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Same GOP Congress that passed an unfunded $1.5T corporate tax cut is now shutting down the government because they believe we can’t afford to confront the opioid epidemic or invest in our own communities.
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Last month, Republicans had the political high ground - a succinct way to frame the debate - in the shutdown fight. That’s flipped this time.
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@RepJoeKennedy They were interested in providing Christmas to their donors at the expense of the elderly, children and the poor.
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@RepJoeKennedy @StarredBannet Just realized I'm in love with @RepJoeKennedy because of his "word" to the people. Sorry hubby. All you said to me was "are we really having chicken AGAIN?"
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@RepJoeKennedy Non-essential Federal Employees now on unpaid furlough. Please tell their mortgage company the checks in the mail. Car payment going to be late. #shutdown2018 #GOPShutdown #FederalEmployees
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@RepJoeKennedy The @GOP giving tax cuts to the rich and can’t take care of its citizens will be held accountable at the polls #BlueWave2018
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@RepJoeKennedy Yes but a $22 million parade to worship the first American dictator that he can afford to fund.
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@RepJoeKennedy Sadly, the families of opioid addicts can't line their pockets like the NRA to make it a top priority. Isn't it devastating to realize that the value of a human life now is a bipartisan calculation?
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@RepJoeKennedy The #CorruptGOP never misses an opportunity to show us how disgusting they are. #VoteBlue #VoteThemAllOut
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This is some next level spin. GOP leaders trying to force vote. This is Rand’s shutdown.
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@RepJoeKennedy This needs to be brought up constantly till the midterms.
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@RepJoeKennedy @DrRandPaul is suddenly worried about fiscal responsibility now that he enabled the biggest heist/transfer of wealth in modern history. #GOPTaxScam
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@RepJoeKennedy They show their priorities over and over again. Money, the rich, and power. Thank you for being about people instead, Congressman.
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@RepJoeKennedy I worry about our Debt The GOP should have never did a Tax cut from 35% to 21%. We won't have the money to pay this new debt maybe GOP Could have lowered the corporate rate to 27% to 25% The last time the GOP held all 3 branches of Gov. 1928 and Caused The Great Depression 1929
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@RepJoeKennedy Rand Paul's "principles" didn't show up when he voted for the tax scam giveaway. It's OK for him to support debt when it's going to the right people. Secure the military? Build infrastructure? Nah.....
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@RepJoeKennedy But Hey Joe...They can afford a #MilitaryParade even though the #Pentagon has lost track of Trillion$ of Dollars over the last few maybe $21 Trillion! Enough to pay off the #NationalDebt!!!
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@RepJoeKennedy Gettem Joe. Tell it how it is.
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@RepJoeKennedy The republicans screamed about Obama’s spending and now they are doing it even more.
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@RepJoeKennedy You voted for the tax bill @SenRandPauI. YOU already added to the deficit! YOU and the @GOP are the reason behind the need for an increase to the spending cap. We will not stand by while you hurt 99% of us while you further enrich the wealthy.
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@RepJoeKennedy Million$ to billion$ to millionaires, corporations, Congressmen, and the Pentagon. But if money is to go for the middle class the Freedom Caucus and Libertarians want to shut down the government. Without the middle class Rand Paul wouldnt get a pay check. We fund the government.
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@RepJoeKennedy They are doing nothing for the opioid crisis. Sessions couldn't even say ibuprofen correct today. What a joke the GOP!
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@RepJoeKennedy They have to pay for it somehow. That extra $1.50 a week isn't looking so great anymore...
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Welcome to Republican majority lead government:
They're quick to spend our hard earned money but refuse to share any of it with us.
There's never anything left for the people.
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@RepJoeKennedy @williamlegate u̶n̶f̶u̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶$̶1̶.̶5̶T̶ ̶c̶o̶r̶p̶o̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶a̶x̶
"1.5T deficit funded tax cut..."
Fixed it for you...

