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I’m done.

Free press is under attack. We won’t be silenced.

But we need you to stand up for us.

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This is awful.
Threatening journalists is one of the last resorts of the indefensible.
“Uttering threats” IS a crime offline and online.
It’d be nice to see the RCMP and the platforms assist in making sure everyone knows the law is the law in Canada.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I reached out to you in September with a national story, but you chose to go with chickens and NyQuil instead. I gave up on you after that.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Anyone threatening you should be arrested, charged, and do time. Maybe it's time you either quit or be more responsible with the crap you post.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Here’s a thought, Rachel. Maybe try reflecting on why so many people are so pissed off instead of playing the victim card. You’re not “free press”. You’re state propaganda. People are recognizing it, are fed up with it and unfortunately you’re the punching bag.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I just watched this again, Rachel, and you claim that woman of colour are being targeted. That is not true. You also claim you were abused as a child. You have doxed people. You seriously need to get professional help. Global is facing a court case because of your smears.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
How about when this visible minority conservative reporter was attacked by Antifa? Did you cry about the free press then? pic.twitter.com/gIg3rNApy6
She's lying.

Freeze frame the threats in her vid.

Someone played the game "Marry, F-ck, Kill" with her name. She calls that "deciding which one of us they want to kill."

She says she's being stalked by a sleeper cell working at Global News.

Fact-check: rebelnews.com/global_news_jo…
The abuse that Rachel and other journalists have received - in particular women and people of colour - is heinous and unacceptable.

We’ll continue working with journalists, media organizations, @caj and law enforcement to address this issue and keep everyone safe.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You're done? Like quitting? Like going away? Excellent news! Make room for real journalists that aren't just Liberal propagandists.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You don’t deserve death threats. But spare us the “free press is under attack” NONE of you Lib journalists stood up when independent conservative journalists were under attack. You didn’t say a word! All people will see w/ this display is crocodile tears.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Nothing I could say would bring you any level of comfort or ease, so I won’t insult you with “hang in there” platitudes. All I can offer is to amplify your attempts to get people to pay attention. Respect for refusing to be silenced ✊
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I don't condone any of this Its sick. But there isn't a chance and hell I will stand up for you. You demean your audience with the tripe you peddle
If you’re threatening journalists you’re not a hero, you’re afraid of a free flow of information and you’re a coward.

Using racist and misogynist threats?

That makes you a bigot, racist and a coward.


All of us here condemn this.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
It's disgusting what you and Canada is going through because of these people pic.twitter.com/9oJXr9nhT5
I think you mean that a desire for free press is re-emerging in the face you folks like you who are members of the state paid press.

A desire for a real free press is a threat to state paid broadcasters such as yourself.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You encouraged people to shun their own families for 3 years.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I honestly believe these "men" are cowards and are only brave behind a keyboard. Keep fighting the good fight Rachel, the free press is in trouble and there are only a few real voices left. That's why the right feels threatened by you and other strong women.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Stop posting this stuff and show some integrity. If you truly want to be a journalist this is part of this field that you need to shrug off. Stop acting like a victim.
Stop saying it’s because your a woman and be accountable for your actions you are experiencing KARMA! I’ve been threatened not because I’m a woman but because people like you fueled hatred and misinformation. #NoAmnesty
Please listen to Rachel’s video if you haven’t; raw emotion & fear. Journalists are being attacked by far right actors to silence them. This will never happen. There are certain individuals on Twitter who are stoking the fire. YOU NEED TO STOP BEFORE SOMEONE IS KILLED!
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
It sucks. I experience much the same thing from left wing influencers and just random people on Twitter. It's been daily for 2 years now. The mental and emotional toll is tragic.
These are reprehensible racist and misogynistic attacks on @atRachelGilmore @sabaeitizaz @wickdchiq and other journalists. This is a co-ordinated campaign that's been going on for months. They need support -- and help in making the harassment end
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
These threats are not OK but you need to stop denying + realize WHY this is happening 2 u. It's NOT because you're female! It's NOT because of skin color! You will never solve this until you realize WHY folks are so angry @ what you are doing. You are hurting so many, every day.
Today is the final day of the #16DaysOfActivism addressing gender based violence. What Rachel and others are going through are misogynistic attacks ranging from insults to rape and death threats.
They need your support and your voice
If only you were done and we had a free press.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You're an Op and a professional instigator and your whole schtick is designed to generate public sympathy for stricter censorship legislation
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I'm so sorry @atRachelGilmore. This is disgusting and unacceptable. It's time to do something @OttawaPolice. Someone is going to get hurt.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You know you don’t have to read them? You can just block, delete & ignore🤷🏼‍♀️that’s what normal people do. Do you think you’re the only person this happens to?😂😂😂holy narcissist🤡 YOU incited hate in Canada. You did this. This is what you wanted🤷🏼‍♀️what did you think would happen?
Only weak minded people would threaten anybody in anyway. This is unacceptable no matter your fcking views.
A hugely important issue in #canada where authorities should take immediate action to track down who is behind these threatening messages received by respected journalists doing their jobs with integrity. The @CFWIJ extends full to support to @sabaeitizaz @atRachelGilmore.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Police, step up and DO YOUR JOB. 🤬 Conservatives, call off your terrorists. 🤬
Someone went to Justin’s acting classes.

