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For all the ladies, these types of moments are why us guys love Fortnite so much
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I don’t even play fortnite but this is dope af
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This right here is the hype the boys bring when you get a win. This is why we post every win.
3 6
still don’t quite understand stand how he did this....
1 6
What really goes on when women think we are cheating on their divine souls.
3 3
Yooooooo Ion wanna say that im jealous. But im jealous😂
1 5
This person has more mates round in his than I have mates
0 6
No spins, No Insta swap and it was barrel stuff smh weak.
1 4
I don’t understand all the hype behind this game
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2 2
Holy fuck 😭😭amazing
2 2
Omg rather do this with the squad than go to parties
1 3
Idk what happened but I’m here for it lol
1 3
Yooo wtf lmaoo
0 4
Y'all some fucking nerds
0 4
I need to inject this. The way i got goosebumps as he was falling
0 4
The best part of this is it gets silent right before he kills the guy😂
0 4
@Nurshxfiq this shiet is fooking lit bruh
2 1
This is what dreams are made of.
1 2
😂😂😂😂😂 @__witness32 @swizzy_ls this was impressive
1 2
Do y’all see the bond they guys have? Brotherhood
1 2
If only he had a battle pass to make all of it worth it
1 2
is this what it's like for my irl friends to play fortnite?
1 2
this would be something i would try lmao @Panar99
0 3
My friends don't even text me bayk
2 0
It be like that sometimes
1 1
This is NEXT level shit
1 1
@ItsJayy_Kidd I have no idea what happened but maybe you'll like this lol
1 1
0 2
This how hype and and my PubG squad get when we win
0 2
This why i don’t play this shit broooo look at this shit right here @IGotSavage @lightskinFarao
0 2
this me and the vros 😂😂
0 2
It really be that intense lmao
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Je fais un top 1 comme ça je suce tous les zboub du game
1 0
Yeooo i wouldnt even play no more
1 0
He did his shit😹😹💯💯
1 0
Bro this shit BS you only get on life
1 0
Bruh I’d never play fortnite ever again if i died like that lls
1 0
See... if I tried this I would’ve gotten placed #2 and took the damn L
1 0
The reaction was priceless
1 0
@mvxedpapi Hi! Do you own the rights to this video? If so, does Whistle Sports have permission to post your video across our social media platforms with credit to you?
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I never get tired of this video hahaha I LOVE THEIR ENERGY MAN
1 0
If this happened to me I would have been dead
0 1
@Russell_Bowden3 omg this is kinda like our game!!
0 1
@Lily_Demas7 are you this good at fortnite?
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