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I am hearing the biggest political scandal in US history is about to come to light

The intel community is scrambling to cover it up






All are lawyered up & extremely nervous

Their crimes will be exposed

RT if you support declassification!

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In reply to @charliekirk11
Not a scandal. Attempted coup = treason & sedition. #Spygate #Traitors
My bet is it revolves around Joseph Mifsud and his relationship with the CIA/FBI. Just a hunch.
In reply to @charliekirk11
The hammer needs to get dropped so our elected officials can get back to what they are supposed to be doing rather than attacking or defending the White House.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Very soon, there will be more Deep State players pointing their fingers at each other than there are Democrats running for President! pic.twitter.com/AcHAcFiRWk
It won鈥檛 surprise me if certain individuals wind up missing or turn up dead.
In reply to @charliekirk11
And it goes right to the top of the prior administration - no deals will be made.










The crickets are chirping, it seems as if DECLASS is getting close! They're lawyered UP! Popcorn time Patriots!
Dark 2 light
Patriots Awakened
Stay viligient
In reply to @charliekirk11
Can鈥檛 wait, I support declassification馃嚭馃嚫馃挴
In reply to @charliekirk11
We are excited ! Waiting !!!
In reply to @charliekirk11
i don't see Obama in that list
鈥淓scucho que el m谩s grande esc谩ndalo pol铆tico en la historia de EEUU est谩 a punto de salir a La Luz... ...comparte si apoyas la desclasificaci贸n鈥
In reply to @charliekirk11
18 U.S. Code 搂鈥2381. Treason Whoever is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
It鈥檚 time to declass the FISA warrants! Let鈥檚 get it all out there!

In reply to @charliekirk11
Will lead to this 馃挧馃挧馃挧 pic.twitter.com/XAkKWTNexJ
In reply to @charliekirk11
I believe their crimes have already been exposed and that the intel community cannot continue to cover them up. "lawyered up & extremely nervous" means that they believe it, too. But @realDonaldTrump knows what should be declassified, or not. It's part of the Art of the Deal.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Not one article on entire Drudge庐锔 report... ...dealing with entire obama* Intelligence apparatus Continue to allow the Socialist Democrat mantra @realDonaldTrump obstructing ...it鈥檚 pathetic Entire scandal will never be exposed.. ...all lawyered up is no where #TWGRP
In reply to @charliekirk11
It鈥檚 about time. This whole impeachment banter has been a distraction. It鈥檚 no longer working. Thankfully Trump has a backbone.
A pornographic vast criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of government and media and beyond to frame a sitting US president with the Russia to undermine his presidency is a big deal.




#MAGA @realDonaldTrump #LockThemAllUp #Justice #Trump2020 馃嚭馃嚫
In reply to @charliekirk11
But them all in Gutanemo BAY with there fearless leader and his two side kicks.
In reply to @charliekirk11
It's about time! DRAIN THE SWAMP!! #DrainTheSwamp
In reply to @charliekirk11
I鈥檒l believe it when I see it. Praying for Justice!
In reply to @charliekirk11
Absolutely! Let the chips fall where they may! Drain the Swamp!
In reply to @charliekirk11
He needs to declassify before the deep state Kennedy's him
Declassifi 馃憡馃嚭馃嚫

Mr. President 馃嚭馃嚫
@realDonaldTrump 馃憡馃嚭馃嚫

#StopTheSteal of USA 馃嚭馃嚫





WeThePeople 馃嚭馃嚫 Patriots

DEMAND IT 馃憡馃嚭馃嚫

We support you
@POTUS 馃挴% 馃憡馃嚭馃嚫
In reply to @charliekirk11
IMMEDIATE and thorough declassification!!! ~Kind Regards~
In reply to @charliekirk11
What about Obama? Rice? Lynch?
In reply to @charliekirk11
What took them so long? Is it possible that Mueller was actually working on cover ups for Democrats while we paid the bill? Now they have no use for Mueller, but they also no longer have the protection of Mueller, and out it all comes...its about time. #Trump2020 pic.twitter.com/RK1iCb0mNk
In reply to @charliekirk11
This was so much worse than Watergate. It was an attempt depose a lawfully elected US president with a frame job.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Throw them all in jail. Except the first one to trade up. Flip on Obama!
In reply to @charliekirk11
This is the most disgraceful era ever. Yes indeed they must be made accountable. This may never happen again. Include Obama and Clinton. pic.twitter.com/7elRSJMS5i
In reply to @charliekirk11
the Lord is at work exposing all this corruption and we need to cooperate in every way if it鈥檚 the Lords doing it鈥檚 going to happen it would be an answer to many prayers but we should cooperate and support declassification and whatever else (read the book of Esther in the Bible)
It's time to unleash the storm.
Let鈥檚 put this in plain English:

Democrats & their Deep State Operatives claimed that Vladimir Putin was a Whistleblower in the 2016 elections... 馃槀

