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To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers, NOT immigrants w/ tax IDs (ITINs).

Thanks to GOP, these checks will be cut off the backs of *taxpaying immigrants,* who get nothing. Many are essential workers who pay more taxes than Amazon.

Wall St gets $4T

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In reply to @AOC
What Trump + Senate GOP have done is hold hospitals, working people, and the vulnerable hostage so they could get in $500 billion (that will be leveraged into $4T) in corporate welfare. Without the Wall St giveaway, GOP refuses to fund hospitals & unemployment. It’s inhumane.
In reply to @AOC
Only American citizens should be getting checks. Thank you to Republicans for putting Americans first.
In reply to @AOC
Why don’t you donate your huge check? Oh forgot - you just like to give away other people’s money.
In reply to @AOC
if you cut down on tweeting and actually advocate and legislate, maybe you wouldnt have as many complaints instead, you read bills and get right on twitter to complain your constituents deserve a lawmaker, not a social media influencer
In reply to @AOC
Immigrants shouldn’t be receiving any of the money! It’s for Americans!
In reply to @AOC
You’re absolutely right. They are being treated horribly and should all immediately return to their nations of origin.
In reply to @AOC
To clarify illegal immigrants should not get state support as they shouldn't even be in the country let alone taking money from it. Also to clarify @AOC hates America.
In reply to @AOC
Tax paying immigrants = illegals Time for them to go home! There’s no jobs here for them! Time to put Americans first!! pic.twitter.com/nNu8hQIstW
Hey moron! @aoc they don’t have a Social Security number because they are hear Illegally!
In reply to @AOC
Most people don't even know that undocumented immigrants pay billions into social security. twitter.com/TheLoveBel0w/s…
In reply to @AOC
Let me clarify this @AOC SHUT UP!
In reply to @AOC
How do these people “pay taxes” if they have no SSN?
In reply to @AOC
Maybe you can share the raise you voted for yourself.
If you are here in the United States of AMERICA??? And you are here ILLEGALLY???



#AmericaFirst NOT illegals!
In reply to @AOC
In reply to @AOC
You work for American citizens. Not illegals.
In reply to @AOC
Only American citizens should be getting checks. Thank you Mr President @realDonaldTrump for putting American citizens first.
In reply to @AOC
Then help the people! YOU JUST GAVE YOURSLEVES A $25 MILLION RAISE! And you have the nerve to say we didn’t do enough for the people. GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE PEOPLE. WALK THE WALK TALK THE TALK
We should send all the illegals a letter telling them where to pick up their free checks and then arrest and deport them when they arrive.

Who's with me!!!!
In reply to @AOC
Americans first- why dont you get that 🙄
A reminder for all that undoc immigrants pay nearly $12 billion in local and state taxes annually and have contributed $100 billion to the Social Security Fund over a decade, money they'll never see back unless they're able to adjust their status.
In reply to @AOC
The illegal alien construction worker, working under the table and denying a job to a green card holding immigrant, has never paid a dime of federal tax and uses an ITIN to rip off all taxpayers, including legal immigrants, every single year for billions and drives down wages.
In reply to @AOC
No stimulus dollars for foreigners.
So I'M WRONG because the squatters that broke into my house, didn't get anything for Christmas?!? 😠

In reply to @AOC
To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to citizens, NOT invaders Thanks to GOP, these checks will pale in comparison to the $39,000 raise @HouseDemocrats gave themselves. Math is hard for @AOC because the relief package was for $2T but she claims Wall St gets $4T
Is she not the most shameless Millenial you ever witnessed open their corn dog holder?
Why on EARTH would this be a concern to SENSIBLE people?
In reply to @AOC

Illegal Aliens.

Illegal Immigrants.

Undocumented Immigrants.

