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Anything’s possible when you believe in yourself, Trainers. 😉 🏆

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All the friends Ash made along the way made this possible! 😭
Llora en silencio*
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When I found out Ash won the Pokemon League pic.twitter.com/kPEKHsxBLO
In reply to @Pokemon
Ash always believed in himself, but the writers always wanted him to be a loser until they got a backlash from Kalos league and now everyone's happy. Feedback is important :)
Acredite nos seus sonhos
We knew you could do it, Ash.
In reply to @Pokemon
Like the fact Lycanroc did what Ash-Greninja couldn't do!
Eu ia dizer que se o Ash conseguiu depois de 22 anos, você também pode persistir e alcançar os seus sonhos, mas nem eu acredito nisso.
Anything is possible! #voiceofash 🙋🏼‍♀️
Puedes cagarla mil veces, ser un inútil, no saber ver por dónde te caen las fichas, ser inmortal como Jordi Hurtado y no envejecer, que si persigues tus sueños lo lograrás tarde o temprano aunque tengan que pasar 22 años. Qué lección más buena que me llevo de Pokémon oye.
Wouldn't it be nice to have an official stream for Pokémon...like you say anything's possible 😉
In reply to @Pokemon
In reply to @Pokemon
This tweet got me fucked up
I can't say anything either way. But anything's possible when u believe in urself. ;) #pokemon
In reply to @Pokemon
So now how do we go about getting an anime where a mudkip is the protagonist
The FA when new managers enrol for their coaching badges:
In reply to @Pokemon
Only took 20 year like
In reply to @Pokemon
#BringBackNationalDex ❤️ What a day it’s been... 20 years and he’s finally done it pic.twitter.com/Hz70K8gCs1
In reply to @Pokemon
I agree, anything is possible when you believe in yourself, such as the programming of all Pokémon from past games😉. Believe in yourself, GF/TPC; you can do it! We believe in you🙂#BringBackNationalDex #GottaPatchEmAll pic.twitter.com/70UQ7ky01M
In reply to @Pokemon
Congratulations on Winning the Alola League, Ash Ketchum! pic.twitter.com/Y23fSGwBf0
C’est le plus beau tweet que j’ai vu de ma vie, je vais l’épingler carrément
I believe in official subs
And BW-SM cds
If Ash can do it so can I 😤 💪 🏆
Si alguien es capaz de creer en sí mismo después de 22 años fracasando como un cabronazo y soportando que te ganen pavos con Darkrais pues la verdad que se iba mereciendo el éxito.
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and try and try and try and try again. twitter.com/pokemon/status…
In reply to @Pokemon
Ash finally winning an League after 20 years. Now anything is possible.
In reply to @Pokemon
im going to cry
In reply to @Pokemon
Ash did it. He finally did it. He never gave up. He always fought. That's a rolemodel.
LOL @ everyone saying People are spoiling Ash winning. The Official Pokemon Account even did it!!! hahahhaa
In reply to @Pokemon
*gasp* referencing the anime BEFORE rhe English translation?! WAHT MADNESS IS THIS!?
In reply to @Pokemon
Please patch them all into sword and shield, #BringBackNationalDex
My boy finally win a major after his 20 years of his career as 10 year old kid.....

..... Wait.... 🤔 🤔
Independiente de que te haya gustado el personaje en sí y que ganara o no esa liga.

Pero, ¿no os sentís como más completos? Si lo habéis seguido desde siempre, es un ciclo que se cierra. Y uno nuevo que empieza, y lo hemos y vamos a ver completo toda una generación de chavales.
DANG. Even the international Pokemon twitter said something (subtly though as they dont wanna spoil English dub fans, but, it's still awesome to see)
In reply to @Pokemon
nice pity win also Bring Back National Dex pic.twitter.com/lUKe6vRmpD
Like Ash from Pokemon, believe in your dreams, we may not be number one now but always remember that every great victory comes from difficulties and hardships.💙

One sweet victory in the end. 💯
“MNL48 Success, One Step at a Time”
Season 2. Believe. 🙌
In reply to @Pokemon
Alright then I'll believe you'll give us back our nationaldex and mega evolutions! #BringBackNationalDex pic.twitter.com/ccpAxHHASN
In reply to @Pokemon
As pessoas criticam o anime pelo Ash ter levado 7 gerações pra ganhar a Liga Pokemon, mas eu sempre vi isso sendo mostrado para as crianças que nem sempre vencemos, mas não podemos desistir. E finalmente ele venceu! ❤️
After 22 years of hard work and never giving up, Ash is finally the very best like no one ever was :') ♥️

What a great way to start the week! Have a good one and go kick butt! I'm rooting for you! 🙌

Happy Monday! 😃🏆
#Curiosidade: Pela primeira vez na história do Anime de Pokémon após 23 anos, Ash se consagrou campeão de uma Liga Oficial da franquia.

*A Liga Laranja não é algo classificado pela companhia como oficial.

As contas Pokémon japonesas e algumas ocidentais celebraram o feito.
In reply to @Pokemon
estoy muy orgulloso mi niño
Nunca he visto el anime de Pokémon, al menos, no completo, sólo uno que otro cap que pasaban en la TV.

Pero que bueno que Ash haya ganado la Liga por una vez... Aunque haya tardado más de... Emm... 20 años...
In reply to @Pokemon
Took 20 years & in the worst league out of the 7 made but yeah it’s possible
In reply to @Pokemon
In reply to @Pokemon
Y'all are really making him champ after turning the quality to shit and moving to disney?
In reply to @Pokemon
In reply to @Pokemon
I would say Bring Back the National Dec but whatever. It is about time Ash freaking won.
Tengo que ser siempre el mejor
Mejor que nadie más
Atraparlos mi prueba es
Entrenarlos mi ideal
Yo viajare de aquí allá
Buscando hasta el fin
Oh pokémon yo te entenderé
Tu poder interior
In reply to @Pokemon
Which is why I still believe that we can convince Game Freak and The Pokémon Company to include ALL Pokémon in Galar! If you really care about the champs of the Pokémon world, both human, and Pokémon, I know you'll find a way!🏆 pic.twitter.com/qbFLRilQSV
In reply to @Pokemon
Eh, him being offered to become a Battle Frontier brain back in 2006 was way more impressive than him winning a league to be honest.
In reply to @Pokemon
For one day, let’s put aside our dex views in honor of ash!
In reply to @Pokemon
Like Ash had thought us, never stop fighting for what you believe it's worth! It doesn't matter what others say, or do, if they do or do not believe you'll making it sooner or later. Never lose heart, like Ash. Well done, Champion ❤️ #PokemonDeservesTheBest #NeverStopCaring
So proud of you Ash Ketchum 😭👏🏼🍻
In reply to @Pokemon
In reply to @Pokemon
I'm so proud Ash, congratulations to him and his team! pic.twitter.com/ZeHseVNrZx
Even the international account who hasn't even dubbed it recognised Ash's big achievement.

This is an ultimate win.
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