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Optimism does not mean being blind to the actual reality of a situation. It means maintaining a positive spirit to continue to seek a solution to any given problem. And it means recognizing that any given situation has many different aspects—positive as well as problematic.

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Happiness is acceptance: - Accepting past mistakes - Accepting your imperfections - Accepting not everyone will like you - Accepting you can’t change others - Accepting those days you feel “off” Being happy doesn't mean life is perfect It means you're fully embracing all of it
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Beauty Also Looks Like: ▪ Lightheartedness ▪ Good Moral Values ▪ Emotional Intelligence ▪ A Kind And Grateful Heart ▪ Authenticity And Honesty ▪ A Desire To Do & Be Better ▪ Commitment And Consistency
Dalai Lama speaking to The Falcons Fans ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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"Be like a lotus. Let the beauty of your heart speak. Be grateful to the mud, water, air and the light." #AmitRay pic.twitter.com/BFtnhQN2fu
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The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill
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We cannot direct the WIND but we can adjust the SAILS!! :)
Me on Unai Emery for #TheAthletic 40% off for a limited time
There is only one person I can see this in him @AndrewYang
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It also doesn’t mean never hurting or struggling. Just never giving up, and finding hope. Being autistic and trying to build real friendships is an example. I may die trying, but I will never give up.
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be kind...be compassionate...be caring 🙏🔆🙏 Om Mani Padme Hum 🙏🔆🙏 pic.twitter.com/WJYt1rtShc
"El optimismo no significa ser ciego a la realidad de una situación. Significa mantener un espíritu positivo para continuar buscando una solución al problema. Y significa reconocer que cualquier situación tiene muchos aspectos diferentes, tanto positivos como problemáticos"
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In reply to @DalaiLama
Optimism is taking the first step, even if you can't see the entire staircase.❤
Love this. Optimisim is not, “I’m always happy !!! Just ignore problems !!” Optimisim is, “this kinda sucks, BUT, how can I get better here.”
I’m his spiritual leader. He has some potential
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Thank you HHDL for clarifying this! I've been accused of being too optimistic about things. The usual reply I get is that it is not going to be easy. Being optimistic does not mean I think it will be easy, it just means I believe I can solve the problem!
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The solution has many ways. Everything depends on karma and actions in this life. What a person will choose. Will he be stronger than his own mistakes? 🙏😊
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I have optimism every time I hear #AndrewYang's name, see one of his interviews or read a tweet about him! #HumanityFirst
Thinking about how this applies to #elxn43. Optimism here don't mean good faith towards Trudeau's min gov't...

