Dr. Anthony Fauci: “We are in the escalating phase of a very serious pandemic. That is a fact. We have got to realize that and to prepare and respond. The coronavirus is NOT under control.”

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As I’ve warned for 6 weeks, #coronavirus cases are exploding. Instead of preparing, @realDonaldTrump downplayed the seriousness of the #CoronavirusPandemic, and totally bungled #COVID19 testing.

And we *still* haven’t locked down.

In a #pandemic, INACTION = more people DIE.🤬
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7 deaths in Georgia between Noon and 7 p.m. So that's one death per hour. And this is okay? Why are we not on lockdown here and around the United States? People are moving all over the place. It is like trying to control the wind. #COVID19 ajc.com/news/breaking-…
This is WHY we need #DoctorsOnlyPressConferences

We need #DoctorsOnlyPressConferences where they don’t say dumb things like “We’ll have packed churches on Easter” #DrFauci #FactsMatter #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
Allow me to translate: "I wish the repugnant Moron-in-Chief would just shut the hell up."
These wonderful hard-working..dedicated
healthcare workers and service providers NEED YOU TO STAY HOME..!!
Shelter in Place..
#SaveLives pic.twitter.com/LgzuAzK40r
We listen to Dr. Fauci. Fox watchers listen to Trump. The health expert relies on science. The president* relies on lies.
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He's going to be fired, but hopefully a Blue State Gov will hire him to keep telling the straight dope.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
did he have an opportunity to mention that to the dumpster? pic.twitter.com/1KYhm6VFJE
Stay safe everyone, stay vigilant, stay home, and most important of all don’t take medical advice from an Orange Cheeto! #NDLB2020 #RuralDems
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I'm thankful that Dr Fauci is still there. I was worried he'd be let go. #COVID19
Can someone please tell trump that?!?
Maybe it is not a good time to relax efforts to #FlattenTheCurve while the curve is arching upward.
It is completely irresponsible and reckless for any government official to even suggest we should completely reopen for business before Easter.

Thankfully, we have amazing experts, scientists, and medical professionals like Dr. Fauci to help counter the dangerous lies.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Fauci is a hero not just for America but the world.
“...NOT under control.”
Dr. Fauci is saying STAY HOME, it's only just beginning. #Coronavirustruth
In reply to @joncoopertweets
And with that, Fauci was no more.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
I was wondering why the White House doesn't have someone repeating in sign language what Trump is saying so the deaf can know what is being said. Apparently Dumpy has a deepn fear of those who use sign language. Sort of like some people fear clowns.
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This explains why he's not at #TrumpPlague press conferences. Fauci shaking his head no, or rolling his eyes behind Trump was the best part of my quarantine day.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Can Dr Fauci tell the President that, please? He raises our cortisol daily.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
is not under control either, and that’s the big problem. He’s going to get us all sick!
Dr Fauci has spoken. Do not break quarantine. Stay home. Stay the course.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
San Antonio just published metro health numbers. So far only 498 tests have been run..84 confirmed cases. Considering the population of the county which includes the city that's not enough testing.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Meanwhile, Donald Trump is happy with the situation and congratulating himself on a job well done. Appalling and deplorable.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Has anyone actually seen a test being performed or had a test performed? I am seriously questioning if there are ANY tests available
Heed #DrFauci &his words. He’s THE authority on #COVID19 in the whole Coronavirus Task Force

Given his experience &life’s work, mile-long credentials in the field of infectious diseases, &his crucial role during Ebola & Zika &other health crises, HE is the only 1 we should trust
And cue Donald firing him, or us never hearing from him again
In reply to @joncoopertweets
So, no victory rallies for Donnie any time soon?
In reply to @joncoopertweets
This almost sounds like Dr. Fauci's final words of warning as he's dragged away by Trump's sycophants, never to be seen again.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
The POTUS, his administration, the GOP, Fox propaganda network and his enablers are responsible for every #Covid_19 deaths in America. #NotDyingForWallStreet #BailOutThePeople #WhereAreTheTests #WhereAreTheMasks #VentilatorShortage #TrumpMassMurderer #Resist #Biden2020
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Thank you, Dr. Fauci, for respecting us enough to tell us the truth.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
The Pandemic is escalating, so Trump wants everyone to go to work and to church on Easter . pic.twitter.com/l1l8xSU1Th
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Thank you Dr. Fauci for your honesty.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr. Fauci should tell @realDonaldTrump that- Trump seems to think the #CoronavirusLockdown is a direct assault on his election campaign. Trump is a moron saying it & won’t listen to the doctors or scientists- we have to trust that our governors will do the right thing #StayHome
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Fauci is going catch Hell for that. Telling the truth is not admired in thos Trump Regime.
“Escalating phase”

