."
Time to go on the offensive Donald. By the way, why are all of Obama's citizenship documents fakes again?
Seems pretty damning to me Fredo.
Have your hat on for Congress and SDNY? Not over yet.
🔥NEW VIDEO🔥 With the release of the #muellerreport, here's the vicious tactics Donald Trump learned from notorious mob lawyer / Communist hunter / Awful Person Roy Cohn buff.ly/2GuVsOQ #MuellerThursday #MuellerTime @NBCPolitics @maddow @MSNBC @politico @thedailybeast
What hoax exactly? The Russians Helped your father To become president You all lied about contacts You lied about meetings You lied about business in Russia Your father asked Russia for emails & within 5 hours they attempted it Laugh it up, Mob boy.
Beware the fake news. Do you want to be the one following fake news? Trump is a racist, who is lying? smollett walks free, Justice? msm lying to Americans for 2 years, biased? The People suffer while being fooled. Research is the way, together is the key, work for each other. pic.twitter.com/u6JXkk8Y87
SDNY and NY AG won’t be so cozy
"More than a dozen matters in the appendix that have been redacted because they're ongoing investigations'. #NotOver
On to 2020, full speed!🇺🇸🇺🇸
The food network had and has had higher ratings than msnbc and cnn at prime time. Now that’s funny
I wouldn’t underestimate the SDNY investigations...
trying to declare there is nothing to see. pic.twitter.com/fDlpvpdjZ4
How does a hoax result in admissions of guilt? Please show your work.
Who got this video of @Nicholas_Pawlak at the links?
I forget which one is the stupid one... "@DonaldJTrumpJr was spared a conspiracy charge because Mueller decided he was too stupid to know what he was doing was potentially illegal."
Enjoy it now, the only way she'll soon see you is through a glass window in prison.
So this GIF tells me we could swing wildly and still get a hit, which sure seems to line up with all the rampant corruption in your family. Shoot an arrow any which way, you're likely to hit a spot where a Trump broke a rule or a law.
Pg 157 of #MuellerReport: “Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations... carried out through one-on-one meetings in which [he] sought to use his official power outside of usual channels"
all trumpers should read the report. It's quite damning, especially for Jr. what a scummy family. justice.gov/storage/report… pic.twitter.com/efz4CHMmd6
Just like the investigation the democrats need to go back and fix all the divots they caused by falsely accusing people of crimes.
Obviously didn't read it.... Unless you're cool with being called stupid .
You really are a man child.... you never grew up!
You realize the only reason Mueller didn’t indict you is because he thought you were TOO STUPID to understand the crimes you were committing.
That video of Donnie golfing is great!! He would mark that on his card as a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!!!
Hey now that kid is cute and there is nothing at all cute about the treason the Dems are trying to commit
Re: #MuellerReport: How do you explain your involvement with Wikileaks, per pp. 59-60? How about taking a whack at that?
Hey, how are you tweeting from jail, in handcuffs, all while being prodded by your cell mate? LMAO. These people are STUPID! #WWG1WGA
At the conclusion of Barr's opening statement, Democrats in the media be like: pic.twitter.com/ljyHfowCG1
Junior, I hope you look good in New York prison orange.
In the report, Mueller says Coward Bone Spur Trump's public comments can be considered as obstruction efforts because of his position of power: cnn.it/2XmU9qD pic.twitter.com/EKL0lMfaQq
In Trump fashion she hit the clubhouse and told everyone about her hole in one.

Likes to play games. But they are not good at them.

I promise I'll stop posting about this but it just cracks me up
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