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Hurts to see this. Nothing ever should make us ungrateful towards our armed forces. Woh hain toh aaj hum hain. 🙏

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Glad to see @akshaykumar sir speak out when “woke” liberals like her disrespect our valiant soldiers. She needs to realize that doing a few movies doesn’t make her an authority on the armed forces.
Lekin Galwan mein hua kya tha Trudeau ke bachhe ? Uspe kbhi tweet nahi hua, naa kabhi aam chuste hue pucha ki kya koi ghusa hai ya ghusa tha.
In reply to @akshaykumar
Not many from Bollywood speak against their own people. Thank you for this
ओय कैंडियान भारत की बेटी के ख़िलाफ़ मत बोल गुटकेबाज़।
This is our internal matter. We will handle it. As you are a Canadian citizen, “our armed forces” would mean Canadian Armed forces. No need to drag them in our matter. Thank you 🙏🏽
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foreign agent stay out of this
Salute and respect @akshaykumar Ji, There are very few celebs who can dare to speak and take a stand like this! Jai Hind!!🇮🇳🇮🇳
I am actually happy to see people raising their voice and not ignoring as if its not a big deal! Thanks Akshay for speaking out 🙏
Shut up Canadian Kumar!!!
Mr Kumar, I was v hurt when you became Canada Kumar. India has given you everything. Why the lack of gratitude. India hai aaj toh hum hain 🙏
This is our internal matter.

Tu chup kar Canadian.
In reply to @akshaykumar
बहुत कम लोग होते हैं जो इतनी हिम्मत कर पाते हैं.... @akshaykumar
आपसे यही उम्मीद थी @akshaykumar. जय हिंद, जय हिंद की सेना.
ये बिल्कुल वैसा ही देशभक्ती दिखाना है जैसे मैं भारत की जनता के मुद्दे पर कभी ना बोलूं और साल में एक दिन भारत माता की जय बोल दूं...
You're all weather-cocks. This means nothing without outlining the steps you will personally take to blacklist this person within your industry.
This morning I tweeted, those from film industry who remain silent are equally responsible.