“Taxpaying immigrants.”
AOC, to clarify, we want to make sure that Legal US Americans are going to receive this relief funding. We do not want illegal non-citizens stealing OUR money. I hope this clarifies the situation. Signed, The American People.
In reply to @AOC
Hey, dingbat, illegal aliens should not be getting any of this, just as they should not be ripping off the taxpayer, as they do every year with the child credit, to the tune of billions. A true taxpaying immigrant would have a green card and a valid SS number.
In reply to @AOC
Hey barkeep....If ILLEGALS actually became citizens they would have socials too, but they would rather live off of our dime. Why don’t you mix them a mojito. Maybe they will feel better.
In reply to @AOC
Me hearing only US Citizens get US tax dollars! pic.twitter.com/xrUdZV8ZCa
In reply to @AOC
Whatever you want to call them they are not Americans. If I am working in another country and they get a stimulus, it doesn’t mean they cut me a check for living there and working there.
In reply to @AOC
Well no 💩Sherlock
Only tax paying citizens get the money.
In reply to @AOC
The only thing illegals should get from our government is a deportation and a bill for the cost of removing them.
AOC wants your money to go to non-Americans. No thanks
Be quiet! You are a prop nothing more! Illegals don’t come before our LEGAL CITIZENS! #MakeAOCaBartenderAgain
In reply to @AOC
You can’t file taxes with ITINs. No where on the tax forms does it ask for those numbers, there’s only space for social security number. Someone is lying 🤥
In reply to @AOC
GREAT NEWS! The GOP has 96 Senators now!
This does seem like a decent time to point out another thing about green cards that most Americans seem to be completely ignorant of, for the first 10 years you have a green card you are ineligible to collect money from any kind of social assistance program, like unemployment.
In reply to @AOC
I notice you have no objections to your pay raise!
In reply to @AOC
Comrade Cortez praise is in order. Praises to you for running nasty Amazon out of town. That darn company just had to come to my town with 3000 high paying jobs!! Thanks for spreading that wealth Comrade Cortez!! All hail supreme leader Cortez!! Blahahahahah pic.twitter.com/AgREzcsKPO
In reply to @AOC
I guess you missed the entire point of this "stimulus". It's to help American citizens & companies, not immigrants & foreign corporations. If they want help, then let then go home for it......
In reply to @AOC
... Wall Street gets $4T, tax paying immigrants get the shaft, and $1200 may not even cover the cost of burying grandma. Congratulations America.
In reply to @AOC
I guess that means they need to become legal citizens if they want the same benefits as citizens get here in the US
In reply to @AOC
Tell them the Kennedy Center took their portion.
In reply to @AOC
Gee, illegals not gonna get a check.
Your city has a hospital having to put patients who have died from the coronavirus in the back of refrigerated trucks because they've run out of space and you're trying to convince the American people they are getting relief checks off the backs of illegal immigrants? WOW
Any word I want to use to describe this imbecile will get me banned.
Oxymoron...Immigrants are legal citizens!! It’s the Illegal Aliens you are speaking of!! Just so ya know..they claim like 20 exemptions and never file for their taxes, ya know..cause they are Illegal!!!!! Go make Mama a drink, sit down and STFU!!!
Americans have been told that the stimulus package is 2 Trillion how is it that Wall Street is getting 4 Trillion?

What am I missing? Did Democrats sneak more pork? 🐖

#FactsMatter pic.twitter.com/QKYKrTzNVv
In reply to @AOC
To clarify, you should have never left bartending or miss your teeth cleaning appointments with your veterinarian pic.twitter.com/c2S0jWFWdG
Bernie style math at its finest...
How can Wall Street get 4 trillion dollars when the whole stimulus package is 2 trillion dollars??🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
You need to stop spreading false narratives when actually REAL American citizens lives are at risk
There you go y’all! Look where @AOC focus is...poor immigrants get no $1,200 check. Take them all into your home @AOC...better yet, give them your salary!!! Girl bye!!!!!
In reply to @AOC
Dont pass the bill. This is insufficient and highly weighted against the interests of normal citizens. Just look at the other less wealthy countries treatment of its citizens. We should have strength to wait for a proper bill. pic.twitter.com/wxS5HYhw7r
So our infamous Washington bartender is upset that only people with Social Security numbers are getting relief checks...
Arguably, some could view this as more. #Winning #AmericaFirst
In reply to @AOC
Maybe they should go to where they came from and ask for a check....???
It's not really surprising that Apparatchik @AOC reduces people to tax-providers!

Being American is so much more than that!

We don't lie like you do!

Immigrants will get the check! But not illegal ones!

In reply to @AOC
Yes... if you are illegal you are not a citizen of this country and shouldn’t be here. The end
In reply to @AOC
First, 1,200 is less than one month's expenses. it is not enough. Workers need MONTHY checks until the crisis is over. Second, Democrats have done a poor job messaging the incompetence of Trump and the corruption in the Relief Bill that bails out corporations.
In reply to @AOC
So big corporations who get tax breaks are getting Trillions and immigrants who pay taxes get nothing....yeah that seems "right." Establishment Dems seem unwilling (or worse unable) to stand up to the GOP.
In reply to @AOC
fine... But what about the provision that Congress is getting a raise in this bill that is just for the "workers."
In reply to @AOC
These "tax paying" immigrants are using IRS loopholes to get thousands of dollars back in taxes. So Dont act like their are victims.
What, the American coronavirus checks are only going to American citizens?