#GOPTaxScam #TaxScamBill #TaxScam
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@RepJoeKennedy @williamlegate u̶n̶f̶u̶n̶d̶e̶d̶ ̶$̶1̶.̶5̶T̶ ̶c̶o̶r̶p̶o̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶a̶x̶
"1.5T deficit funded tax cut..."
Fixed it for you...

#GOPTaxScam #TaxScamBill #TaxScam
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@RepJoeKennedy And they will use it as an excuse to come for our medicaid, medicare, and social security. #GOPDNA
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@RepJoeKennedy The GOP loves America almost as much as Putin.
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@RepJoeKennedy @JosephBisaccia Do NOT let them come after our Social Security and Medicare!
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@RepJoeKennedy There’s a CLOWN CAR parked at 1600.
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Maybe instead of a parade we could restore power to Puerto Rico and water to Flint.
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@RepJoeKennedy Don't forget the Dreamers. Dems seem to be ignoring them - it's a mistake I promise you.
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@RepJoeKennedy It’s part of their plan to cut Social Security
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@RepJoeKennedy But they are willing to pay for a parade and build a wall. Hang in there Joe! We need you now more than ever. Thank you for your service.
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@RepJoeKennedy We're not just fighting #climatechange or #IncomeInequality; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." @geidco @GENINews @GCAS2018
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@RepJoeKennedy LOL. Who do these people work for? CORPORATIONS
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Roann Marcial Madlangbayan -Raymundo
@RepJoeKennedy this is why WE always need to stay "aware" of what the bills are about while it's still being scrutinized as it goes through the legislators. #AllGod #Dreamers #ZeroHunger #staying_proud #GlobalGoals #WeStandTogether #WE_are_stopping_war #WE_are_TOMORROW
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@RepJoeKennedy @NicoletteDalto4 Joe, now that it is a #GOPShutdown, there is no reason not to stand with Nancy and demand Ryan give you the same deal as in the Senate. We cannot be blamed for shutting down a government that is already shut down!
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@RepJoeKennedy Not quite. GOP “cleverly” passed #TaxScam 2 break the bank 4 other needs - unless those needs benefit GOP, of course. They are guilty of far worse than hypocrisy. The ability to use their powers of elected office 2 inflict such harm, on so many, reveals #MoralTurpitude in action.
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@RepJoeKennedy Only thing the GOP cares about is money.
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Dr Strangelove🌊 Shout, March, Boycott, Protest
@RepJoeKennedy Thank you for your voice and what you are doing. Please, stand for US and continue to roar louder and louder as the voice for equality and equity. More people than you could imagine are depending upon you. Godspeed. #GOPTaxScam #TheResistance #BlueWave #DemForce
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@RepJoeKennedy The opioid epidemic is a direct consequence of the inherent conflicts of interest in a for profit healthcare system. Single payer is the only truly equitable solution. The time for incrementalism has past.
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@RepJoeKennedy The markets are finally reacting to these ridiculous tax cuts and budget deficits. @realDonaldTrump and @SpeakerRyan will try to blame Democrats but markets and the American people are smarter than that
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Secret Derp State Society 🌊🗽🇺🇸
@RepJoeKennedy Don’t forget to budget in that parade!
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@RepJoeKennedy @RepJoeKennedy the national debt will soon take our entire budget anyway. It is a huge snowball rolling down an endless hill.
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@RepJoeKennedy Stop the war waged against chronic pain patients! Let's use funds to get the drug dealers off the street. #goafterdrugdealers #Stopthewaronchronicpainpatients
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I think we should pay for the GOP Budget Bill and Spending by reversing the Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and Taxing offshore money stashes by Corporations.
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@RepJoeKennedy Joe, I wish you would support the legalization of marijuana…
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@RepJoeKennedy @TracyTrixie8 Guess they can’t spin this one on the Democrats
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@RepJoeKennedy Courtesy of @RandPaul, senator from one of the states hit hard by the opioid crisis.
