I am the biggest advocate of adult vaccination, and took the first opportunity I could get to get mRNA, but I am stunned that so many smart people are so eager to embrace EUA for 12 to 15 without closer scrutiny of the data.

There are 7 issues, as I see it

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Great thread. I do *not* understand the rush to vaccinate kids when there is such an incredible need to vaccinate India & older adults in the rest of the world right now. So much of the push to vax kids seems based on the false belief that kids need vaccines to go back to school.
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Thanks Dr. Prasad, but as a concerned parent, I have never felt more powerless. What can we do to stop this? If we even question it, we're made out to be nazis. This is an experimental drug, and they want to pump young children with it, untested. Am I really the crazy one?
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I hope you signed up to testify to ACIP doc. Still a couple hours left if you haven't. www2.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/…
Absolutely agree with this. There are already several examples of herd immunity achieved without vaccinating kids (Israel, UK).
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There will continue to be outbreaks until adults AND children are vaccinated. My kids will get the vaccine ASAP to protect themselves and those around them, and I will recommend my patients do the same.
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My husband and I have both been jabbed but we’re unsure about vaccinating our kids. My gut is telling me to wait.
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I’m stunned anyone under 65 will take part in a dangerous medical trial when it’s not an emd stage disease out of option scenario
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Can you please clarify: what is the risk of vaccinating 12-15 year olds?
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Babies and toddlers are next! Total stupidity.
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Excellent thread!

Reaching herd immunity is not an excuse to vaccinate children when the benefits for them don’t outweighs the risks.