He didn鈥檛 want to hold onto that intel, for blackmail... he blew the whistle! 馃ぃ

... so that he could blackmail Trump! 馃槤馃槶馃お
In reply to @charliekirk11
I bet @CNN will still be reporting anything negative they can dream up on @realDonaldTrump than all these trials combined. In short. THEY ALL SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In reply to @charliekirk11
How bout Hillary???
In reply to @charliekirk11
In reply to @charliekirk11
I want this to go down so bad. Handcuffs perp walk the whole 9 yards.
In reply to @charliekirk11
: Globalists and Radicals have taken the Earth hostage for hundreds of years. They should know that we will take back our planet Earth from them; Either with a smile or with war. Look forward to the uprising of the patriots... #MIGA #MAGA twitter.com/restartleader/鈥
Oh dear the left is collapsing all over the world..... What a shame.
I love these lines "I am hearing"

Whenever, I had to write a paper academically or professionally I had to cite sources.
In reply to @charliekirk11
They become dangerous when cornered. Remember all the Friends of Bill who died suspicious deaths.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Bring it all out. Hillary already said if she goes down they would all go down with her. Well let's get er done. Drain the DC swamp
In reply to @charliekirk11
Hope you are right. Man, the wheels of justice move slowly!
In reply to @charliekirk11
Nothing will happen to any of them. One set of rules for the 鈥渆lites,鈥 one set of rules for the rest of us. And the 鈥渆lites鈥 are from both parties...
It's a SCANDAL only whsen there are no consequences!
There must be CONSEQUENCES!
In reply to @charliekirk11
And please add Clintons and Obama to that. They secretly placed people in power and made deals with foreign governments and businesses for their own gain at the American citizens expense.
In reply to @charliekirk11
So is that the cover up @SpeakerPelosi is so worried about??? 馃馃檮
In reply to @charliekirk11
When are those in the Congress/Senate involved in all of this going to be exposed? @POTUS it's time to start taking them all down so we can END this treasonous act against our country, govt & American people.
鈥渂iggest political scandal in US history is about to come to light鈥
This will open pandora鈥檚 box.
All the 鈥榗onspiracy theorist鈥 will become the smartest people in the room and the solving of the puzzle of what鈥檚 happened to America will be made clear to everyone鈥檚 understanding.
In reply to @charliekirk11
It鈥檚 time鈥
In reply to @charliekirk11
We can only hope it happens soon!!
In reply to @charliekirk11
Friday night news drop?
This is like when you tell kids that Santa is here, 鈥淚 think I hear him on the roof right now!鈥 #GLEIB2020
In reply to @charliekirk11
Not only declassification but INDICTMENTS & LIFETIME sentences at #PrisonCampGitmo !!!!!!
In reply to @charliekirk11
Add some names to that...including Obama
In reply to @charliekirk11
Can鈥檛 come soon enough!
In reply to @charliekirk11
Please expedite this situation! Swamps cannot drain fast enough.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Hope the popcorn is tariff free and well stocked.
In reply to @charliekirk11
We know it happened when is going to drop stop talking make it happen
Declassification is the beginning, GITMO or a lynching, should be the end.
In reply to @charliekirk11
If OHASBEEN isn鈥檛 charged, then we are still in the same dirty swamp!
In reply to @charliekirk11
And Democrats along with #FakeNews media are all trying to distract and delay however they can help the #Coup Conspirators. #Allthewaytothetop
In reply to @charliekirk11
Hopefully this is going to happen sooner rather then later.
In reply to @charliekirk11
You forgot Huma Abadeen and Cheryl Mills.
In reply to @charliekirk11
Nadler just staging a show orchestrated by Obama w/ Schumer Nancy&Comey to distract fm their Presidential Coup, make Hillary president to hide her crimes. She said鈥漎ou better fix this shit or we鈥檙e all gonna hang & I鈥檒l take half of DC w/ me.鈥 @nytimes @FoxNews @WSJ @OANN @POTUS
You bet your pink cheeks @charliekirk11 the biggest political scandal in US history is about to break!
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump!

Let鈥檚 get this going!
Let the #Traitors hangings begin!

In reply to @charliekirk11
It's all coming out and there's nothing they can do to stop it! #DECLAS #QAnon #WWG1WGA
In reply to @charliekirk11
Without any doubt. Americans r not fooled. The investigations into the FISA Scandal is 1 of many federal crimes like Uranium One. It would be best 4 @TheJusticeDept w/respect 2 AG Barr conduct a thorough investigation re: Obama& Hillary鈥檚InvolvementInMost OfTheseCrimesCommitted.
Absolutely! And SOON!
I also support the #DeathPenalty for Treason.
#NoMercy #MAGA 馃嚭馃嚫
In reply to @charliekirk11
Declassify and let the heads roll 馃嚭馃嚫 The parasites of the coup need exposed
In reply to @charliekirk11
Mountains of evidence already is declas the final step to FINALLY see justice? Will it ever *really* happen? Hell were already into the 2020 election cycle. Two dozen Dems announce to distract? #COVERUP pic.twitter.com/wp1b3FxKAm
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