The Colorado shooter’s dad on finding out his son murdered people: “They started telling me about the incident, a shooting... And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I am a conservative Republican.” (@CBS8)
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The Colorado shooter's dad was more concerned about whether or not his son was gay than the fact that he murdered people.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
He’s relieved his son was the mass murderer and not a homosexual?!? Wow
This is the sickness. He's more worried his son is gay than he's a murderer.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
I usually don't criticize shooter's parents for what they say to the media… but holy fucking shit this is psycho
bro said Kill*ng people is fine but GAY is where i draw the line. the whole family going to hell
His piece of shit trash son murdered 5 innocent people and the murderers father is *relieved* because his top concern was that his son might be gay.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
He also said he was a “porno star”. But you run with he’s a “conservative Republican”. He also said he thought his son committed suicide in 2016. That he hadn’t seen him since 2011. No lie? You are incapable of truth.
This is exactly how you get a shooting at a gay bar. "A conservative Republican" dad like this raises a son with an ideology of hate - and shocking indifference to violence. This culture of hate might as well have loaded the gun for the shooter.
Republicano e conservador, pai do atirador do Colorado ficou desesperado ao descobrir que seu filho assassinou pessoas num bar gay

Mas depois ficou tranquilo, afinal se deu conta que o filho não era gay, só foi lá para matar as pessoas mesmo

Não é brincadeira, assista 👇
This is what happens when bigotry is normalized.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
Meth is a helluva drug. Having said that, apparently so is religion. Whatever the means to an end as long as you invoke god amiright?
Damn that 5 people are dead and many more are injured … at least my son isn’t gay!
Isn't the Mormon Church also doctrinally opposed to being publicly shit-faced drunk before noon?
Su hijo mata a 5 personas y deja 19 heridos en una discoteca gay.

Bueno, pues el padre se siente aliviado porque... su hijo no es gay. Lo justifica con que él es un republicano conservador.

Well... this horrific man settles the nature vs nurture debate. Bigotry is a sickness and this man is rotten with it.
O pai do atirador do Colorado ao descobrir que seu filho matava pessoas: “Eles começaram a me contar sobre o tiroteio...Então eu vi que era um bar gay. Eu fiquei com medo, 'Merda, ele é gay?' E ele não é gay, então eu disse, ufa…eu sou um republicano conservador.”

Anything I say will get me banned. Nothing but the deepest possible hate and derision for these people.
If you'd rather your son be a mass murderer than gay, you need some serious self-reflection. You have lost the plot... & your mind.
& this guy doesn't have an ounch of shame. Just another conservative Republican day. Hey, my son is a mass murdered but he isn't gay! What a pos
He'd rather his son be a mass murderer than a homosexual. My god.
Pretty good clue here as to the thinking that shaped the alleged shooter.
as much as i'd like to talk about the toxic family for his response to be "as long as he's not gay", a lot of smarter people are talking about that, but like jesus christ this guy is high
You interview a man who is clearly mentally ill and/or an addict, admits to having been a porno actor, thought his (alleged) murderer son was dead since 2016, whom he hadn’t seen since 2011, and you run with the quote that he’s a “conservative Republican”? @NoLieWithBTC? Wow.
But I'm the one the church kicked out.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
This....this is the kind of rhetoric that has me terrified of what is ahead for us in this country. We don't do gay?!? Also, not to sound heartless, but there are several screws loose here.
Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This is what we're dealing with in this country. He's relieved that his son is a mass murderer as long as he's not gay, because he's a Mormon and a, "conservative Republican." What a fucking waste of space.
South Park es un documental
What a time to be alive.
But let’s sit down in a diner in your community and talk about middle ground.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
Only in America when murdering is okay and dancing with another man is a crime worth being executed for.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
COPS: “your son is a mass murderer” DAD: “oh no! this is horrible! Also: is he gay?” COPS: “no” DAD: “wonderful! thank goodness! What a relief!”
Who is this dudes plug lmfao man is off that TWEAK
I guess you’re not allowed to question parents involved in shootings anymore without getting sued.

I guess I’ll pretend like this guy isn’t on meth & isn’t lying.
This feels very... odd.
Just a reminder you aren’t born to hate you are taught to.
The Colorado shooter's father was more concerned with them being gay then them killing a bunch of gay people
Tremendously sad.

