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Today, the Supreme Court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans.

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If only someone had had the power to do something about it pic.twitter.com/GDLUztQwXH
Democrats had a supermajority in the first two years of Obama's presidency (2009-2011) and not once did Obama push to codify Roe
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Our Gov Greg Abbott championed aggressive government regulation of Texas women's reproductive rights. Beto O'Rourke says Texas women should be in charge of those decisions. pic.twitter.com/4AZJtYyTRu
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I speak for everyone when I say Abolish the Supreme Court
back at the ranch, obama not codifying roe as promised on the campaign trail pic.twitter.com/qsBf8wdH6a
Fact check: INFANTICIDE: In Illinois state legislature, Barack Obama voted against bills protecting the lives of babies who survive abortion.
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This is one of the worst days in the history of our country.
They don’t know what’s worse:

The fact that you think killing the unborn child is a “personal decision”

Or that you’re on the side of Black Genocide and Margaret Sanger

You disgust me.

And all decent Americans.
No. You and the Dems could’ve codified Roe many times. Please stop. Full stop. Y’all have blood on your hands too.
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Abortion is not a right. Life is a right & the babies whose hearts were beating have been stripped that right for Decades. Today, the supreme court corrected that wrong. Also, Healthcare is to cure a disease. Baby in a woman's womb is not a disease.
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The right to legal abortion still remains, just at the STATE level, not federal. If you require the service, travel to a state that allows it.
“… and I could have done something about it by appointing Garland without a vote, but I hold decorum as more important than this issue.”
“The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.”

Guess who didn’t sign the Freedom of Choice Act…
Son épocas de retroceso y oscurantismo ultraconservador. Lo mismo puede pasar pronto aquí en 🇵🇪 si no defendemos el derecho a decidir y las libertades individuales, de la interferencia del Estado.
In Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court reversed Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) — 58 years of precedent — and ended Jim Crow racial segregation.
Just a thought: maybe you should have codified Roe Vs Wade on one of the 2,922 days you were president?

I mean you said it was your first day priority.

यह स्त्रीवाद के इतिहास में भयावह दिन है. 50साल पहले लड़कर हासिल किए गए मूलभूत संवैधानिक हक़ को औरतों से छीन लिया गया.

अमरीकी सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने गर्भपात को अनैतिक कहा, कल गर्भ निरोध को ईश्वरीय इच्छा के ख़िलाफ़ बताया जाएगा और औरत का शरीर फिर से चर्च, स्टेट और पितृसत्ता की सम्पत्ति.
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Way to go, man. Not only did you help build this, you also convinced millions of young people who supported you that it was a huge waste of time in the process. Congrats!
In reply to @BarackObama
Today, God won. Only sick people cheer on the death of babies.
Wait until the insurance industry figures out there is no more privacy between you and your doctor. Thanks
In reply to @BarackObama
It didn’t. Stop lying. You know damn well it’s a state issue and the states will now decide. Killing babies is not a constitutional right.
In reply to @BarackObama
VOTE AGAINST EVERY GOP CANDIDATE NO MATTER WHAT. SCOTUS Justices LIED when they were under oath during confirmation hearings. But their mission was always clear. To ensure, protect, and return freedoms, to support character over corruption, make change your mission.
Born in China under the one child policy, I remember the distinct emotional pain felt by my mother because a State imposed decisions on her body & her rights. Today in a free society the rights & dignity of women have been diminished, and it will define us as a generation to act.
WOMEN!!! WOMAN!!! Are you f*%king kidding me @BarackObama?!? Women are the ones affected by this! Who birthed your children? A WOMAN! Who birthed you? A WOMAN! I am ashamed of all of the “leaders” who cannot say such a simple, important word:

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We need an immediate executive order protecting women's rights and access to abortion. This needs to happen TODAY. Congress needs to fix this for the long term. And they need to do it now.
Reminder that Obama ran on codifying Roe in 2008 and then abandoned it almost immediately, calling it “not my highest legislative priority,” and opting, instead, to focus on a bailout for banks. pic.twitter.com/jUKf1ENZwX
This dude speaks just like the guy who skipped over codifying Roe into law so he can bail out Wall Street, drone weddings and pass a pro corporate Republican health care bill.
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Will 🇨🇦Canada offer abortion services to 🇺🇲Americans? “I think this is something that we have to look at seriously…” says Families Minister @karinagould, “…we need to be there for the women 💕of America.”#RoeVsWade pic.twitter.com/9x1e6crb6v
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Why didn't you do anything to prevent this then?
In reply to @BarackObama
Oh, shut up. LIFE just won! HALLELUJAH!! 🙏🇺🇸💖🙏
Hey remember that time when one of the biggest draws to his bid in 2008 was how he would codify Roe v. Wade so this would never happen?

But HEY we already know libs are just gonna say the solution is voting, because we *clearly* did not vote for him!

