We would like to apologise that women are not mentioned in our recent safer sleeping guidance. This was a huge oversight on our part, especially as we are committed as an organisation to ensure that women are never erased from the narrative around pregnancy & birth. @millihill

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In reply to @MidwivesRCM
We have taken it down from our website while we revise and correct this omission.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. Please do not replace women with so-called 'postnatal people'. It is highly offensive to many of us women who have given birth. And others.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
I'm not going to gush and thank you for something as basic as using the word woman in relation to pregnancy and birth. You need to give a lot of thought to how your relationship with stonewall is blinding you to reality.
It really, really is worth complaining whenever women are erased. Well done @millihill , well done others
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Really glad to see this. Now will you please dissociate from Stonewall and other orgs who are actively campaigning to remove women's sex based rights, as well as words "woman" and "mother" from healthcare and policy?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
I find it bizarre that we have reached the point that I am so relieved that the RCM is prepared to use the word woman in relation to pregnancy and childbirth but here we are. Thank you for listening to women who do not wish our words to be erased. Well done @millihill.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you ♥️ Women are not an abstract concept to be redefined or erased at will. Deconstructing us in language insults our intelligence and dignity. We will never accept it
Really impressed that the RCM have apologised here and are addressing this thoughtfully. Thank you @midwivesRCM for listening to women, you will have just gone up in many many people's estimation, including mine.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
It is utterly bizarre that the Royal College of MIDWIVES would leave out the words woman and women when talking about anything they do. It's good you've done this but deeply troubling that you ever allowed such institutional capture by misogyny to allow this to happen at all.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Women must in their daily lives be vigilant against so many threats due to the reality of their biology. That burden is now magnified by the threat of linguistic and institutional erasure, and it is both tragic and suspicious that in this they must be vigilant even against you.
Thank you to @millihill for challenging the removal of sexed language in this important health messaging. Thank you to @MidwivesRCM for your apology and correction.
I recently spoke of the danger this poses with @RosieDuffield1 @TheFamousArtBR @TwisterFilm @JackieDP
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
The @sciencemuseum could learn a lot from you. Erasing sex = erasing women's sex-based rights.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Well done. Stating established fact is just factual, it's not hatred
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you for listening. I do have to say though, that to write this policy without using words for women and mothers must have taken a great deal of effort, I’m not sure it can be excused as an oversight. But thank you, we look forward to seeing the revised version. 🙏
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
How can you *possibly* write about pregnancy and birth *without* mentioning "women"?? That's deliberate, not an "oversight"(!)
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. It’s quite astonishing that not having woman in this piece was an oversight though …
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
"This was a huge oversight on our part" - can you confirm that it was just an oversight? It strikes me that it would take considerable effort (and linguistic acrobatics) to not mention women in such a document. Was it written with Stonewall's Index in mind?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
On behalf of all of us at With Woman thank you RCM for your understanding of the need for clear safe postnatal advice. In the postnatal period particularly gender neutral language is unclear and confusing and can lead to unsafe practice. #SexMatters #WeAreWithWoman
Well that's cleared that up, then...

You'd think the Royal College of Midwives would be the last organisation in the world to not know what a woman is...
Great response. ‘We got it wrong, sorry.’ Quite simple really.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
“Oversight”, nah. Virtue signalling to a woke agenda? Yes.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you - and are you investigating how this huge oversight occurred?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. But how women were not included in the first place needs to be investigated.
Not possible to make this up...
What is happening?! This is a really good apology, we need to keep pushing back on things like this where people think they’re doing the “kind” thing to completely change language around real topics like giving birth to be “inclusive” without even thinking about what that means.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. Having a name for women is important. We are too often overlooked and can not lose our ability to communicate about ourselves and our distinct needs and experiences.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Really please to see this. Thank you for all you do to support women, especially under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. 😊
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
How can it POSSIBLY be an “oversight”? This is nonsense. Accept what you did and why. #disingenuous
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. Please read this by @WeAreWithWoman “Midwives want to be ‘with woman’ and women want us with them.” womansplaceuk.org/2021/11/28/mar…
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. Without women, there can be no pregnancies or births. Without women, the term “midwife” itself is meaningless.
Thank you @MidwivesRCM for this.