This is very rare symbolic disapproval by Akshay Kumar.
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In reply to @akshaykumar
गलवान में शहीद हुए जवानों के शव देखकर तुम हर्ट नहीं हुए थे कनाडा कुमार?
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The Real Khiladi Of Bollywood ❤️❤️❤️✅ pic.twitter.com/LmmhtlSTcS
In reply to @akshaykumar
The 20 soldiers killed in Galwan due to your ideological parent’s gobar are indeed saying hi to you, diyar Canadian.
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How much love and respect my role model has for the #IndianArmy Hardly any actors in Bollywood have shown their love for Soldiers like him. That's my hero pic.twitter.com/5hEhtvLt4u
Never ask a man his salary, a woman her age and an Indian nationalist his citizenship
In reply to @akshaykumar
If you feel so strongly about our country, why did you relinquish Indian citizenship? You didn't become an Indian citizen even after Modiji came to power. No faith in him ?
In reply to @akshaykumar
China is occupying our land Whom are all nationalist attacking @RichaChadha instead of China Untie hands of our armed forces, they will show Chinese what it means to get into our territory Everyone talks about 1962 where we faught,not 1967 when we gave China a bloody nose
When Talk Is On Army This Guy Alway Stand Ahead👏👏
In reply to @akshaykumar
Has Indian army started to serve Canadian citizens too?
Yes, please learn to show respect to our armed forces the way Akshay Kumar does - by using them to make money in your brand endorsements pic.twitter.com/xXYjP8AsSG
At least someone had the decency to speak up and point out her flawed mindset. Must not be easy considering entire Bollywood has suddenly gone on maun vrat over this issue. Thanks @akshaykumar ji for this. 👍🙏
In reply to @akshaykumar
Mr. Canada what Richa said was indeed insulting but one should not politicise armed forces for election, votes because it is dangerous. Armed Forces should not be dragged in politics for votes by anyone. No one should engage in war mongering for votes. Stop using army for votes.
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Akshay sir your Respect towards our soldier and nation is immense ! 🇮🇳
#AkshayKumar twitter.com/i/web/status/1… pic.twitter.com/fzhZOKSaiX
In reply to @akshaykumar
Thats our armed forces and not your Canada’s
In reply to @akshaykumar
The Real Khiladi Of Bollywood Who Always Speaks On Serious Matter 🔥🔥👌 Proud Moment pic.twitter.com/4mAKheZtsa
In reply to @akshaykumar
Akshay kumar on eliminate leftist mission 😂🔥❤️ pic.twitter.com/423U7jZWJ8
In reply to @akshaykumar
The Difference between Pakistani 🇵🇰 Actor Shahrukh Khan And Indian Actor Akshay Kumar 🇮🇳 ❣️ pic.twitter.com/t51s2TTBt6
In reply to @akshaykumar
We all are proud of you Akshay sir ❤️ pic.twitter.com/wDrIA46w4Q
In reply to @akshaykumar
बहुत बढ़िया अक्षय,... अब अक्षय को कैनेडियन बताने के लिए LeLi and Izlamist gang आता ही होगा pic.twitter.com/PLppXjRkr0
In reply to @akshaykumar
ये हमारा इंटरनल मैटर है, किसी कैनेडियन की राय इससे नही चाहिए। pic.twitter.com/4ZiOqKlqWK
यही तो अन्तर है #AkshayKumar और अन्य अभिनेताओं में,वे लोग अपने भविष्य की सोचकर चलते हैं,लेकिन जब भी देश के वीरों की बात आती है अक्षय कुमार अपने आगे पीछे की नहीं सोचते बेसक उन्हें कितनी भी नफरत क्यूँ ना झेलनी पड़े 🇮🇳
In reply to @akshaykumar
वो #AkshayKumar है जनाब, देश और धर्म दोनों की अहमियत जानता है.. धर्म के लिए देश के लिए pic.twitter.com/ZPKiuIhK1K
In reply to @akshaykumar
You see such tweets and come on SM to reply but can’t you see the other sufferings of a common citizens? @akshaykumar the paid troll ?
She didn't say anything about Canadian Forces. Please sit down.
Real Person .

That's why I love him .

He is asli fauji ka beta
#AkshayKumar is different from other Bollywood celebs.

1. He never drink or smoke
2. Dont go to parties
3. He is hardworking as hell.
4. Doing lots of donation.
5. He did so many things for jawans like bharat ke veer.
6. Jald indian passport bhi aa jayega tab maja aayega😍🔥
Really brave of @akshaykumar warna no one from b'wood syndicate have guts to openly speak on this matter. respect!
In reply to @akshaykumar
From 90's and 00's and 10's this man Khiladi Kumar Always Spends Time With Our Own National Army pic.twitter.com/ifX7NTaYlF
In reply to @akshaykumar
That's why everyone love you Respect always my guru @akshaykumar
In reply to @akshaykumar
In reply to @akshaykumar
Desh ke har mudde par sabse pahle #Bollywood me the sher #AkshayKumar sir hi aage hain jiyo mere sher Kyu ki jabtak #IndianArmy hai toh ham hai 💪👌 pic.twitter.com/Lfn8Fw7J2i
did she say something about the Royal Canadian Mounted police? or the Canadian armed forces ...
why is someone, who gave up his Indian citizenship voluntarily - have an issue with what an Indian is saying.
Why is a Canadian citizen meddling in the issues of our Country?? @akshaykumar stop trying to appease your masters and stay limited to your interviews about Mangoes and MINTING from this country.