C -
Free press is under attack.

What a doufus. She attacks Canadians daily then plays rhe victim card. What a ❄️
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Of course not Rachel Gilmore despises the actual free press. twitter.com/KatrinaPanova/…
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Trudeau is hated more than you guys. It shows that clearly on all social media. He's a white silver spoon fed dude. Stop playing the woman and race card and start reporting the TRUTH. The hate is that you guys lie, not that you are a chick. Own the problem. It is YOU.
You are the propaganda arm of Trudeau.
"Only crime is doing journalism." Embarrassing I am tweeting such a low life state funded hate mongering deceiver.

She is apart of the Satanic force that pushed a gene therapy medical procedure that killed so many I loved and know.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You realize when you talk about all the fake threats (ie not serious trolls - not that I support vulgar attacks or threatening language) you also get more. You can’t pretend Viva Frei and others talking about you causes this when you constantly talk about yourself.
She makes a tik tok about it 😂😂😂
Relentless verbal assault, every day, should not be the price for doing journalism
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
The main reason you are under attack is because you are doing some of the best coverage of the far right in Canada. The hateful losers who send you these messages can't stand it when you hold a mirror up to them by reporting accurately on their bullshit. Stay strong, Rachel.
Please watch @atRachelGilmore's video here about the ongoing harassment and attacks on reporters in Canada. (thread🧵) This is a real thing that is happening, and it is an attempt to undermine and silence actual journalism in this country.
😆 whatever kid.
The only "free press" under attack is the main stream media.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Please do us all a favour and really be done. 🙏🙏🙏
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Please do more stories on why police & RCMP are not investigating these threats of violence
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You literally ended Corus' stock price. For that the police should be called. pic.twitter.com/voA1diRfWu
Hey @OttawaPolice & @ottawacity,
You are ignoring harassed female reporters with threats on the day that saw 14 women killed 33 years ago. Also, in the city where an inquiry showed inaction caused a right wing occupation overrun downtown.

Do better!

#MontrealMasssacre #NotOk
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Threats are not ok. But the public has lost trust with legacy media. For the past few years we have seen the media just regurgitate the govt’s narrative. No tough questions. We don’t have a free press when they are funded by the govt. Or those media who are wishing for Fed $$.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Free press? There’s nothing free about the press when the Trudeau Liberals continue to provide them with hundreds of $millions in subsidies! The only press under attack is Blacklock’s by the Press Gallery! Spare us the faux outrage and pretense you’re a victim! 👇 pic.twitter.com/eWb3O7mSGp
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You promoted the segregation of Canadians, supported they get fired, supported them being ostracized. And you expect unicorns and rainbows in return? Are you insane? You started this dumpster fire. Start by recognizing your responsibility, instead of playing victim.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You are in no way the "Free press" you're a Tik Tok monkey. You are a "woke" propagandist who will lie all day long for your "brave new world". You can hear the clock ticking and you are scared. Your generation is about to learn the meaning of "Consequence" Rachel. Enjoy. pic.twitter.com/Rxv8L6QuQm
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Ur only targeted due to the fact u push lies and attack people that don’t agree with you
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
We would be willing to publicly stand with you, @wickdchiq and any other female journalists who have been the targets of vile misogynistic hate. We focus on more than just racist hate and bigotry. Contact us if we can help.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Well put. This shit is disgusting and has to stop.
Girl, that beautiful KARMA is an amazing thing, it's like a🪃, when you put out the BAD it comes right back at ya!
This is what we’re fighting. I stopped constantly parodying right wing politicians because they were sinking to the level of supporting this crap, it’s hard to parody this crap without also being misogynistic. The #cpc is 100% responsible for this crap. #cdnpoli
“I don’t feel safe leaving my house anymore.”