I Dem USA, che adesso chiedono il voto per fare la legge sull'aborto che non hanno mai fatto quando hanno avuto ampie maggioranze, sono credibili più o meno come il PD quando parla di salario minimo e di diritti dei lavoratori. pic.twitter.com/zrdOgitWXn
Yet protecting the lives of millions more. There is no reason to expect the entire nation to be a part of your baby killing cult.
go make a fucking netflix show where you handglide around iceland with tina fey or some shit and shut the fuck up
In reply to @BarackObama
YOU had ample opportunity to do something about it and did nothing. YOU take YOUR seat.
In reply to @BarackObama
This is so frustrating. Where in the Constitution is the “right” to abortion stated? The right to “health care privacy”? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. But you know what is there plainly? The 10th Amendment. The states should make the decision. That was ALWAYS the law.
How long did it take you to parse this thread so that it didn't say the word WOMAN?
Obama evita decir mujeres en su denuncia de la derogación del derecho al ABORTO.
El supremacismo lingüístico transgenerista es un burka, nos oculta mediante estrategias de lenguaje para no ofender a los hombres que fingen ser mujeres. No respeto pronombres, respeto a las mujeres.
When running for office, Obama pledged that codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law through a Freedom of Choice Act would be his first act as president. He broke that promise, despite having a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

What even are Democrats for? pic.twitter.com/9N4i94ZuMs
What, in the liberal pragmatist philosophical tradition, is the proper response to an "attack on the essential freedoms of millions"? What does "essential" mean in this context?
The star-spangled banner that once stood for freedom, courage and opportunity just rebranded itself at the stroke of a pen to stand for oppression, force and intolerance.

O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!
In reply to @BarackObama
It's bizarre to think that we could have been saved all this horror if you had kept your election promise. But I suppose it wasn't "the highest legislative priority." pic.twitter.com/GS5uSBA4NJ
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"if only someone would do something about this" says the only guy on here who ever had the power to do something about this
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Probably why you should have codified it when you had the chance. 😑
In reply to @BarackObama
Remember when you campaigned on codifying abortion rights into law, had a SUPER MAJORITY, then did NOTHING? pic.twitter.com/cXhFRjuQ90
This is an incredibly bad take. On one hand, SCOTUS is charged with following the Constitution while on the other those "politicians & idologues" follow the will of their constituents. Both do their jobs, like it or not.
In reply to @BarackObama
This is 100% YOUR FAULT FFS
USA found the reverse gear😔
You guys created the concept of "public health". Where you have to show QR code at a waiter because medical issues arent private anymore. I predicted this would happen. You cant change society without consequences
Brown v Board of Education overturned 58 years of precedent.

Length of precedent doesn’t matter.
In reply to @BarackObama
Slavery was precedent too… Praise God for overturning inhumane rulings! pic.twitter.com/VpemDRtB2K
Really missing this man today.
Another moronic tweet from the divider in chief. Unreal.
In reply to @BarackObama
You're talking about the "...essential freedoms of millions of #Unborn Americans." ... Right dude ??? 😢
Good for nothing ruling elites from the "not right" side. He did not codify the law & now engaged in discourse. At least respect Trump. All mocked him but he did his job well. Put 3 judges in SC in a term.

Same in India. 2004-14 nothing on justice. Now party in tatters. Bravo!
You gotta sit this out Barack.

You campaigned on prioritizing codifying Roe w/ the Freedom of Choice Act. By your 1st 100 days it was “not my highest priority” & focused on “areas we agree on.”

We are here today, because of fecklessness like that & white supremacy respectively.
its a sad day for democracy that 9 unelected individuals can trample on the rights of hundreds of millions of women in the US. Whatever your politics are- this is not right.
Sí, bueno, no es como que tú no fuiste presidente con mayoría para codificar la vaina en el senado y te hiciste el willy.
Damn that's crazy. Remember when we elected a president in 2008 into a super majority democrat congress who promised to codify roe vs wade. How'd that turn out again?
Smmfh. I am personally against abortions but I am all for having the right to choose. This is some wild shit
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ONE President changed the course of America’s history and fulfilled his campaign promises to protect our constitution, President Donald J. Trump! Thanks for inspiring him BHO 🤣 pic.twitter.com/meIL0xCO5z
Haha totally, thanks for all you’ve done!!! pic.twitter.com/Gvqtiu3zVw
The world is a place of contradictions but one that I really struggle with is the fact that the US espouses the idea of freedom being core to its values and then makes decisions that so fundamentally erode its own citizens freedoms at personal level.
Wish you had power to do something at some point…
In reply to @BaddCompani
Speaking of. We so need him.
In reply to @BarackObama
Man I would not want to be that Supreme Court when they get that letter next week from Senator Susan Collins!!! Wew!! That’s gonna be quite a stern letter. Look out!
How could it have happened in Obama's 3rd term, with the Dems controlling both houses, the Woke in charge of media and culture? There must be some vast, undiscovered right wing conspiracy; some dark planet X that is bending the arc of history awry.

In reply to @BarackObama
Mr. former president, it would have been really cool if you didn't lie to planned Parenthood and your supporters about what your top priority was going to be once taking office. You had an opportunity to prevent this, but you didn't. pic.twitter.com/M1FG2b6Wrw
In reply to @BarackObama
Nearly 50 years of controversy, more like. Even Justice Ginsburg was not fond of the Roe v Wade ruling as it stood, for multiple reasons, one that it was the wrong legal vehicle to address such "rights". And now, the issue falls back to the states, where perhaps it should remain.
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