In other words, kids have rights of their own. Shocking to hear this year, I know...
Decent thread from an MD who is pro vaccinations but pushing the covid jab on children is wrong! The Americans seem keen to jab everyone and it won’t be long before Matt Goebbels Hancock and the media propaganda team ups the anti for children getting here!
This is a good thread on kids vaxxes
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Unfortunately, your points made could easily be substituted for influenza vaccine, and yet we absolutely want all Kids vaccinated against flu annually. Sick kids force parents to stay home from work. And Kids’ anxiety is dropping knowing they can get vaccinated themselves.
Fantastic, level-headed thread on the problems with giving kids an experimental vaccine for a disease that doesn’t pose any risk to them.
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Yours is a thoughtful argument which raises good points. I disagree: 1. Yes, it's rare, but teens do catch COVID. 2. Teens will get older, vax now to protect later (like HPV). 3. Relying on adults for herd immunity to lessen risk for teens is also free-riding, also unethical.
A good thread on whether we should vaccinate kids.
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Fan of adult vaccinations where adjuvants are heavy metals at toxic levels? What are your thoughts on this? nature.com/articles/s4159…
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Thank you for speaking up. Please keep fighting especially for those who are being coerced into giving it to their kids when they may already feel uneasy or simply don't want to. So many parents just have no idea how unprecedented, unnecessary and unethical this is.
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Do you have any specific concerns of the mRNA technology in comparison to traditional childhood vaccines?
I'm stunned that anyone these days would sign up to be a guinea pig for Big Pharma
Thank goodness some people are being more nuanced about this topic. How can it be worth the risk with a 99.997% survival rate?! And no long term studies and only 1100 kids in the trial?! Something could be 1 per 1200 kids and not picked up...isn't that too much risk?
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your desperation for clout and popularity is super fucking exhausting man.
A must read. Will I vaccinate my 4.5 yo if offered? Yes. But I also think we should be principled about analyzing the data.
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Do not get the jab or you’ll regret it.
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I agree with your assessment for children, and believe the same logic applies to young healthy adults
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This is why I refuse to take the vaccine. Not because the information I have is alarming. It's because I don't trust the people doing the studies. Personally I would like many more independent reviews of what is actually in the vaccine. They've proven they aren't trustworthy.
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Check out this thread and I’ll give you a couple more articles. Band together with other parents to fight back.
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I guess it’s the same people who thought “Hammer & Dance” is a brilliant idea? It’s hard to admit that you been wrong so you keep the panic going for a bit longer? There will be immunity and we will have our fifth endemic coronavirus. As I (as an amateur) get it.
Not enough adults are getting vaxxed. No matter... just look at all these kids!
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So if you’re 18 years old you support getting a SarsCoV2 vaccine every year for the rest of your life? Life expectancy will go down by at least 10 years. Coronaviruses are going to be here longer then we will.
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@CMOH_Alberta @jkenney people are dying in India, older people in Canada need a second dose why would you vaccinate 12-18 without others health issues. One more dumb choice in a string of hundreds
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To defeat an enemy you need to SEEEEE that enemy! And not fight a faux battle battle, constructed by that enemy, against your fellow slaves for faux representation in a evil system run by your real enemy! hiphopchrissie.com/post/the-guide…
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This thread is worth the read.
In reply to @VPrasadMDMPH
You sure have a lot to say. I’m on the wait and see list.
In reply to @JoshGeballe
This is a must-read. Very balanced.
Good thread, via @NicoleSJanelle, raising concerns about the decision to use Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to vaccinate individuals < 16. 👇
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Es lohnt sich dazu mal die Ausführung von Prasad zu lesen. Chance Risiko ist noch nicht geklärt.
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So have you studied the vaccine & whats in it ?
Important thread here 👇👇👇 All these points merit discussion & will become even more uncertain as the child vaccination push continues lower down the age/risk spectrum.
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You will answer for what you advertised
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Why would you vaccinate kids in age graduated disease - and they do not get it... Risk benefit ratio tells us NO.
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Thanks for writing your BMJ article. It really explained the difference between an EUA and BLA quite nicely. You were honest and straightforward about how covid harmed kids. All the references were really helpful.
🚨 Read the entire thread!
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It doesn't do much to help the kid because they weren't at risk anyways but it does increase the % of the population with immunity ( or close to it). If a significant percentage of teenagers get vaccinated then you limit the number of cases in the community and the fear ends.
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"I am the biggest advocate of adult vaccination", really?!
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I appreciate ur views, would really like to see a discussion w/ @PeterHotez on this very specific topic! I don't have numbers off top of head, but at some point it's more than just stats. Is part of the issue based on (biased) *definition* of "serious" complications from COVID?
Very important thread to consider
This! We will NOT forget.
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Interesting thread Important issues raised twitter.com/vprasadmdmph/s…
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Key word being emergency use, what emergency is there for this age group?
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Why are you stunned? Follow the money!
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Covid 19 is a cold / flu. The medical industry had known since the 1960's vaccines cause auto immune disease. Your immune system needs virus exposure to be healthy. Mm arr
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Why didn’t you consider the Absolute Risk Reduction percentage offered by the vaccine?
Fascinating thread, good read for all!
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Covid doesn't appear to be causing an emergency situation for children, so therefore no Emergency Use Authorization.
#imperdible hilo sobre los riesgos de empujar el uso de las vacunas contra el #COVID19 (que a la fecha no han dejado de ser experimentales y sólo autorizadas por emergencia) en niños y adolescentes, para quienes el virus representa un riesgo minúsculo.
Interesting, pertinent, and rational.
Unlike 'politicized covid'
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The EUA is why I'm choosing to hold off on getting mine. I'll wait until there's full approval.
Thank you @VPrasadMDMPH for speaking out and being a voice of reason.
Good thread 👇👇
In reply to @VPrasadMDMPH
In reply to @VPrasadMDMPH
I don't understand on what science proof you did the jab? It's clearly a trap for idiots... 1 kill weak poeple to have a mortality you put on covid 2 jab poeple younger and younger, change the tests... pic.twitter.com/Rd03F0iKJq
Clearly, you do not have a 12-15 year old. Ashish Jha has two. @ashishkjha, please disabuse your @UCSF colleague of his notions. It’s a public disservice if physicians across the country spout conflicting messages. I wish @AmerMedicalAssn would coordinate responsible messaging.
Not stunned. They've been conditioned.

But do check his thread.
In reply to @RolandDesdenova
But at least I’m not a sheep.
In reply to @VPrasadMDMPH
Do you see these same concerns with 16&17 year olds? Surprised how quietly that age group was included initially.
Interesting thoughts..

What you think @ThorSPL?

#COVID #Vaccine
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