This is the type of bigotry and hate that is increasingly associated with the words he seems so proud to call himself …“conservative” and “Republican.”…am I wrong?
This is so fucking infuriating
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
Wow! Dad is worried about his kid being gay. Doesn’t seem concerned he killed 5 people. Wow!
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
When they say their priorities out loud...
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
This is a conservative MK Ultra operation. They told him to say he was non-binary.
When you'd rather your son be a mass murderer, than gay.
"What can men do against such reckless hate?"
Hey guys let’s be more bipartisan so we can be civil and friendly with folks like this blood/meth/cum bucket
If Josh Brolin had a baby with Gary Busey during a Trump Rally
Verga, imagínate que te alivie que tu hijo, que acaba de cometer un tiroteo masivo, no sea gay.
Violence / murder ✅
Drug-taking ✅
Being a porn star ✅

But gay? Oh no, that’s unconservative.

(The others are all things he has condoned / done).
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
Kids aren’t born to hate. They learn it.
Konservatiivirepublikaani on helpottunut kun poikansa paljastui vain massamurhaajaksi eikä homoksi.…
In reply to @oneunderscore__
Here is the interview. It’s hard to believe this is real. “Oh, my son’s a mass murderer? At least he’s not gay.” Phew.
Pretty mind blowing that this is an actual conversation.
Mormon Republican seems relieved to find out that his son was at a gay bar killing people, rather than because he is gay.
La verdad es que todo lo que respecta a este caso parece de coña mala. EE.UU. ya parece una parodia de sí misma, un chiste de malgusto, un capítulo de South Park.
Dad: "I'm a Mormon and a conservative Republican and we don't do gay" ...
Voice: "he's accused of going on a mass shooting" ...
Dad: "shit, no excuse to be doing that, I'm just glad he's not gay"
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
With that attitude, he will soon be featured on Tucker Carlson's show.
Wtf ? Just glad living in a european country where nut cases like this guy and his son don't have easy access to guns (and where meth/heroine addiction aren't a big issue)
The guy clearly either has psychological or meth issues or both, but there it is: "I'm a conservative Republican, and we don't do gay." More concerned that his son might have loved men, than murdered them. He's not alone, and I don't even know where to go with this.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
What a loser! A typical, dumb Deplorable - uncompassionate, inconsiderate, selfish and totally bombed. He doesn't mention the horror of his son killing innocent people, and then himself. He brags instead of being a GQPer. Classy.
This guys son goes on a rampage killing 5 people and he is relieved that his son is not gay???
These people think your family members getting shot down is a fucking joke and they get off on it
What’s wrong with America in a single 🐥
This shit needs to be destroyed by fire already
İnanılmaz bir röportaj...

ABD'de bir bara yaptığı silahlı saldırıda 5 kişiyi öldürüp, 25 kişiyi yaralayan kişinin babası, toplu katliam yapan oğlu hakkında: "Gittiği barı öğrenince oğlum gay zannettim, sonra olmadığını öğrenince rahatladım!"
It's really past time to do something about the deep rot in white Christian conservative culture.
imagine your son going on a murderous rampage and killing multiple innocent ppl and ur first response is ‘phew at least his not gay’………..????
Probably will be a Republican politician in two years
Sometimes I think our country is too far gone to be redeemed.
In reply to @NoLieWithBTC
Not at all concerned he's a mass murderer? Wow.
Wowwwww. Imagine being dealt a hand like this. Yikes.
If your first reaction to hearing out that your son committed murder in a gay bar is "oh no, is my son gay?" You should probably be committed to a mental institution. Lord have mercy.
Πάλι καλά δεν του βγήκε τοιούτος.
Καημένος πατέρας τι τρομάρα θα πήρε.
Meth Brolin here is just saying aloud what many of us have known for years about the white Christofascist movement. They’d rather their children be murderers than gay.
stop interviewing dudes like this and just punch them in the head
Ouf, il l'a pas si mal éduqué finalement
What a f*cking POS. 😡
not a lone wolf, not a mentally ill madman, but the normal product of a profoundly sick culture
Ladies and gentlemen, one of my Colorado neighbors. I'm asking again for a radioactive spider or some gamma ray shit to give me the power to throw people into the sun. Just "Hi, stand right there aaaaand" ZIIIIP - into the sun.
Il patriarcato è una delle cause del terrorismo omfoobo e delle stragi contro le persone LGBTQ.

Il padre del terrorista omofobo responsabile della strage in Colorado si preoccupa che suo figlio possa essere gay più di quanto si stupisca che sia un terrorista e un omicida.
I feel like there are people who, mostly due to naivete or optimism, don't get that this is the menality towards LGBT people

like, it's the standard, this is not an exception to the righ wing it's a tenet of their core values
The shooter's father breaths a sigh of relief that his son is "not gay" but appears fine that he slaughtered innocent people.
Yeah I’m pretty sure I know exactly why the shooting happened.
He's really so glad his kid wasn't gay! As for the dead, he doesn't give a damn of damn. Trump knew where to find this type of "people" to use.
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