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NBC News: The person of interest was arrested earlier this month and hit with 5 counts, including multiple domestic abuse charges after an incident where he allegedly ran over the mother of his child at the parking lot of a local gas station, charging documents say.
NBC News: Five law enforcement officials say that Darrell Brooks, age 39, from Wisconsin is the individual in custody as a person of interest and is being questioned by law enforcement in connection with the vehicle incident in Waukesha.

Reported w/ @jonathan4ny & Mike Kosnar.

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I often wonder how many of these sorts of awful tragedies could be prevented if we collectively took the awful tragedy of domestic abuse more seriously.
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The Milwaukee County D.A. says prosecutors only requested a $1,000 cash bail for that incident and that the recommendation was "inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks."
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um, this seems like attempted murder, not merely "domestic abuse". good job, justice system.
Example infinity of the USA not treating allegations of domestic abuse as the violent crime it deserves to be treated like.
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Oh domestic abuse charges no wonder he was out of jail . JFC
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So beating up a woman and trying to kill her isn鈥檛 means for keeping him jailed? No wonder so many domestic abuse cases end up in death of woman
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If you are active in the gun violence prevention movement, this story of domestic violence as a precursor to even greater violence is very familiar. @MomsDemand
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Maybe this is a wake up call for America. Domestic violence really is everybody's problem. LISTEN to the victims. When someone tells you that a spouse/ex/parent is dangerous, violent & homicidal, BELIEVE THEM. Don't let them out on bail if they're trying to kill people!!!!!!!
Letting this guy go free failed the Waukesha community. A tragedy that didn鈥檛 have to happen.
Domestic violence is so often the precursor to acts of mass violence.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
What does it take to get domestic abuse charges taken seriously!? These people ESCALATE.
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What in the hell? So the slap on the wrist with no restrictions allowed him to be available for even more horrific behavior! 馃檮
The Waukesha suspect was out on bail, after hitting his kid鈥檚 mother with a car.

Prosecutors had only asked for $1000 bail after that.

He was reportedly fleeing the scene of another domestic dispute when he drove into the parade.
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Allegedly ran over the mother of his child at the parking lot of a local gas station
In reply to @Tom_Winter
But if the woman would have killed him, she would have been jailed. He runs her over and is out with a 1k bail? Our justice system is so unfair. Thank you for your reporting.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
America, where the prisons are full of people who had a bag of weed but violent offenders roam free.
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He 鈥淩AN OVER THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD鈥 but NOT in jail. Domestic Violence must be No Big Deal in WI
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In reply to @leahmcelrath
The person of interest arrested in Waukesha allegedly ran over the mother of his child in one domestic violence incident. Two of the groups he allegedly drove through and ran over in the parade were all-female: the Dancing Grannies and the Extreme Dancers.
What kind of privilege we calling this? Dude has an arrest record like a m*ther f*cker and he always got bail and now 5 people are dead? Insanity
In reply to @Lexual__
Thinking about this video as it was revealed that the man who drove through the Wisconsin parade recently posted bail for DV against (likely) his black ex and the patterns of violence
In reply to @Tom_Winter
He uses his car, a deadly weapon, to RUN SOMEONE OVER, and he gets bail so he is able to run more people over again?
ALL: Last night #Waukesha is heartbreaking. I couldn't stop fighting lies POURING in from chaos accts til 3 a.m.馃檹馃挋PLEASE POST & SUPPORT victims, as this was done by a CRIMINAL, NOT by #BLM. Don't engage w liars馃毇馃憞馃徑馃憞馃徔
In reply to @Tom_Winter
This country's mental health problem is so apparent.
WTF? Take a look at this. The guy driving the vehicle that drove through the parade has been exhibiting destructive behavior. Damn. Wrist-slaps have consequences, deadly ones, even. 馃檮
Wait, he ran over the mother of his child? He ran over a woman and he was allowed to go free?
This guy should never have been on the street.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Follow the line: begins with domestic violence >-->car as weapon of choice>--<low bail means slap on wrist- its ok>-->angry at wider audience in parade>--->weapon of choice available>-->ok last time>-->mass casualty event. Domestic violence damages communities. It Is Preventable
I hope the judge who released him on $1,000 bail is held accountable.
The shock of the incident itself, the pain to read how many children in the ICU, some critical, and now the enraging yet predictable revelation of yet another domestic abuser held too weakly accountable behind it all.
Um, excuse me? He ran his baby mama over and was released on $1000 bail?
This country has a real problem with NOT locking up dangerous criminals who need to stay in jail, but keeping non-violent ones in prison.
domestic abuse is the 鈥済ateway drug鈥 to the 鈥渉ard drugs,鈥 ie crimes like murder and rape. Needs to be treated as such by law enforcement/justice system.

