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Should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?

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In reply to @elonmusk
100% yes - if someone doesn't like what someone has to say, there's this great new invention called the block button.
Everyone retweet this poll and vote yes. This is what's going to get everyone back who was wrongly suspended.
In reply to @elonmusk
💯 Because the majority were suspended due to woke leftists running the show inside Twitter.
In reply to @elonmusk
The world’s richest man has taken possession of a global social media platform used by the world’s journalists, scientists, governments, private citizens, businesses, religions, militaries and health/emergency services to share all vital information—It’s going as you might expect
6 hours left until - Bring them all back!
In reply to @elonmusk
.@elonmusk, plz remove shadow bans/search bans/post visibility restrictions which were disproportionately & arbitrarily assigned to (disproportionately conservative) accounts w/out explanation or recourse. Our audiences follow bc they want to see our content. Plz free our reach.
In reply to @elonmusk
5 minutes until - bring them all back.
In reply to @elonmusk
Should Twitter suspend the accounts of Khamenei, the leader of Iran's dictatorial regime, while his regime has banned and filtered this social platform for 85 million Iranians? #IranRevolution2022
In reply to @elonmusk
Speech is either free or it’s not. You can’t be on both sides of this fence @elonmusk. Suspending someone because someone doesn’t like the contents of their speech is unacceptable.
In reply to @elonmusk
Stop allowing right wingers to call gay and trans people pedos and groomers just for existing. You are promoting violence
In reply to @elonmusk
Why are you silent about Julian Assange? Seems like the biggest attack on the press in our generation should matter to Mr Free Speech.
New ownership is the best time for a general amnesty because it easier to frame as a once-ever move.
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes, it will need to be a clean slate as it will be nearly impossible to try and figure out why each individual account was banned and if they should be unbanned.
In reply to @elonmusk
This would be a major disaster especially in Africa where State sponsored Ghost accounts were suspended for endangering human rights activists & journalists! You would have allowed vile people to put our lives in danger as journalists! You will have blood on your hands @elonmusk
Dieses Bewrismittel hatte noch gefehlt. @HateAid @BlumeEvolution
In reply to @elonmusk
Something needs to be done.. its not fair. I was banned yesterday and if I knew i was doing something against the rules i never would’ve done it. Nobody wants to break the rules but they get banned without knowing they did something wrong. Thats counterproductive.
In reply to @mmtchi
Ici le sondage de Musk pour réhabiliter les comptes suspendus par Twitter
In reply to @elonmusk
Twitter should fire you
Now that the results of this poll are in, read my story on the devastating consequences reinstating masses of banned accounts: washingtonpost.com/technology/202…
Votem SIM pra liberar geral!
In reply to @elonmusk
I'd just be happy if you heard my appeal- it's going on 9 months now! 😂
In reply to @elonmusk
Translation: I’m going to restore Alex Jones and other despicable human beings' accounts as long as they don’t “break the law.” What could possibly go wrong? Puke 🤮
In reply to @elonmusk
My original account - @IslamRizza 👈🏿was removed for presenting scientific data exposing the covid shots of which this government has now admitted was true. It was over 55,000 followers. They added my name onto the list called the “Disinformation Dozen“. The White House removed us
BREAKING: The Final results of Elon Musk’s poll are in with 72% of 3.1 Million respondents voting in favor of amnesty for suspended accounts.

You need to specify *have not broken the law on the impugned tweet(s) that lead to their suspension* @elonmusk. Twitter should not be about policing off-platform activity.
In reply to @elonmusk
My friend’s account got suspended because she tweeted that doctors who don’t offer medical care to unvaccinated should have their license removed.
Well I think we all know where this is going. Thanks OElon
In reply to @elonmusk
It’s so heartwarming to see you make up with @AOC, Elon. The connection you both share is something special! pic.twitter.com/cRCN04y1zy
In reply to @elonmusk
Absolutely! And think you for asking.
In reply to @elonmusk
Elon it’s time #bringthemback! Most of these accounts were suspended because the Woke Jokes working at twitter didn’t like their content. #MakeTwitterFunAgain 👏👏 pic.twitter.com/drDuLTDW5s
In reply to @elonmusk
here's another poll: will you change your PFP to one of my 1/1 Eternals collectibles? pic.twitter.com/vQr2OeG2B8
In reply to @elonmusk
Ban the bots. Ban the child porn. Let everyone use the block/mute buttons. I was thinking that a way to "verify" people are real is to force everyone to re-sign in and prove they're human.
Wait until he does a twitter poll asking if he should fix his cars so they don't spontaneously combust
In reply to @elonmusk
Donald Trump is almost at 88 million, and Elon is almost at 119 million. Donald = 119 (Jewish Gematria) Trump = 88 (Simple English Gematria) pic.twitter.com/UiUOA9pHkQ
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes, please. My account got suspended same day as President Trump’s account. I didn’t spam and no dangerous activities. Just tweeting about President Trump and supporting my country. I had this account @RL9631 since 2012 with over 110K followers. Thank you, Elon💓 pic.twitter.com/7W8C0AvP4u
In reply to @elonmusk
🚨PLS PLS PLS🚨 ...remove the 'shadow ban' and content warning on @AltcoinGordon - he just posts funny memes and shitposts. Nothing obscene.
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes what about @edkrassen and @krassenstein? Why haven’t you unbanned them? They didn’t break any rules and your legal team essentially admitted that.
Every Blue Check Mafia Mockingbird Media goon on Twitter is REEEEEEEEEEEEing right now because Elon even **hinted** that might do this.