{that seems consistent with everything sensible I’ve read. We’re not near the end of anything, as some would have it}
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr Fauci is a no nonsense Brooklyn guy. He will not let Trump silence him and probably will be fired for it but he is 79 years old, has plenty of money and wants what is best for people. He will tell Trump to go pound it
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Infectious disease at Emory University Hospital is stating the same thing. No one should be going back to work in April! Trump is not a doctor. PEOPLE ARE DYING DAILY! AND PPL WILL BE WALKING AROUND WITH COVID19 NOT KNOWING THEY HAVE IT!
We need a virus Czar who can make decisions based on science not an ignorant reality TV star who only cares about winning re-election.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, é o Mandetta dos USA. Porém, diferente do que aconteceu no Brasil hoje, se manteve fiel a ciência e suas convicções.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr. Fauci, Trump will not listen, more will die.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
But, but.... what about Easter?!!
Truth among so many lies.
What say you @realDonaldTrump ?
What say you @Surgeon_General ?
What say you @CDCDirector ?
What say you @GOP and @senateGOP ?
What say you 'czar' @VP ?
What say you all Governors who're asking people to go to work or eat at restaurants ?
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr. Anthony Fauci on letting HIV Positive people die: pic.twitter.com/h762QlHoYv
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Glad Fauci is still speaking out. 😀👍💕
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr. Faucis voice of reason is a sharp contrast to trumps ineptitude.
How is going to convince trump of this before Easter?
In reply to @joncoopertweets
That might get him fired and Dr Gorka will take over
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Thanks for sharing information we can actually trust.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Can you please explain that to the toddler next to you !!!
Anyone starting a pool on when and how he'll be fired?
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Trump and cohorts intention is not to activate The DPA. Let's stop pretending because the thought of this inaction as intentional is to much. Face it I have. Delay in notification about virus, Lies. It was here in Jan. No tests available, no PPE, and let it spread. INTENTIONAL!
#Trump iki haftaya ülkeyi normale döndürmekten bahsederken bilim insanı Dr. Fauci %180 tersini söylüyor.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
This is frightening. We’re on an upward trajectory.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Dr. Faucci is in the right track, Trump is lost completely lost.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
My most cautious estimate for dead by easter is 20 thousand. It could be hundreds of thousands.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Thank God for Dr. Fauci. It must be VERY difficult for him.
Hey @GOP the real doctor says the pandemic is out of control.
All of you Republicans who were selling stocks instead of informing the American people in January what do you have to say about that?
Every Republican up for re-election should be terrified of losing in November.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
What is he talking about? Trump said it was under control four weeks ago. Science versus clown, science wins every time.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
I wish he would make a Facebook account #Fauci
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Did Dr Fauci say that in front of Trump? Glad he is being honest.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Trajectory worse than Italy with current measures. pic.twitter.com/bfWqtexGFD
Trump won't be able to use hush money to stop the bad news.
Trump is a TV conman. He has lied about Covid19 as he does everything. His lies and ignorance have already condemned the lives of many. That will include those who mistakenly think he’s doing a “good job”! ???? Wake Up
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Guessing dr Fauci will not be at tomorrow's trump rally
In reply to @joncoopertweets
But Trump said I'd be eating crappy hollow chocolate bunnies without a care in the world...
In reply to @joncoopertweets
The countdown to his firing can start...now.
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Fauci getting fired in three.....two........
And we will *not* be back by Easter. I’m thankful for Dr. Fauci’s voice of reason in the midst of Washington’s political clamor.
Trump is going to fire him
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Someone needs to adjust the strings under Donnie Boy shirt so his mouth doesn’t open any longer
In reply to @joncoopertweets
The Coronavirus is NOT under control. Dr Anthony Fauci
If you take one thing to heart today. This should be it
In reply to @joncoopertweets
Our state is on lockdown and I'm being forces to go into work. I see many companies are doing the same thing.
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