This needs to stop.
In reply to @karen_vecchio
‼️FFS, @PierrePoilievre‼️ YOU attacked a female journalist. @atRachelGilmore called you out for marching with James Topp. YOU ATTACKED HER. YOU VILIFIED HER. You know you FUCKED UP when @sunlorrie calls you out. #PierrePoilievreMustGo #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou pic.twitter.com/159xOpaTuT
In reply to @MegW613
Case in point... Seriously, the police aren't doing shit to protect @atRachelGilmore, @wickdchiq, and @sabaeitizaz. Somebody is going to end up dead, and the inaction by police is going to make them just as guilty as the perpetrator. twitter.com/atRachelGilmor…
Be it resolved, fomenting distrust in the media without nuance is endangering women.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I'm sorry this is happening to you. I read some of them and that's not right. Your detractors here on twtr are angry at you bc you are not a journalist and you are not part of a free press: Our tax dollars pay your salary to repeat govt narrative. pic.twitter.com/04476gsUas
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
You’re done? Thank god. You’ve spent years lying and now you want people to stand up for you? Stop pretending to be a journalist. Stop tweeting. Just stop.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
I sit with journalists. They’re the greatest minds of our time! pic.twitter.com/rhpRswuEVZ
This is beyond fucked up.
What are the police going to do? Nothing
The cops' job is to protect capital
And real journalists, don't necessitate protection as they hinder capital

Fuck the terrorists who seek to silence the free press & Fuck their police collaborators
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Free press..more like push the Trudeau agenda press. Good riddance
Journalist for the liberal government of Canada has had enough. I would bet my life that these emails are from the left to smear the opposition. They’ve used the victim mentality and gaslighting for two years now.

Don’t fall for it.

Help @marcomendicino usher in censorship!
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Just one guy, but want all three of you to know you're not alone. Will stand with you and monitor ways I and others may be of assistance.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Your only crime is doing journalism? What a stretch. You are a Provocateur that attacked millions of Canadians and continue to play victim when you support a narrative that wishes lives destroyed over a medical decision that violates human rights. You are a propagandist
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Try being honest. You and your style of reporting are what's wrong with MSM and why so many people don't take you seriously any more.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
the free press died 10-20 years ago @atRachelGilmore it’s all Liberal Media. no one’s interested so find a new job…i hear Tim’s is hiring.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Stand up for the truth then.
Support @atRachelGilmore and all media not rooted in the RW Koch machine.
This is absolutely terrifying. We know that violent rhetoric leads to violent action.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
How about the fact that you are one terrible reporter.
This has nothing to do with right or left. Stop this whole divisive facade. This is about right and wrong! Not right and left. Use your fuckin head. This is not about politics anymore. This is about complete and utter regimented tyranny
I stand w/ @atRachelGilmore & other journalists esp. women, who are being attacked for doing their job: journalism. A free press & democracy demand that police do their jobs & that rightwing politician, incl in @CPC_HQ, that aid & abet such things reverse course & condemn them.
THIS IS DISGUSTING. People should NOT fear their lives for doing their JOBS.
This must STOP!
FFS I fear for my children!
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Are you seriously calling yourself the "free Press" ? You're part of the problem comrade!
Looking at all of the rw nutters including the Con & PPC party. Let's put the blame squarely where it belongs. There is no "both sides" here. @rcmpgrcpolice Time to step up.
Gov subsidized presstitute lie merchants are under attack. Independent free press are thriving. Know the difference. Frauds like Gilmore are panicking
Reminder of what today's "free press" looks like. They want you to die. pic.twitter.com/tJeU0GCEP0
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
SJW professional victim is what this shrill ‘journalist’ is. Nobody buys your bull shit.
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Malcolm Twizzle @mdt546 · 10h Twitter CEO Elon Musk says all media that receives government funding should be slapped with an affiliated warning label so readers can better calibrate the truth. thecountersignal.com/musk-supports-…
I'm not sure she knows what the term "free press" means.
A couple of crazies online do not an attack on the press make. Bill c-11 and the fact that our press is funded by the government they're meant to check are actual attacks on the "free press."
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
Neither will we until each and every one of you liberal sellouts are held accountable. I think I've mentioned MAID to you in several of my tweets. Please do check it out....
In reply to @atRachelGilmore
The same group that squealed relentlessly for mandatory vaccination? That free press? I'll pass.
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