Alabama lawmakers are making all abortions a felony punishable w jailtime,incl women victimized by rape+incest.

Of course, no added punishments for rapists.

It’s going to @GovernorKayIvey‘s desk. She will decide the future of women’s rights in Alabama.…
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This law would force children - 12 year olds - to carry a pregnancy by their rapist. This law would force people w/ mental disabilities to carry pregnancy by rape to term. This law forces people to be pregnant against their own consent. It’s horrifying.

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Alabama has a 12% premature birth rate, third worst in the US, and an infant mortality rate of 7.4/1000, fifth worst in the US. Most of Alabama's counties don't have a hospital with obstetrical services. The GOP isn't "pro-life," they're just cruel.
If you are anti-Trump and following me and want me to follow back, let me know. I'll like your reply after I followed. Please be patient. We can do this together. I block all Trump supporters who rear their ugly heads on my timeline. #StrongerTogether
I’m angry! Are you angry? Are we angry enough to step out of our comfort zones and fight for our rights and the rights of others? Time to boycott all companies headquartered in these states and time to call them endlessly. Time to protest! #AlabamaGilead #StopTheBans
The best thing about being #AOC
Is you can say whatever you want
Completely false info and lies

And her minions gobble it up

But helpful for those still capable of critical thinking
It’s the ultimate belittlement of women. It’s more than horrifying, it’s inhumane. #Alabama
𝗣rovide no healthcare for the sick 𝗥efugees at risk of death not welcome 𝗢kay with execution 𝗟et the poor go hungry and homeless 𝗜gnore the woman's health 𝗙or guns here and bombing abroad 𝗘mbryos are people with human rights until they're born the wrong color, sex or place
The state owns women's bodies now. We are just ambulatory uteruses to be used as the state sees fit. No healthcare though, no help with the baby afterwards, and no punishments for rape for men. The GOP dream
The Handmaid's Tale was a warning, now it looks like it's being used as a textbook.
Republicans: Sorry ladies, rapists have more rights than you.… #Resist #WarOnWomen #GOP #GileadCaucus
Yes, the whole point of the bill is that killing unborn babies is wrong and should be illegal.
Sharia law comes to the US.
This pretty much sums it up Keep fighting!
While true, when people pivot to the extreme "12 year old raped" they empower the oppressor by raising the bar for why someone would or should want an abortion. The MOST valid starting point is "I F#CKING feel like it" that's free will at its core without explanation or shame
No legislation around IVF fetuses either - proving it's ONLY about women. Please call attention to this!
People should donate to @YellowFund, an org which will be doing important work transporting people who need abortions to other states where they may do so safely
Forced pregnancy is a form of involuntary servitude and violates the 13th Amendment.
Next in Alabama: Women lose their right to vote!!
If you have business in Georgia, Ohio or Alabama, move! Don’t visit, don’t spend money there.
They pass laws on women as if we were cattle. They feel a need to control under the guise of their religion. But really they are just afraid of us doing a better job than them and thus rendering them useless. Get their bible bs out of our govt!
Alabama women should be leaving the state in droves. Let it be a man state where the men service each other with 0 chance of pregnancy.
But AOC, Republicans feel "we must protect all life" (direct quote from AL S.Senator). I look forward to their Bill banning all gun ownership...
And become felons. Felons who can’t vote
I couldn't even get a Dr. to "tie my tubes"...I was told "I was too young and might change my mind"...I was a college educated, gainfully employed, 30 year old married woman with 2 children. I didn't want any more kids!!!..So basically I have no reproductive rights in America.
Ladies, Plan B is available on Amazon and over-the-counter. While continuing the fight for our rights, get yourself/daughters covered.
But Chambliss just said — out loud — that IVF eggs don’t count, so apparently “life begins at conception” only when a woman can be punished for it.
This law is an obvious attempt to get it legally challenged up to the now more conservative Supreme Court in attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade. Dear God I hope I'm wrong.
No penalties for men whose emissions caused the unwanted pregnancy? We need a felony seminal emissions law.
Truly shocking! I’m from the UK and it seems to me the US are moving backwards in time.
America: Land of the Free.
It’s pretty interesting that they include this little gem in the actual bill. If young girls are being held responsible for human life I reckon we ought to give them voting rights before the age of majority too right?
White men on Twitter are triggered by this crazy Latina woman. I’m going to retweet her at least once a day.
As people die from lack of health care & the planet careens toward apocalypse the right is hyper-focused on what really matters: Grotesque bills that enslave women to their rapists & locking up brown asylum seekers.
We need an equal rights Amendment. Something to secure to women control over their bodily integrity. This is beyond appalling.
When it becomes more legal to rape a woman than to provide medical services to her.