In reply to @akshaykumar
The most fearless superstar of bollywood 🥰🔥 Jai hind sethji thanks for this for #IndianArmy love you my idolo pic.twitter.com/SjD1hyATmS
In reply to @akshaykumar
That's why He is "THE AKSHAY KUMAR" ❤️🙌.... Love you Kumar saab 😍.. #AkshayKumar #RichaChadha pic.twitter.com/hgHNvqa3He
In reply to @akshaykumar
This is our internal matter Canadians shouldn't interfere
In reply to @akshaykumar
Since when Canadian citizens started interfering in our internal matters?

More power to you @RichaChadha
Why Canadians are commenting on Indian Issues ?
Lots Respect @akshaykumar Sir ❤️🇮🇳
Smart cookie, isn't he?!
In reply to @akshaykumar
@akshaykumar जय हिन्द की सेना 🇮🇳♥️
Whose armed forces? Your armed forces are in Canada.
Friendly reminder that if India ever wages war against Canada, Akshay Kumar will have to honor his oath of fighting against the Indian army.
So a Canadian is bullying @RichaChadha for her comments on Galwan She wasn't mocking the soldiers who died saving India's borders; she was mocking those who were responsible for those deaths and their inability to stand up. Remember: "na koi ghusa hai na...?"
Massive respect sir.. ✨💞
In reply to @akshaykumar
Crack AK's last cryptic line? Woh hain to aaj hum hai. Because for Indians 'Woh' is our army ofcourse! But for a Canadian, 'Woh' can't be army. It must be Ranga and Billa.
वो हैं तो हम हैं.. 🇮🇳 ♥ 🇮🇳

#Galwan #IndianArmy #JaiHind
🇨🇦 I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to his Majesty King Charles III, King of Canada, his Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.

🇮🇳 I hereby renounce my Citizenship of India.
Proudly Saying I Am Your Fan ❤️
Ek hi dil hai sir kitni baar jeetoge
Seth ji
In reply to @akshaykumar
Is bhadwi ko boycot kro
Does Canada have an Army ?
She wasn’t putting down the Indian Army, just puncturing the false bravado of our Sanghi licking Generals.
Did you ever question why did Galwan happen?
खिलाड़ी कुमार की भी फ़िल्म ही आ रही होगी कोई
In reply to @akshaykumar
Indians Desh Bakthi has reached Canada also.. Wow...
Proud of u sirjii ... Woh hain toh aaj hum hai ....👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏
Proud of & salute to #IndianArmy
प्यारे बेटे कनेडा कुमार कभी पापा से भी पूछो कि जब कोई आया ही नहीं था कोई बैठा ही नहीं था तो हमारे बीस जाबांज शहीद कैसे हो गये? बेटा कब तक पप्पा से आम कैसे खाते हैं पूछोगे और सवाल करने वालों को ट्रोल करोगे?
Not “our” armed forces, certainly not yours! Did se say something about Royal Canadian Mounted police or the Canadian armed forces ... then you can keep your opinion to yourself!
बाक़ी आप आम चूस कर खाते हैं या काट कर !
Akshay Kumar never disappoints ❤️
His love for the Armed forces is so beautiful, starting Bharath ke Veer along with government is a testimony of that but it hurts to see people calling him Canadian, his movie is coming that's why he is doing things
#AkshayKumar @akshaykumar
कनाडा का नागरिक क्या अपने देश कनाडा की सेना की इज़्ज़त करता है?
उपदेश देने से पहले गुलाबी पैंट पहन कर कनाडा के प्रधानमंत्री से पुछा की नहीं - 'आम कैसे खाते हो?'
You Must have seen lot of Anti-National Targeting @akshaykumar that’s how they give cover firing rather then addressing the issue of @RichaChadha despicable tweet against Indian army. Chu like @kunalkamra88 n Cabal talk about Canada.
That’s how they change the Goal Post.
In reply to @akshaykumar
It’s good to see finally ranks in Bollywood are speaking against their inner malaises. Too late but always better than never.
In reply to @akshaykumar
Yehi ummeed tha Aap se sir😊 Jai Hind
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