It means organizing the f*ck, as one of the only effective solutions, for our communities while actively creating alternative realities for a future we know is possible
Perseverance as an optimist & realist takes a hefty amount of grit. The power of a positive spirit is often under-recognized - but it can get us over tough hurdles in science, education, and life in general 🙌
#AcademicChatter #phdchat
Developing a richer relationship with our awareness beyond the petty shell of the ego allows us to trust the universe, and provides empowerment from positive thinking in all situations. #LivingInAMindfulUniverse
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Sweet tenderness for you and happiness in your heart 🤗😘🙏🙏
See guys, I'm not just an enthusiastic idiot!
Otimismo não significa estar cego para atual realidade de uma situação. Significa manter um espírito positivo para continuar buscando a solução de um dado problema. E significa reconhecer que qualquer situação tem diferentes aspectos: positivos, assim como problematicos.
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People caught in the web of #positivethinking may not understand this at all - many thanks for the reminder, Holiness 🙏🏼
This is the kind of optimism we need right now.
He's clearly a massive Sunderland fan 😀
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A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist. #EleanorRoosevelt
After my weekend considering ageing I actually feel optimistic @UKUnitarians Even if all my worst fears happen, it’ll be ok. Really encouraged by other women’s positive views on getting older which included:
1. ‘Nice not to care about my career or what people think of me.’
When it says "cynical optimist" in my bio, this is kinda what I mean. It also means holding assholes to account.
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Thanks Dalai. Love your tweets.
This should be printed on the wall of every #QI office.
El optimismo no significa ser ciego a la realidad de una situación. Significa mantener un espíritu positivo para continuar buscando una solución a cualquier problema. Y reconocer que cualquier situación tiene muchos aspectos diferentes, tanto positivos como problemáticos.
A great description of an optimistic mindset.
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Just the advice I needed to hear your Holiness. Thank you 🙏
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Going into the work week with this 👇👏❤
Dalai Lama explica que ser otimista é muito diferente de ser alienado. Otimismo é manter o espírito positivo para dar solução a um problema. 😉 Bom dia!
Happy Monday morning! Let’s all be optimists!
Call me crazy, but I’m hoping our strike opens eyes to how Chicago kids haven’t received fair treatment from the adults in charge of funding their schools. We’re striking today to change that. Fund kids, not condos! See you this afternoon Sterling Bay!❤️🍏👊☔️@CTULocal1 @SEIU73
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👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 'Disasters' are much easier to work through when you have a smile on your face or at least in your heart. Love HHDL 🙏♥️✊
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In reply to @DalaiLama
Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself? - Lao Tzu
Mee eens. Ik probeer ook altijd nog enig licht in de situatie te zien, hoe donker ook. Vasthouden aan hoop, moed putten uit raad en steun... en niet opgeven, hoe zwaar en moeilijk ook. 😘☯️
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Those who wish to sing, always find a song. This is optimism. It doesn't mean to ignore the facts and truth of life with optimism, but, it is seeing a ray of hope in darkness of life. With hope, positivity comes and it gives meaning to life and negativity vanishes.
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@Katewardleeds @DrSueP1 @Jamesparksie we were talking about this kind of optimism today in relation to suicide prevention in Yorkshire @PAPYRUS_tweets
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... puedes ser optimista ? ... al menos francisco declaró una vez y tiene miedo de volver a declarar para cerrar todas las fabricas de armas ... te animas a declarar en una conferencia abierta de prensa, en todo medio ... eso puede ser que uno sea optimista, gracias. pic.twitter.com/HRKdlo04U1
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Sometimes I find it difficult To be optimistic about some of the things that we cannot change in our political world. It seems as though our system of checks and balances is outdated and ineffective because now we have people who just ignore the laws and bypass ethical behavior.
Who gives a shit what you think
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It’s draining when it’s constant 24/7 365 evil and damaging innocent people’s lives bodies homes careers relationships family children friends neighbours.


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In reply to @DalaiLama
A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor! 😎
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My thoughts exactly
Go Dalai we’re Jedward man
Can't even bake a cake without some belief it will be eatable
Or get in the car without certainty of reaching destination
#Optimism is necessary for success of every venture
As natural as breathing and basis of all possibility
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He's always right. He really should be the leader of the world.
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sometimes happiness is not the absence of obstacles. thank you Dalai Lama!
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If you are a good person: -RT to give me strength -LIKE to give me support In this judicial battle, which is likely to be a long one. @DalaiLama #yoda #spirit #Strength #Spirituality #Tibet #Fight
Absolutely love this!
Mucha gente tiene que entender esto!!!
Find a way to reframe your situation and focus on the positive. Too often, our conversations are overly focused on the problems and we make the good the enemy of the perfect. Life is a beautiful struggle. Enjoy the beauty, endure the struggle. #BeGreat #MondayMotivation
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Thank you for your wisdom!👏
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its good to lol at life 😍😍😍😍😍its to short pic.twitter.com/Y0eupSvGTJ
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It means drawing on your experience to gather strength to focus on the things that the next generation needs to learn, and provide that for them. Leaving yourself out of it (because your own needs can be too time consuming!)
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The Optimist knows the glass is half-full, the Realist, not to drop it.

No excuses... Trudeau may apologize for you🤷‍♂️

...but how's that been working out for ya?

#canadavotes2019 #CPCMajority
Pessimism allows weak-minded ppl to feel comfort in failure, while optimism gives strength to the mental fortitude needed to push through adversity. 💪🏾〽️💙
Even his Holiness @DalaiLama is asking us to stay curious, positive, and improve our understanding of our current problems. @Design4AHS a good support for week 2 of #VirtualHealth + #DesignCareSchool #GrowthMindset
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