The horror
To clarify, you dumb bitch, the $1200 is going to LEGAL immigrants, not ILLEGAL immigrants. If they had come here LEGALLY, those immigrants would get the money. Ergo, it’s their own damn fault they’re not getting it.
What about all the free healthcare by showing up at our ER’s??
In reply to @AOC
It's time we replace these "leaders" who don't actually represent us. We need money out of politics. It's the only way to stop legalized corruption that allows a politician to put their donors above their constituents. This pandemic is exposing the rot that's always been there.
In reply to @AOC
Come legally like my wife,she has a ss# and tax ID. Simple as that.
okay, so the bill isn't all that bad
Complaining that illegal immigrants aren't getting paid before American families see a dime

Is the epitome of on brand for the Democrat poster child
In reply to @AOC
Citizens first. What a concept, if this is even true.
Deport them! Let's find out how essential they truly are! Let's teach America a lesson by taking away ALL illegal aliens or as you gently refer to them "immigrants"! We love our immigrants! LEGAL immigrants! NOT illegal immigrants! Get your shit straight, coyote ugly af!
In reply to @AOC
Guess what. As I understand the bill (correct me if I’m wrong) a person that made 100k last yr that is currently unemployed gets nothing. At least once u should try thinking about US citizens 1st. Imagine if you hadn’t driven Amazon out of your district
In reply to @AOC
Have you read the estimates of how many illegals have stolen social security numbers?
In reply to @AOC
Looting our money in the middle of a world crisis unlike we've ever seen.
NUT ALERT!! She thinks she is elected to American Congress to represent citizens from every other country but America!!!
Move back to the middle east!!! #Trump2020
@realdonaldtrump thank you for representing AMERICANS!!!! #TRUMP2020
And I thought Alyssa was a Special kinda Stupid but, you win!😳 so this $1,200 check that some tax payers will receive is produced by illegal immigrants? You musta taken one too many shots when bartending! Geez, get a grip😷 #TAP
In reply to @AOC
“Thanks to GOP”. This passed with 96 votes in senate.
Illegal aliens - far from getting nothing - get free health care, free school w meals, free college in some states, free law enforcement ser. More than a few get to murder US citizens with no repercussions. ALL off the backs of legal US citizens @AOC #Ungrateful
Drew Brees donated to the relief and the majority of Congress makes way more than him how much did they donate..? so start writing checks or shut your mouth

If you have illegal criminals working in your staff start " giving cash" instead of standing with your privileged hand out
You really suck at math... and telling the truth. Mostly telling the truth.

You left out the part in the #CoronaVirusReliefBill that you got a pay raise.

@TheDemocrats don't understand... it's not your money.

You can always donate YOUR SALARY! Gee..our GREAT @POTUS donates his!👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸Hmmm...who’s the stingy one?🤔
This is REALLY the bone she chooses to pick right now? REALLY?!
A reminder that they give zero fs about immigrants. Let's be clear, we pay taxes. Unlike @amazon, @Walmart and all those billionaires, we pay lots of them. I am so angry, disappointed, but not surprised to see this.
Now do the individual taxpayer that makes at least 99,000

Let's discuss what is cut off their backs.
Thank you for the good news , very happy to hear it only goes to AMERICANS.
Stop lying & spreading misinformation.
Your party, The Liberal Communist Democrats in the House have been holding up this Bill for 7 days now. All so you can add all kinds of worthless BS that has nothing to do with the Virus & our economy.

Thank you, @AOC.

Maraming salamat for ALWAYS advocating for immigrant workers.
What about the congressional raise in the #CoronaVirusBill?

How do you feel about the raise for the do nothing Congress @aoc?

40k+ raise versus the people getting a one time payment of $1200.

P.S. Without major corporations(wall st) and small business there would be NO JOBS.
In reply to @AOC
yeah that won't keep people home, this is not the time for their racist xenophobic hatred, whatever they think about immigrants, they can get sick and spread this just as easily as citizens, and that's why they need to have the funds they need to stay at home.
You get a six-figure salary and just got a raise while the majority of American citizens are stuck at home with zero income.

To clarify, you're doing a great job looking out for American citizens dummy. 🙄
In reply to @AOC
So @AOC are you planning on donating your portion of the extorted $25 million the House got for increased salaries off the backs of taxpayers to those " immigrants" ?
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