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What they don’t want to fund is equality. Giving as much to the middle class and poor is not fiscally irresponsible. Building a wall, Throwing a military parade and a $1.5 trillion tax break for Corps. & the richest 1% is fiscal lunacy!
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@RepJoeKennedy My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with this country. We are a democracy...yes, we have our faults our trials. I believe we are smart, capable of great innovations and solutions. May we Lead by Example! Pull together, Be United. Team! USA!🇺🇸
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@RepJoeKennedy Not only that, but Rs will now try to make major cuts SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. They will also use our DREAMers as leverage to try to get what they want. We have to fight for each other, my friends!
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Republicans: Peddling the same failed economic policies since 1880.
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@RepJoeKennedy If @realDonaldTrump is such a great dealmaker, why is the govt shutting down twice?
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@RepJoeKennedy Roll your sleeves up Congressman, this is going to take a long time to fix. Don’t just point out the issues, point towards a solution.
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@RepJoeKennedy Don't forget about the-how many? 120 teachers laid off in Everette due to lack of Fed. funding. He also doesn't believe in edjumacation (i.e. B.DeVos)
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But apparently we have enough money for the dumbest most racist idea ever #dumbracistwall #NoWall #MSW52104
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@RepJoeKennedy All the GOP cares about is the 1% and nothing else. Terrible!
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Democrats investment in communities don’t pay back except for their slumlord donors
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@RepJoeKennedy @MarciaBunney I really hope youre going to run for president Joe
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@RepJoeKennedy @aishlingmara No one wants to stop the Crack epidemic that's been killing Blacks since 1983! It was put in Black communities to destroy them and it has.
Now that Opioid overdoses are killing rich & poor Whites at staggering rates every day, exceeding street drug overdoses, all hands on deck!
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WeAreBetterThanThis ✊🏼🌊🌊🌊🌊2018
God bless the corporations, said NO ONE!
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America is a fucked up place in 2018
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Same DNC that created & Allowed The opioid epidemic to prosper needs to shut It.
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But we can afford HUGE
amounts of money for
An expensive robot war
On... what?...
78 countries?
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🌊Southern Fried Infidel CARES
It’s only because certain TYPES of deficit spending is “great.”
Military -> Great
Corporate Welfare -> Great
Rich getting richer -> Double Great!

Caring for the sick -> Not
Rebuilding infrastructure -> Not great AT ALL!
Repaying Social Security War “loans.” -> Fuck off!
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@RepJoeKennedy Republicans put all their eggs in the wrong basket🦅
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@RepJoeKennedy @hwmnylx69 Ask your #BigPharma buddies about that Joe since they own your vote!
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So let me get this straight @GOP. You want to continue the cruel and unusual punishment of Marijuana as Schedule 1 and you don't have the $ to provide for the general welfare of the country by addressing the opioid crisis that would be helped by Marijuana? About right?
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@RepJoeKennedy Plus the leader wants to put further money on a Great Military Parade so he can look like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin... With bone spurs and no medals.
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@RepJoeKennedy @fvgtw Gee. Who was predicting this would happen? THE DEMOCRATS!!
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@RepJoeKennedy Unfunded and unneeded tax cut over a reneged promise that tax reform for corporations would be basically revenue neutral.
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@RepJoeKennedy @Hopestar737373 March 13 special election PA-18
I will be at the polls waiting for them to open
Joe Biden heading our way to help
win PA18…
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@RepJoeKennedy The other half of that is they say the new budget will add about 1.5 trillion to national debt, yet no one comments that seems to be just about equal to what’s being lost in tax revenue thanks to the Republican tax gift to the rich.
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@RepJoeKennedy Please run for President, Rep Kennedy! Adults as well as Our Children need your ideals and commitment.... GOP Tax Scam is a Robbery!
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@RepJoeKennedy Things never change. Do nothing congress bleeds corruption. They still cannot get any constructive legislation completed.
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@RepJoeKennedy Trump is Corporate raiding the USA - takeover-run up debt - ‘restructure’ - default - take the pensions
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