I bet Trump's campaign and administration team has a higher crime rate than any immigrant group.
Email subject line from the White House: "Immigration Crime Stories Round Up: Week of February 4th”

I guess that’s where we’re at now.
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Sounds right
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@Kasparov63 I think we need to talk about ending the sanctuary policy in the Whitehouse. cc @RepDaveWilliams @ttancredo #copolitics
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Can someone calculate this?
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@Kasparov63 Dreamers are better vetted than teamTrump
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If I were a bettin' man....
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After Mueller's done, it'd be foolish for anyone to bet against Kasparov on this.
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@Kasparov63 Can we talk for a moment about how this is LITERALLY FROM THE NAZI'S PLAYBOOK!?!?
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@Kasparov63 Higher crime rate than most mafia families
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@Kasparov63 Make America Trumpless Again
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I'd take that bet...
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@Kasparov63 MS45 the really bad WH gangsters.
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Could we get some stats on this? @joshgerstein? @CillizzaCNN?
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@Kasparov63 The Trump Admin is just @GOP fan fiction at this point
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@Kasparov63 It would be hard to top 100%

Even peripheral members of Trump's team are pretty universally incriminating themselves as accessories after the fact
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@Kasparov63 Best be careful opening WH closet door to avoid avalanche of skeletons hidden there
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@Kasparov63 And contrary to popular view, their kind of crime does much more harm to more people than an axe murder or two.
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@Kasparov63 We should start a "Trump Administration Crime Stories Round Up"!
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Exactly, and that is where the danger lies.
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@Kasparov63 Well they certainly have a higher incidence of domestic violence and sexual predator behavior
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Shelly Splainin’ 🙋🏻‍♀️
@Kasparov63 @perlmutations Not just nationally either: there is this guy->
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Well put, Garry!
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Check mate‼️
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@realDonaldTrump Preet Bharara

4m ago

Sounds right https://t.co/zfLduFXEUZ …
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Why are you giving them sanctuary @RepHultgren?
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@Kasparov63 This is the biggest group of people harboring criminality whose conduct is exposed daily.
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@Kasparov63 Who thought electing a reality TV star and real estate con man was a good idea? Who actually thought this would end well? Trump is a snake oil salesman and he knows that people are always willing to buy the next miracle cure.
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@Kasparov63 @sarahkendzior or non-immigrant for that matter 😎
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Are you investigating on the Oversight Committee how many members of the White House lack security clearances bc the FBI said no, @RepRodBlum? Or are you ignoring @RepCummings’ request while you run away from hard budget votes? #RunAwayRod
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In fairness, Seb Gorka is an immigrant.
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Kasparov wins the internets for the day with this re: #Trump
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@Kasparov63 @NefertitiVerita Also, he's letting people die from the flu (cutting CDC) and opioids (lobbyists pay to play)
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@Kasparov63 fyi 2 hours after your tweet
case closed
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@Kasparov63 people who are afraid of #DACADreamers, are afraid because they know that, even with the deck stacked against them, Dreamers have made more of their lives than they have. Insecure losers are mean.
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Funny as hell and absolutely true!
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@Kasparov63 Difference is T-RUmp & staff have been able to afford enough lawyer muscle to keep themselves away from actual convictions. In T-RUmp's USA, it's pay as you go. If you cannot afford it, get the hell out.

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@Kasparov63 Indeed you are right. Most immigrants are more honest and hard working than the POTUS. Isn´t that something?
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A good reminder that the arguments against immigrants rest on swaying weak minds that don't know the differences between stories about individuals in a group and statistics about groups.
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Good tweet here👇
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@Kasparov63 Let’s just deport Trump and his entire administration to Russia. Siberia maybe???
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Hey, Chief of staff John Kelly:
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This is the safest bet EVER.
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@Kasparov63 You don't have to make any bet: it's already an established fact that immigrants on average commit less crimes than natives.

And considering Trump & co are a lot LESS honest than the *average* native US citizen…

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@Kasparov63 @julieroginsky Are you liberals that fu--ing stupid,I mean really get help! Obama and Hilly should be in prison for what they've done,HOW much money did Obama send to Iran and where do you think it wrnt5, oh finding terrorist who kill our men.
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Campaign, administration, & if you include complicity, lies & cover ups by @PressSec @HouseGOP , @SenateGOP , Relatives & Russian Cohorts - Yep I'm sure you are right!
#Resist #Impeach #TimesUp #FBR
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i specialize in betting, its what i do.. and i gotta tell you, your ass would lose that bet 100 times out of 100
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@Kasparov63 Trump's camapaign/admin. has a higher crime rate than SCARFACE:
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We need some1 2 calculate this 4 real...
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@Kasparov63 If there are too many pages & not enough cartoons in PDB:
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@EBOlady LOL 😆 Incredibly true!
#DumpTrump 2020 or sooner!
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@Kasparov63 MS13? Please..hyperbole. I expect better than that from you!
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░P░r░e░s░s░ ░జ్░ ░t░o░ ░P░a░y░ ░R░e░s░p░e░c░t░s░
@Kasparov63 "Per capita"
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Including high treason, espionage, and obstruction of justice.
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@Kasparov63 but wife-beating and cheating on taxes does not count
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@Kasparov63 😃😃😃😃yeah
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@Kasparov63 Presented without any evidence. So Soviet of you.
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@Kasparov63 He and his immediate family are likely enough to top other groups.
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@Kasparov63 Seven more years snowflakes, get over it already!
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