Years of narrative control/censorship go down the drain if he does this.

And they know it.

Be sure to go vote if you are able to.
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes. But keep any coordinated, machine-aided influence operations (i.e. bots and botnets) out.
If you say ‘no’ to reinstating accounts that have not broken the law you don’t support free speech.

This is a fact.
“Egregious spam” = artificial intelligence based on algorithms telling humans that they’re not human 🙄 Seems to only happen to Conservatives accounts tho. Weird, right?
In reply to @elonmusk
Voted yes but I think you'd just reactivate a bunch of zombie accounts. One idea would be to free unused handles for people to put to good use. Like @acquire! pic.twitter.com/zb8IRD3JH9
In reply to @elonmusk
mister musk restore the second amendment muslim
In reply to @elonmusk
The law of which country? E.g. in the UK it is a criminal offence to send a tweet which is of a "grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character" tweet (s127 Communications Act 2003) legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/21/…
Elon Musk will unban BAP, T777, and many other accounts. This is EXACTLY like Griffith cutting open the head of Ganishka/Shiva in Berserk…. The roar of the Astral world… the return of the Golden age… FANTASIA. WE ARE SO BACK pic.twitter.com/eSi6VOZvwf
We're about to enter a whole new level of hell on this hellsite.
In reply to @elonmusk
My original account - @IslamRizza 👈🏿was removed for presenting scientific data exposing the covid shots of which this government has now admitted was true. It was over 55,000 followers.
In reply to @elonmusk
Especially the ones suspended the same day President Trump was! Lots when down that day! @elonmusk we appreciate all that you are doing!
I’m sorry but I’ve spent years reporting people for actual daily hate speech. Very few of them get banned. Those that do are just fucking awful. This is a proposal to drive women, people of color, Jewish people and the LGBTQA+ community off this site and fill it full of Nazis.
You must be so proud to spend $44 Billion on the 14th largest social media company - not even in the top 10 bro- in the world; only to not know what the fuck you’re doing.

Jesus Christ this is going down as the worst business decision anyone has ever made.
In reply to @elonmusk
Twitter is turning into hate central under Elon Musk's new "free to be me" rules. I definitely need to find a new social media outlet. Anyone with me?
Bring back Alex Jones, he hasn't broken the law (despite that kangaroo court's ruling) and didn't engage in "egregious spam" before being kicked off

La lección que hay que aprender de esto: Elon Musk hizo una primera encuesta para 'amnistiar' a Trump. Ganó por los pelos. Ahora hace una encuesta para 'amnistiar' a todos los demás. Los que perdieron la primera se han desmoralizado y el sí ha ganado por goleada. Así funciona.
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes but also… my account has been shadowbaned for months… this should not be acceptable.. please do something about shadowbanning. END IT ! 🙏🏻
In reply to @elonmusk
Yes, considering most of these accounts were suspended for having an opinion that simply did not align with the woke culture of Twitter at that time.
In reply to @elonmusk
Should you sell feet pics to help pay for Twitter?

@elonmusk has listened to the jury of KLEIN V. MUSK and has considered bringing back the @h3h3productions account. It’s in his hands now. pic.twitter.com/iqtztP30ik
In reply to @elonmusk
What are we going to do about YouTube as it has effected many content creator’s lively hood for speaking the truth? We want our channels back.
If you needed another reason to abandon Twitter, Musk is planning to unban every account that has ever been banned. So uh, yeah. Fuck this place. Fuck you Elon Musk, you awful cunt.

Reminder to come and join me on @TheHIVE_Social where I’m not so angry. hive.page.link/Mq8L pic.twitter.com/0rkdIpVgtU
In reply to @elonmusk
That seals it, I'm no longer a Twitter user. Been a loyal supporter since 2006 and this is the final straw. Elon has turned this app into a disaster and it's only getting worse. Deactivating tonight & taking my talents to Instagram where they run a good app 👋
Should the owner of Twitter use BS polls that are easily gamed to justify the unpopular actions he's going to take anyway? (Choose one.)


Elon is polling to ask if he should activate accounts previously suspended for threatening and impersonating people.
ایلان ماسک میگه به اکانت های ساسپند شده عفو عمومی بدم؟

من که برای براندازا خوشحال میشم ولی فک کن پسر، اسد پویان گراز برگرده 🤢
La « peur » va changer de camps ici … plus les rebelles seront nombreux plus notre position sera entendue
Votem sim garela, bora chamar nossos antigos manos pro reforço pic.twitter.com/eAcYEDq7BH
I'm thinking Mr. Musk might have a Thanksgiving surprise in store for us.
It of course depends on why they are suspended, you rudderless freak.
In reply to @elonmusk
Put them in a rubber room.
In reply to @elonmusk
Musk spent $44 Billion on Twitter. The World’s population is 8 billion. He can now give each person $5 billion and still have money leftover. I feel like a cheque for $5 billion would be life changing for a lot of people.
In reply to @elonmusk
Twitter will never earn the trust of people with a dictator like you in charge! Sell it to the government so we can have a leader that would run it in the right way, you have destroyed the platform by stopping the woke movement which is beneficial for society. Resign immediately
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