The Marathon Continues! #LakeShow #ThatSLOWgrind
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Need That Jersey homie!!! See u courside at Staples💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🏁
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@isaiahthomas Great things ahead brother 💪🏾💪🏾
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@isaiahthomas Don’t enroll your kids in an LA school fam you out of here after this season
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RW Sports Debate YouTube Channel
@isaiahthomas IT I am a fan but you need to relax on the diva attitude until you are back healthy. If you and your agent keep going with this buyout mess you are going to mess yourself up. I know you deserve your money but you need to relax until you are healthy.
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We welcome you with open arms.. you're family now. #LakeShow
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@isaiahthomas @Lakers Beware! Isiah Thomas is setting up in lock down mode!
#Lakers #LakeShow #LA
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@isaiahthomas Welcome to the Lakers Mighty IT!
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@isaiahthomas Get ready #GSW & #Rockets! Isiah is set to flex on you!
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@isaiahthomas Quit talking to the media more than your teammates
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@isaiahthomas Out of all teams not the lakers 😞
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U are finally on a team with the best fan base ever. Welcome to LA, baby
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Welcome to the LakeShow! 💜💛
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@isaiahthomas Isiah Thomas comes walking into the @Lakers lockerroom like..
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@isaiahthomas Excited for u to be a Laker, let’s make this playoff push!
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@isaiahthomas Miss you, IT! Good luck in LA! ☘️
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Just realized that Isaiah has several orders of magnitude more followers than any other player on the roster. That (as of last year) superstar draw.
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@isaiahthomas welcome to LA. Lemme know if you need food recommendations or if you wanna come up and talk shit on the radio.
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@isaiahthomas You about to average 30
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@isaiahthomas You might not start though😬
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@isaiahthomas I’LL SEE YOU ON SATURDAY!!!
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@isaiahthomas Welcome to #LakeShow!

The King in the Fourth! 🗡️
The King in the Fourth! 🗡️
The King in the Fourth! 🗡️
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If we lose Bron somehow .. come back my boy 🤝
1 1
Don’t bring none of that foolishness ova here we don’t play none of that oh yess tell Channing too
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#LAKESHOW #MambaMentality #ThatSLOWgrind
Let’s get it I.T. Where you should’ve been all along.
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The city of Los Angeles doesn’t claim you, sorry
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Welcome to the team. But i better not here no trash talk about Luke or the young guys.
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@isaiahthomas Do your thing IT. Good things are coming. Appreciated what you did for us here in Green.
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We want the Boston I.T .. not that Cleveland I.T ... feel me?
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HERE WE GO continue your legacy in LAL!!
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@isaiahthomas I wish you the best of luck IT. You were always my favorite player within 5'6 and 5'9.
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@isaiahthomas Let’s go 👏! Welcome to the #LakeShow 💜💛
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@isaiahthomas salute on you @isaiahthomas welcome to the lakers team #LakeShow #littlemamba 🏆 🐍
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@isaiahthomas Let's get that 8th seed!!!
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You finally get to fulfill your dreams of being a Laker. Be humble, be hungry, and give us everything you’ve got!
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Heart over height! Go get em killa!!! 💪🏽
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We eating now g
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Welcome to the family
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They need to put some respect on your name 💯
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Ayyy at least @NipseyHussle can be repping that IT jersey in Purple and Gold!!! 🏁🏁
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@isaiahthomas We are ready for you to light the city on fire and get paid what you deserve.
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@isaiahthomas You ready to make playoffs?
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Slow Grind Better Than No Grindddd ...
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@isaiahthomas @NipseyHussle gon be in the IT jersey court side on the Debut
0 0
@isaiahthomas Damn right don’t let nobody stop you! people act like you weren’t just averaging 25ppg🔥
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@isaiahthomas Once a King, always a King. Gonna be though seeing you in those colors 🙈
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