Good people don鈥檛 abuse the people they love. If we punished DV like drug offenders in the 90s, we鈥檇 live in a better world.
Exhibit # infinity in America treating violence against women as "minor" and then wondering why the abuser was allowed on the streets.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Yet another incident of a violent man abusing and attempting to kill a woman and being treated with leniency by the justice system. In this case, the consequence killed more than just the woman. Are we ever going to learn or care in this country?
Ran over the mother of his child and was let out on bail. I guess the courts thought it was self defense!
And yet he was not in jail.
So he鈥檇 already run somebody over (the mother of his child, no less!) and was let out of jail so he could then run vastly more people over?
Part of assessing bail should be a psych evaluation. Clearly this man has a thing for hitting people with his car that warranted detainment.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Defund the police and empty the jails! That is what we want, right?
Keep excusing domestic abuse. It stops being domestic and turns on the public.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Our "justice" system is a pathetic joke. Vicious criminals like this are let free time after time-while we spend untold dollars accusing and trying an innocent child for defending his life against a mob of vicious attackers.
Sadly, I would have been surprised if they hadn't had some history of domestic abuse. That seems to be a common launching point into horrific attacks like this.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Why was he not still in jail if he ran someone over, intentionally, in a gas station?
Is someone going to tell me why he charged the parade? Prior violence and "not a terror attack" is not an answer to this question.
Why was this asshole out walking free?
How was he on the streets? Jeez鈥
I don鈥檛 know if I can think of a mass murder event that wasn鈥檛 preceded by the person have a history of violence against women.
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NOTE: This is NO WAY representing any race or political party & not related to Rittenhouse verdict He was likely fleeing knife incident, CAREER CRIMINAL & NO ONE sane supports. The action of 1 is NOT representative of AMERICA馃檹馃槩 #StopTheViolence tinyurl.com/47xrpy3u
Gee, if they would domestic abuse a bit more seriously.
Violence against women, over and over.
In reply to @Tom_Winter
His defense may very well he was acting in self-defense
You know who else was convicted for abusing the mother of his children?
If his bond had been higher for domestic assault he likely wouldn't have been out to commit more crimes. Violent crimes deserve high bonds.
It鈥檚 almost as if he shouldn鈥檛 have been granted bail鈥..
There is so often a history of domestic abuse. It should be a much bigger red flag.
In reply to @fredwalton216
2) FT - The Milwaukee County D.A. says prosecutors only requested a $1,000 cash bail for that incident and that the recommendation was "inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks."
In reply to @Tom_Winter
Ah ok, so this fuckwit should have been in jail and this tragedy would never have happened鈥.ok.
In reply to @HomeMoviesLines
He ran over the mother of his own child earlier this month.
This man RAN OVER HIS SPOUSE and was released on bail?!!
Throw this guy off the planet. He ran over his girlfriend previously. This POS knew exactly what he was doing.
Re-Fund the Police! As in, expand all resources for handling domestic violence. Change up training. Hire all the psych majors who have interest in this area and are underemployed. Expand Education funding. More resource teams for our children. Expand all funding for CPS鈥檚. 馃挏
Pretty cool that he was out on bail
So he has had practice running over people. How was he out on bail? TBC
Domestic abuser gets out after running the mother of his child over? Why?
Imagine having to claim earlier today that the guy was fleeing and then having to tell people now that he鈥檇 TRIED TO RUN SOMEONE OVER BEFORE!
So he was out on bail from running someone over with his car?!?
In reply to @Tom_Winter
And the media and demonicrat politicians are DEFENDING this guy. Jacob Blake. Cops called by the woman with the restraining order against him for sexually assaulting her, and had a knife. Rosenbaum,molested 5 little boys. They鈥檙e defending him when he was attacking someone.
Since he has a history of spousal violence @LeaderMcConnell @SenateGOP should recruit him. He鈥檒l fit right in with @seanparnell @HerschelWalker @EricGreitens exemplifying the @GOP value of #misogyny and celebrating men who abuse women
Can someone explain to me why allegedly attempting to run someone over with a vehicle only gets a domestic abuse charge?

Can someone also please explain to me why prosecutors requested only $1k bail for this person?
We need to have a serious discussion about #Bail, and a legal system filled with non-violent offenders that can't seem to keep dangerous people off the streets.
We, as a people, need to take domestic abuse more seriously.

It's an incredibly visible marker of future crime. I've been mad before, seeing red-mad, but the extent of the physicality has been to smack my dog on the butt with a newspaper.

*Extreme violence is not normal.*
In reply to @Tom_Winter
At minimum, take away his license!
$1000 Bail in Wisconsin...... There is a severe judicial problem there. THIS needs to be investigated......
In reply to @DaveJLester
Here is further reporting on past crimes. The motive *this* time could be different but appears to be a horrible pattern.
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