And an especially big thank you to @millihill for having the resilience and courage to keep standing up for women.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Oversight? Oh my days the very org that assists so many women just misplaced the word women? I don't know who the creator of the document was nor indeed who allowed it past expecting but this is dire
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Better had this not happened, but thank you for realising and correcting the mistake.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you - but I feel so sad that we are having to thank you for including the word woman.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you and appreciate you listening to feedback. If women are erased from pregnancy and birth then we are really in trouble.
Well done @millihill and thank you to the RCM for recognising how damaging the erasure of women is and discussing it openly here.
It's quite difficult to erase women from the narrative around pregnancy and birth. It takes a really big #Stonewall effort to do so. This is a good straightforward apology though.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
How can midwives forget to mention women? Aren't they all about women?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you, but erasing women should never have happened in the first place. How many people had sight of the guidance prior to it being published? Shameful.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. As someone who has given birth on numerous occasions, I prefer to be called woman or mother. I have no objection to additional terms being used for people who can bear young who don’t want to be called these, but that’s all I want to be called. Thank you
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
well done. But may I gently ask why this was done in there first pace?
Things that shouldn't need to be said...👇
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
That’s fantastic....quick action, and an understanding that this was a real error. Thank you.
El Colegio Oficial de Matronas de UK se disculpa por la publicación de una guía en la que no se utilizó la palabra "mujer", procediendo a su retirada y mostrando su compromiso para que "las mujeres nunca sean borradas de las narrativas referidas al embarazo y el parto" BRAVO!👏👏
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. I've rarely felt more vulnerable than in connection with pregnancy/childbirth (miscarriages, difficult labour, birth injury, maternity discrimination) and it's really important to acknowledge that these are women's experiences
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
A huge oversight is a bit of an understatement. It's hard to believe this was accidental.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Yours is a profession crucial to so many women’s lives and that you take women’s views seriously is reassuring. Thank you 🙏🏾
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Oversight? Really? Or actually deliberate move which you're now regretting. There's a difference. rcm.org.uk/supporting/equ… pic.twitter.com/ub6hphK3Uq
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you for saying this🙏 Strange oversight for midwives to have in the first place 🤔 Did you ever have such oversights before in recent years?
Really good to see this. Now will you please dissociate from Stonewall and other orgs who are actively campaigning to remove women's sex based rights, as well as words "woman" and "mother" from healthcare and policy?
In reply to @SalagreNuriaEnS
Menos de una hora más tarde, el sindicato abre un hilo en Twitter para disculparse y para decir que han quitado la guía de su página web para revisar el contenido.
This really shouldn’t be something to celebrate, but it is, and I for one am celebrating such a sensible and clear statement.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Women rely on you at their most vulnerable, erasing us is cruel. Thank you for making the change on safer sleeping, please ensure that women are centred in all of your guidance. Thank you @millihill for standing up to this.
Because who would associate women with pregnancy?
Stonewall reverse its position on "pregnant people" language and the truth emerges. Pitting businesses and charities against each other in a league table is the cause. Thanks @MidwivesRCM.
In reply to @BarristersHorse
As I was saying last night...
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Don’t believe for a minute it was an “oversight”. How disingenuous of you.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
thanks. But are you saying that there are people trying to erase women from the narrative around pregnancy? And if so, who are they? And what can be done, because that is ludicrous and vile.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you! Absolutely the right decision! 👏👏👏 Although I can’t see that calling women ‘post natal people’ can be anything other than a very deliberate choice - it can’t have been ‘a huge oversight’!
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
It’s ridiculous that this happened in the first place but genuine thanks for acknowledging and correcting it.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
It wasn't an oversight. It would be really difficult to write anything about pregnancy without using the word 'women'. It was calculated. But I'm sure that the change is welcomed by all.
Maybe it’s time to part ways with Stonewall and put the sex based rights and needs of women, the people you are supposed to advocate for, first! #SexNotGender
I am glad my Grandmother - a Midwife at Rottenrow and a Community Midwife a la 'Call the Midwife'- is not alive to see this apology