At this point, I can’t let my unborn daughter to travel to certain states within the country I fought for. (Didn’t believe in OIF but orders are orders) She’s now limited in schools and job opportunities because I’ll be damned if she goes to a state as reckless as #Talibama
I thought we lived in the USA. These Rep lawmakers do not care anything about woman. After forcing an underage rape victim to carry a baby, the Reps want to take away her healthcare. And to say she should seek mental health care, is reprehensible. 😳
I think this is a really good time to remind everyone that @SenatorCollins, who many women trusted to protect their rights, voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh despite a credible allegation of sexual assault and also that she is up for re-election in #2020. #AlabamaAbortionBan
Don’t forget it requires women with ectopic pregnancies to get a non-existent surgery to re-implant the embryo. With a surgery. That. Doesn’t. Exist.
Isn't it odd they never come after IVF for throwing away unused embryos. It's only women's bodies these monsters seek to control. They believe life begins at conception & ends at birth.
What about the man involved in the pregnancy? If it will be a felony for the women, it should be for the man who help create the unwanted pregnancy. It's clearly about controlling women and not about protecting a fetus. We all know it's never been about protecting life.
We know how to actually reduce abortions. This is not about abortion or the sanctity of life. It is about power over women, keeping the White male supremacy going. I'm in Alabama and will be in the radio,
This is the cruelest form of child abuse. Forcing a child to carry a fetus that came out of a traumatic sexual assault will damage that child for life. Not only that, what happens to the baby after it’s born. Do you think that child will embrace that baby?
Now, let’s get to the REAL point here, the WHOLE intent is not to enforce the law, but to make it SO draconian that it will get pushed up to SCOTUS for the sole purpose of over turning Roe vs. Wade. There no other reason bc the courts will overturn it w Roe v Wade still in force.
Girls in fucking MIDDLE SCHOOL will be FORCED to carry a child. All because some sick fuck raped her and sick fucks in government are doing everything in their power to control women. Fuck this system.
Who does the state think will have to provide for these unwanted children later in life? THE STATE WILL. The most dystopian self own of all time
Someone very important to me got raped and pregnant by their rapist. They CHOSE not to have that baby. To not be reminded every single day of the most traumatic event in their life. My heart fucking hurts for all these women who will no longer have a choice. Shame on all of you.
You know we're in a sore state of affairs when just being a woman isn't reason enough to prevent this from happening, we have to give extreme examples. Scary times in "civilized" societies.
It’s not about “life” or “babies”. It’s all about power and keeping power by subjugating poor women, particularly women of color. If people can be kept in poverty, they can be controlled. The wealthy can buy what they need - even if it involves a short trip to Montreal or London.
How about just shooting convicted rapists. That would be good.
At some point we need to recognize that we're either relying on science or faith to determine policy on when human life begins. If faith is your true north, follow it... but it has no place in legislation. #bossofmybody
Plus, the @GOP stumps for, excuses, defends, and endorses known pedophiles, rapists, and sexual predators regularly. They do not care about women. They need to hold us down and determine our worth to stay in power. They are weak. WHERE ARE THE MEN SPEAKING OUT FOR US, LOUDLY???
This law was made to challenge Roe V Wade, This law is a violation of separation of church and state, the basis of it is not for the betterment of the public, it is to force an ideology upon people.
#Translation I’m only for states’ rights when it comes to sanctuary cities.
Anyone living in a more sympathetic state have room for two Alabama refugees? I am ashamed.
Do you actually know anything about this issue? Like how, statistically speaking, what you’re saying is in extremely rare and exceptional circumstances. But I’ve come to expect a very inspiring surface-level knowledge on most subjects you talk about.
The law horrifying - but what’s more frightening is it was deliberately crafted to prompt a Supreme Court review (and overturn) of Roe. This is the culmination of 30 yrs of strategy by the right
This is how Republicans generate their voter base.
How could anyone support that? Once again, zero accountability for the "Man" involved. WOMEN DO NOT GET PREGNANT BY THEMSELVES! This is insane!!!!!!!
I work in Social Services, and I asked many young people why do they not want children? The number one answer ! I CANNOT AFFORD TO RAISE CHILDREN ! I can barely feed myself! Truth! No Affordable housing, No Affordable child care and No cost of Living wages = less babies! Truth
Again, see it isn't difficult to use inclusive language that doesn't erase trans people who can get pregnant
Where are the voters in Alabama? Why do they support these politicians? Where do the women of Alabama stand?
Also, felons can't vote in Alabama. They're trying to take votes too
It is horrifying. Anyone okay with this, is basically saying they're okay with women and children being raped.
And the bill was passed by 25 men.

