This is nothing short of stunning
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@BarstoolBigCat Chances these ladies had played tic tac toe before last night? Zero right?
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This is one of the more pathetic things I have ever seen....makes our KSR Radio games look efficient
  · Echofon · en
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@BarstoolBigCat My mind is completely boggled right now
3 148
@BarstoolBigCat Should be sent to all feminist outlets
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I can't believe this is real
  · TweetDeck · en
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Watch this.....dying laughing
  · Twitterrific · en
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This is the worst/best game of tic tac toe EVER
  · TweetDeck · en
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Oh my god what happened here.
  · TweetDeck · en
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prob something to learn here about human psychology during periods of high pressure... very low functionality on display
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I’ve seen dumb. This is beyond that.
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Proof that evolution does not exist.
  · Tweetbot for Mac · en
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Holy shit Grace is a moron
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Again, astroid we are ready. Hit us.
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Tough to watch.
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This is actually painful to watch.
  · TweetDeck · en
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I just got so mad watching this
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This legit just pissed me off. How is somebody so stupid
2 16
😂😂😂😂😂😂 wtf
10 6
You have to try really hard to be this dumb
4 11
It’s pretty astonishing that the only two dopes on the planet that don’t know how to play tic-tac-toe happened to be at the same game at the same time.
5 9
The human race ladies and gentleman
2 12
@BarstoolBigCat Grace is disowned!
1 13
How do you make it to adulthood without knowing how to play tic tac toe
1 12
2016 Election re-enactment.
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It is so important that everyone sees this.
3 9
did i miss the part where they had blindfolds on
1 11
I have no words
1 11
You gotta see it to believe it folks
0 12
This is just embarrassing.
3 8
This is a sign of the end.
2 9
Peter Bright 👨‍⚕️🍕
I'm lost for words. How...?
2 9
I jus.. how d.. mayb... wha...
1 10
I lost some serious brain cells watching this
3 7
This is Pennsylvania's annual budget process, condensed into 90 seconds.
3 7
@BarstoolBigCat Wow. These WNBA games are absolutely insane.
2 8
This frustrated me so much
1 8
Are these chicks fucking dumb???
3 5
added to list "laughed so hard I woke the dog" (also to list "there but for the grace of god go i")
3 5
What. the. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😬. Please don’t quit school people.
2 6
Lolol I understand basketball might not be your sport making a layup is difficult, but Tic Tac Toe we should all have that down.
2 6
I lost brain cells watching this.....
2 6
crap I guess I'll play contrarian here as this is sad to me.

I would not want to do this in front of a shit-ton of people either. the pressure of being just out there like that would make my brain freeze up too.
1 6
Stunning...I hope she was high as a kite...Bc lol so cringeworthy.
1 6
Worst thing I’ve ever fucking seen my god dawggg
2 4
Oh my God 😂😂😂😂😂
2 4
The best thing about this video is that you initially think that the joke is that she can't make a layup. But then it gets worse. So much worse.
1 5
What the hell? At first I thought she just couldn't make a layup, then it gets worse.
1 5
Brain cells gone after watchin this 🤦🏾‍♂️
1 5
Apparently they found the only 2 girls on the planet who don't know how to play tic tac toe @porterjim73 @gasou93 @SSIKES_GSU92 @SpiritCymbal 😂😂😂
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This will def make u laugh outloud
3 2
  · TweetDeck · en
3 2
Why did I put off watching this all day long?
2 3
Haha oh girls and their not knowing how to play tic tac toe ass
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 3
I swear we as woman aren’t all this stupid
1 4
There's a STEM joke in there somewhere
  · Twitter Lite · en
1 4
“I’m not sure what’s going on here”
1 4
This is hilarious
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 2
Words can’t describe this. I’m bamboozled.
1 3
This hurts to watch
1 3
Both of these gals should walk around with helmets on 100% of the time
1 3
Do kids these days not know what tic tac toe is?
2 1
No fucking way😂😂
2 1
Every day I am reminded that there are amazing people out there...
1 2
1 2
Humanity baffles me sometimes lol
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Don’t think pressure can affect thought process? If you’re not practicing with consequences, don’t be surprised at a meltdown in crunch time.
1 1
Amazing tic tac toe skills!!!!
1 1
Oh my god, like I get not making a lay-up it's whatever some people are athletically declined. BUT HOLY SHIT HOW YOU FORGET HOW TO PLAY TIC TAC TOE
1 1
This is what trying your best but getting nowhere looks like
1 1
@nastevenson10 that one season we did fun fitness
1 1
1 1
The commentator just had me dying
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