Imagine The RCM having to apologise for not mentioning "Women"

In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Can’t believe I have to say thank you for this, but thank you. I think you should be investigating how this ‘oversight’ occurred.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
A huge oversight? Oversight? Really? You didn’t notice? It was entirely intentional on your part because of the relationship you have with the hate group Stonewall. It’s good that you’ve now withdrawn it, but don’t try to minimise this as an ‘oversight’.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Well done. Never erase women
Thank you @MidwivesRCM. Advice regarding safe sleeping to postnatal mothers is different than for advice for other postnatal people such as fathers and care professionals. Breastfeeding mothers can safely co-sleep. Fathers less so. #SexMatters #WeAreWithWoman
This is what happens when our services are indoctrinated by gender activists rather than experts.
Well done RCoMs for realising the error.
I hope other services & institutions respond accordingly.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
We shouldn’t be thanking them for acknowledging their ‘oversight’ but fuming at their idiocy in the first place. As if the guidance hadn’t been read and approved by numerous people. It was only when women got angry that they realised their ‘mistake’. It’s not good enough.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you. But how could this ever have happened? What dystopian misogyny from a group of (almost exclusively) women who will only ever work with women. Working to erase their own sex.
ood to see but it would be better to know you're re-evaluating your role in educating and organising professionals so deeply involved in crucial stages in the lives of women as pregnancy, birth and post-labour. Do please start by distancing yourselves from Stonewall et al.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Thank you so much for retracting and fixing. It’s really@important to us.
newsflash: WOMEN GIVE BIRTH.
Not all women, but only women.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
I will not thank you until you cut ties with Stonewall and any similar misogynistic, homophobic #GenderWooWoo lobby groups. This is the way to show women can trust you.
Surely the Royal College of Midwives is for ALL genders? What if a man gets pregnant and needs help delivering the babies?

My friend Rupert nearly gave birth once, although it turned out to be indigestion.
RCM erased women from motherhood, women made them see their error, they've apologised, hopefully, now they will leave Stonewall.
It wasn't an oversight thought, was it?
Putting right a wrong that should never have happened in the first place. Without women, the very term “midwife” (“with woman”) is meaningless.
No apology or 3,000+ outrage at misinterpreting the evidence on breastfeeding and SIDS. That's where we are in UK maternity.
It’s absurd that this mistake was ever made. Ridiculous
Excellent. But imagine having to commit to ensure women are not erased from childbirth. How in holy hell did we get here ?
How ridiculous that it ever got to the stage, that the Royal College of Midwives ,removed the word woman from any publications. It’s even more ridiculous that women are thanking them for seeing their error and amending . I absolutely despair at this nonsense! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Oversight? Missing the words ‘woman’ ‘women’ & ‘mother’ in publications intended for women is spectacularly odd given who/what you are & who you exist for.
Have you been Stonewalled by any chance? That’s how words such as ‘women’ came to be ‘missing’ ?
Care to explain?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
The use of the word 'oversight' though ego saving, is completely disingenuous. One would have to work diligently to remove the women from a guidance by and for women.
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Question, how did this oversight come about in the first place?
In reply to @MidwivesRCM
Truly thankful to see this, but saddened that it was an issue to start with. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t an oversight, it was a Stonewallesque intention, and from you, that’s hard. Still. Baby steps.
They neglected to mention women in a post talking about not just any woman, but women who give birth, and dem talk say na oversight.

The penkelemess continues.
"Quisiéramos disculparnos xq en nuestra reciente guía sobre el sueño seguro no se mencionaba a la mujer.
Gran gran descuido x nuestra parte, q estamos comprometidos como organización a garantizar q las mujeres nunca sean borradas d la narrativa sobre embarazo y parto. @millihill"
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