We have to elect more women. Period.
It is literally this simple. Women’s Reproductive freedom means... Financial Freedom which means... Freedom from Failed Relationships which means... Freedom from Abuse. It is all tied together.
Beyond horrifying. If you’re against abortion, get a vasectomy.… #resist #GOP #extremists #AgainstAbortionGetAVasectomy
They claim to be pro life but what about the children being ripped from their parents at the border? Or against gun control. I'm so pleased I don't live in America
Very horrifying. Hell, the governor IS a woman and likely to sign is really scary. This isn't about protecting unborn babies, it's about controlling women. If these Republicans truly cared about those babies, they'd pass legislation to help parents care for their kids.
really glad a bunch of men, who obviously know what it’s like to be pregnant, got to decide this.
Alabama If you take it within 72 hours after you've had unprotected sex, levonorgestrel can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89%. If you take Plan B One-Step within 24 hours, it is about 95% effective Problem solved
Terrible..probably a good idea to make sure Democrats win everywhere they run, even if they are imperfect allies.
And the whole World is watching - and judging. To the women - We see you! You are not alone!✊🏼❤️
The government has no place in the decisions of citizens and their doctors. This is not, or shouldn't be, a political issue. It is meant to polarize people.
The plot of Handmaid's Tale is creeping in
Okay legislators i know y’all miss being in the 1800’s, the peak of your youth and all, but we’re trying to PROGRESS say it with me guys P R O G R E S S
If u believe that laws such as this one are okay in any way please never talk to me again and seek help
Nicaragua, any day, every day.
Is this the Christian version of #Shariyalaw ?
It is inconceivable (to me anyhow) that one person (governor) gets to force girls and women to reproduce. This is not the United States of America that many of the USA's founders envisioned. :-(
There's no argument that will change the mind of a zeolite. The slow creep of fundamental theocracy, is poverty self oppressing. Life has never been sacred or a right, but rather a gift. So live and let die, love, and be happy, and please keep government out of my wife's vagina.
If the woman carrying a 👶🏿 has a mental disability, 👶🏾 has the same value & dignity. If a young girl is carrying 👶🏽, it has the same value. No matter how 👶🏻 was conceived, it doesn’t change its value/dignity. If 👶🏼 is unwanted (for whatever reason), it has the same value!
Voted on by 22 white MALE senators
We need AOC on the debate stage #LetHerVoiceBeHeard
It’s the inception: #TheHandmaidsTail author #MargaretAtwood said she didn’t make it up.
let us not overlook the fact that these laws are now making it a FELONY! Guess who loses their voting rights in most states. People with felonies. This is also huge and should be brought to the forefront in the discussion.
Yes and here's how we fight this battle:
The Alabama list of cars and manufacturers too boycott it's up to you. Mercedes-Benz GLS, GLE, C Class. Honda Ridgeline & Pilot Honda Odyssey. Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai Elantra. Mazda's crossover. Toyota will be producing the Corolla.…
Good morning @GovernorKayIvey! You’re being awfully quiet about this draconian bill that’s about to come across your desk. Was it a priority of yours to strip women of their reproductive healthcare and rights when you took office as well?
While it’s a horrific condition and represents some abortion cases- let’s address the elephant: 99.9% of all abortions are elective & NOT related to any abuse. All those preborns have a right to be placed in a loving family not killed at the rate of 2 every minute.
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